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Turkish Airway is an international airline that the Turkish Government founded in 1933. The airline is made up of several fleets of planes that travel across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas (skip straight to the Turkish Airways Sizes).

In addition to the airway’s fleet of planes, the airline is one of the most preferred options for international travelers across the globe. In comparisons to other popular airlines like Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Middle East Airlines, Croatia Airlines, and United airlines,  Turkish Airlines fly to more countries and has some of the best in-flight catering services.

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Although the airline is famous for having comfortable seats in all of its aircraft, seat sizing differs by aircraft and flight seat class. In addition, Turkish Airways, like many other airlines, have strict luggage size restrictions. These restrictions were introduced for travelers’ safety.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, carry-0n bags were supposed to fit into the overhead bins or beneath the seat. In situations where carry-on bags become too big, the traveler was then expected to check the bag. Since the pandemic, however, travelers are only allowed to carry one personal bag item while the carry-on bag is checked in for free.

Oversized bags were always checked in before and after the COVID-19 pandemic hit. There are also additional rules regarding luggage sizes when using Turkish Airways. Before booking your ticket, it is important to be aware of these rules to avoid paying excess baggage fees.

This article will guide the different Turkish Airways sizes as it contains the Turkish Airways baggage sizing chart, Turkish Airways seat sizing chart, and answers to some of the internet’s most frequently asked questions about the airline.

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Turkish Airways sizes Table of Contents

Turkish Airways Baggage Sizing Chart

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Turkish Airways Baggage Sizing Chart for Domestic Flights

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Flight ClassNo of Carry-onsMaximum Baggage Allowance for Carry-ons (lbs, kg)Size of Carry-on (in, cm)No Checked LuggageMaximum weight of Checked Luggage (lbs, kg)Size of Checked Luggage (in, cm)
Business Class2 carry-on bags + 1 personal item35.2lbs   16kg (8kg each)21 x 15 x 9 in   55 x 40 x 23 cm  266.1lbs   30kg62.2 in   158cm
Economy Class
Eco Fly1 carry-on+ 1 personal item17.6lbs   8kg21 x 15 x 9 in   55 x 40 x 23 cm133lbs   15kg62.2 in   158 cm
Extra Fly1 carry-on + 1 personal item17.6lbs   8kg21 x 15 x 9 in   55 x 40 x 23 cm144lbs   20kg62.2 in   158 cm
Prime Fly1 carry-on + 1 personal item17.6lbs   8kg21 x 15 x 9 in   55 x 40 x 23 cm155lbs   25kg62.2 in   158 cm

Turkish Airways Baggage Sizing Chart for International Flights

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Flight ClassNo of Carry-onsMax weight of Carry-on (lbs, kg)No Checked LuggageMax Weight of Checked Luggage (lbs, kg)Max Size of Checked Luggage (in, cm)
Business Class235.2lbs 16kg270lbs   32kg62 in   158cm
Economy Class117.6lbs   8kg250lbs   23kg  62 in   158cm
Infant Passengers117.6lbs   8kg2 + 1 detachable stroller40lbs   23kgLuggage: 62in, 158cm   Stoller: 45in, 115cm

Turkish Airways Seat Sizing Charts

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Turkish Airways Seat Specifications for Business Class

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AircraftLayoutSeat Width (cm)Seat Width (in)Legroom (cm)Legroom (in)
Boeing 789-9 Dreamliner1-2-15119.8911143.29
Airbus 350-9002-2-25019.511645.24
Boeing 777-300ER2-3-25019.511645.24
Airbus 330-3002-2-26324.5711143.29
Airbus 330-2002-2-26324.5711143.29
Airbus 321neo2-26324.5711444.46
Boeing 737-900ER2-25320.6711645.24
Airbus 321-2002-25320.6711243.68
Airbus 320-2003-35119.8911143.29
Airbus A319-132/1002-25320.6711444.46
Boeing 737-Max 92-25320.6711143.29
Boeing 737 Max 82-25320.6711143.29

Turkish Airways Seat Specifications for Economy Class

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AircraftLayoutSeat Width (cm)Seat Width (in)Legroom (cm)Legroom (in)
Boeing 789-9 Dreamliner3-3-34417.167830.42
Airbus 350-9002-3-2/ 3-3-34316.778031.2
Boeing 777-300ER3-4-34316.777730.03
Airbus 330-3002-4-25019.57529.25
Airbus 330-2003-3-35019.57930.81
Airbus 321neo3-35019.58031.2
Boeing 737-900ER3-34316.777830.42
Airbus 321-2003-34617.948031.2
Airbus 320-2003-35119.898031.2
Boeing 737-8003-35119.897830.42
Airbus A319-132/1003-34517.558031.2
Boeing 737-Max 93-34417.167830.42
Boeing 737 Max 83-34517.557830.42

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Turkish Airlines a big airline?

Yes, Turkish Airlines is generally recognized as a big airline. It has a fleet of over 300 aircraft and flies to over 300 destinations in about 100 countries across the globe.

When compared to the other three biggest airlines in the world, Etihad, Qatar, and Emirates, Turkish Airlines have a network at least twice the size of any of them. This arguably makes the airline the biggest airline in the world.

Do Turkish Airlines allow 2 bags?

The Turkish Airline has several policies regarding the maximum number of bags that could be carried on an aircraft per passenger. These policies are put in place to ensure the safety of passengers as well as to maintain each craft’s maximum take-off weight and center of gravity.

For both domestic and international travel, people in business class are allowed extra baggage allowance than the economy class.

For domestic flights, the Turkish Airline allows two carry-on bags and two checked bags for business class. For economy class, on the other hand, only one carry-on bag and one checked luggage are allowed, although the weights differ depending on the type of economy class you choose to fly.

For international flights, the Turkish Airline allows two carry-on bags and two checked bags for business class. For economy class on international flights, one carry-on bag (cabin baggage) and two checked luggage are allowed. The combined weights of the bags must however not go beyond the permitted baggage allowance. 

If you need to travel with extra baggage, you should book the extra bags in advance as this will save you money. In contrast, you may decide to pay excess baggage charges at the airport, although this may waste your time. Extra luggage is usually charged by kilogram weight or per bag, depending on your destination.

How strict are Turkish Airlines with weight?

For the safety of its aircraft, workers, and passengers, Turkish Airlines are strict about its policies on maximum baggage weights. To avoid having to repack your belongings at the airport and wasting your and others’ time, it is best to stick to the permitted allowance for carry-on and checked baggage weights.

Remember that you can book an extra piece of luggage in advance if you must go beyond what is permitted by the airline.

In addition, if you need to move large items while traveling, consider using  Turkish Cargo; there, the air cargo department within the airline ensures that your item reaches its destination airport.

How wide are business seats on Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines offer some of the best lie-back business class seats on their flights, although the size of your seat will often depend on the kind of aircraft you use.

One of the most popular planes among the Turkish Airlines fleets is the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. The plane has a business class capacity of about 42 passengers and each seat is about 51cm (20’’) in width.

What are Turkish Airlines’ seats like?

Turkish Airlines have two major flight grades; business class and economy class. The business class is often built to have more comfortable seats, beds, and entertainment devices, while the economy class often has less luxurious amenities.

On most of their aircraft, business class seats have seat widths greater than 50cm (19.6’’). Economy seats, on the other hand, have seats with widths of about 41cm (16’’).

Unlike most other airlines, however, Turkish airlines are famous for having quite comfortable economy-class seats. In addition, you can upgrade your economy seats to get those with extra legroom or other specs for an additional price.

How big are the seats in Turkish Airlines’ economy class?

The economy class on Turkish Airlines has different kinds of seats, most times depending on the kind of aircraft you use. Generally, however, the aircraft have economy seats with widths of about 41cm (16’’).

For extra legroom, you can pay for more comfortable seats when you buy your ticket.

Do Turkish Airlines have extra legroom seats?

Yes, Turkish Airlines have aircraft that provide extra legroom for economy passengers. Most times, passengers will be allowed to especially pay for these seats as they are often more expensive than the usual seats.


Hopefully, you have found this article on Turkish Airlines’ sizes to help determine the maximum permitted airline baggage. The Turkish government established Turkish Airway as an international airline in 1933. Since then, the airline has gone on to be one with the highest quality service and widest destination reach.

It has tight baggage size policies, just like many other airlines. Many of these policies, which were put in place for travelers’ safety, were discussed in the article above. The article also contained the different seat specifications for the airline.

Remember that Turkish airline is arguably the biggest airline in the world reaching destinations far surpassing Etihad, Qatar, and Emirates airlines with over 300 aircraft in total. The airline however adheres strictly to its policies of maximum baggage sizes to ensure the safety of its passengers and workers.

Generally, the airline is known for providing its passengers with comfortable seats in either economy or business class. The Business class seats have seat widths greater than 50cm (19.6’’).

Economy seats, on the other hand, have seats with widths of about 41cm (16’’). Economy passengers are however welcome to pay for seats with more legroom should they require them.

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