Maternity Tank Top Size Chart And Sizing Guide

A good maternity tank top should offer you optimal comfort to be able to go about your daily life without feeling restricted or uneasy. Comfort for the baby but even more for the mother is at the center during pregnancy. All Maternity Tank Top size and fitting issues are handled here. These products are made to meet the need to make the pregnancy journey a beautiful one, free of stress and in fact exciting.  

There are different factors that contribute to producing a great maternity tank top or even a nursing top tank. These include accurate measurements that cut across the entire clothing measurements to ensure it fits well. Some of the critical measurements to watch out for include:

  1. Bust measurement
  2. Hip measurement
  3. Cup measurement
  4. Rib cage measurement
  5. Band measurement. 

The general body measurements ought to be equally taken into account. 

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Does Size Change for Maternity Clothing? 

When it comes to different size fittings for maternity tank tops or nursing tank tops, the concept is just the same as normal clothing. Whether we are talking about band size, cup size, dress size, size waist, bust sizes, or curvy size, the sizing concept remains largely the same. This is to say, if you normally wear a small size in your normal clothing, you will also blend well with small sizes when it comes to maternity sizes. The advice is to look for size within your normal range. Don’t assume that because you are pregnant or nursing, you will need to wear something extra.  

Of course, your exact size in terms of inches or centimeters especially around the waist will change drastically. Fluctuations in size including breast size and bra size are normal. But designers already know this. So what they do is make maternity clothing that still follows the normal concept of cloth sizing. Let’s put it perhaps in the simplest way possible: When shopping for the correct size for your maternity or nursing wear, go shopping as if you are doing your normal shopping. If you are small size, look for small size maternity wear. If you are larger, look for larger size maternity wear. And so on.

The Maternity Tank Top Size Chart 

Use the general size chart below to help you as a reference point for sizes when shopping: 

Tank Top SizesXSSMLXL
Waist Inches24 – 2626 – 28.528.5 – 3232 – 3535 – 38.5
Hip Inches32.5 – 3636 – 3939 – 4141 – 44.544.5 – 47
Bust Inches29 – 3333 – 3636 – 38.538.5 – 41.541.5 – 45
General Maternity Tank Top Size Chart

If you find that you are not sure of the size because you are somewhere at the intersection of two sizes, the best advice is to go for the smaller size if you are looking to fit tight. Otherwise, go for the large size if you prefer a loose-fitting. 

The general thinking is that your body’s pre-pregnancy sizes should not change so much just because you are expecting a baby. Of course, this might not be true for all women depending on circumstances. But for the majority of women, the usual size range remains unchanged both before, during, and after pregnancy. 

Most manufactures already have their own maternity size charts which detail the various maternity tops size alternatives you can choose from. 

Brief Measuring Guide: How to Measure Different Areas of Your Body

Measuring the waist

Keeping the tape measure horizontal, measure along the part that is most narrow. This is normally around the area where the body bends sideways. 

Measuring the hips

While keeping the tape measure horizontal as well, make measurements along the part of your hips that is fullest. 

Measuring the bust

While keeping the tape horizontal, take the measurement along the part of the bust that is fullest. 

If you feel that you might not be good at taking accurate measurements and are likely to get wrong measurements, then please seek assistance from those around you or use a professional tailor. 

With the correct measurements, tank tops look so cute on you while giving you the best opportunity to express your personality and identity. They have this interesting ability to turn almost any outfit into stunning casual wear. The secret lies in choosing the right tank top, what bra to combine with, and of course how to layer it. 

Plus Size Nursing Tank Top sizing 

Plus Size Nursing Tank Tops are designed for plus size nursing women. They offer the appropriate comfort and convenience for this specific category of ladies. When designed well with the mother in mind, plus-size nursing tank tops perform a great job of enabling nursing mothers to breastfeed discreetly and comfortably in whatever place or situation they find themselves in. 

By discreet we mean being able to breastfeed without revealing so much of your breasts. This might not apply to all mothers though. But some mothers find it comfortable this way. Just like maternity tank tops, nursing tank tops are equally designed in good sizes. Plus Size nursing tank tops, in particular, have sufficient length with a provision for layering over the clothing. The good news is that you can always use them on multiple occasions especially if your lifestyle is active even as you nurse. 

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What Are the Advantages of Nursing Tank Tops?

Nursing tank tops offer the ultimate comfort that a nursing woman would ever want as she goes through this important period that involves carrying, giving birth to, and bringing up the little ones.

Here are some of the advantages you will enjoy by using a nursing tank top:

  • Nursing top tanks can help in slimming the tummy
  • Adequate length to accommodate active lifestyles
  • Convenient access to nursing, especially when you are on the go
  • They spare you the need to wear bras all the time
  • You can use them both during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • They eliminate the need to shop for nursing shirts, especially if this is not a concern for you

Maternity & nursing tank tops with built-in bra

The beauty of a maternity or nursing tank top with a built-in bra is that it completely eliminates the need to buy a bra. This works well for those women who find bras irritating. All you need is to buy the tank top and you can forget about ever spending money on bras at least for the period when you are pregnant and through breastfeeding. 

Some excellent options in the built-in bra category include the IMFASY brand’s tops which feature a  Built-in Bra. The perfect feel-good built-in bra tank top should be wire-free,  and be made of a seamless fabric that is comfortably soft with a very gentle feel on the skin. 

What bras go with tank tops?

The best bras for tank tops are those that naturally fit and become part of your dressing or simply disappear in such a way that they are not visible. Of course, you will always have many scenarios to think about when choosing a bra, especially if you are leading an active lifestyle. 

After intense analysis, we can confidently advise that the bras that go well with tank tops are the strapless ones. A strapless bra will accord you all the comfort that you truly deserve without drawing all the attention to your maternity or nursing tank top. If you are not able to get your hands on a strapless bra that you like or one that will fit you well, then you can still consider a strapped one that is enough not to show. 

We must mention though that you can still wear any type of bra that you love whenever you are stepping out with a cardigan or another shirt on top of your tank top. Just be sure to go for quality products. Take time to look at a couple of product promotions before you can settle on the perfect ones for yourself. Some of the product details you need to pay attention to include bust size, though you can also try blended sizes. All about Bra sizing you can read here


The rule of thumb for maternity tank tops is that they should be designed in such a way that they fit you so well. They should accentuate your baby bump as well as your curves. In fact, experienced designers advise that the best maternity or nursing clothing should still fit you well a couple of months after birth. They should feel soft in addition to looking nice on you, even without an undershirt.  

If you love the pullable type of maternity tank tops, then go for those that are nicely adjustable such that you can always find it easy to pull them down whenever you feel like.  

We hope you found this Maternity Tank top size guide helpful, and please feel free to ask any questions you might have.  Don’t forget to share with your fellow expecting friends across social media. Wishing you the very best as you go through this beautiful journey.

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