Filson Size Charts

Filson bags are a timeless classic. The high-quality materials and craftsmanship of these bags ensure they will last for years to come. Available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes, these bags are perfect for a day at the office or an outdoor adventure (skip straight to the Filson Size chart).

Filson Size Charts
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With a variety of pockets and compartments, they are designed to be as functional as they are stylish. The signature Rugged Twill fabric makes them resistant to water and other elements, making them the perfect choice for all your travel needs.

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Filson Size Charts Table of Contents

Filson size charts

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Fit Guide For Men’S Shirts, Vests & Outerwear

SizeSizeChest (inches)cmWaist (inches)cmHip (inches)cmNeck (inches)cmSleeves (inches)cm
XS34-3634 – 3785.1 – 92.728 – 3169.9 – 77.534 – 3785.1 – 92.713.72 – 14.2434.3 – 35.633 – 3482.6 – 85.1
S37-3937 – 40.1292.7 – 100.331 – 3477.5 – 85.137 – 4092.7 – 100.314.72 – 15.2436.8 – 38.133.8 – 34.884.5 – 87
M40-4240.12 – 44.2100.3 – 110.534. – 3785.1 – 92.740.12 – 44.2100.3 – 110.515.76 – 16.2439.4 – 40.634.5 – 35.586.4 – 88.9
L43-4544.2 – 46.24110.5 – 115.637 – 4092.7 – 100.344.2 – 46.24110.5 – 115.616.76 – 17.2841.9 – 43.235.3 – 36.388.3 – 90.8
XL46-4846.24 – 50.28115.6 – 125.740.12 – 44.37100.3 – 110.9446.24 – 50.28115.6 – 125.717.8 – 18.2844.5 – 45.736 – 3790.2 – 92.7
XXL49-5150.28 – 52.32125.7 – 130.844.37 – 47.24110.94 – 118.150.28 – 52.32125.7 – 130.818.28 – 18.845.7 – 4736.8 – 37.892.1 – 94.6
XXXL52-5452.32 – 54.36130.8 – 135.947.24 – 49.28118.1 – 123.252.32 – 54.36130.8 – 135.918.8 – 19.3247 – 48.337.6 – 38.694 – 96.5

Fit Guide For Women’S Shirts, Vests And Outerwear

SizeSizeBUST (cm)inchesWAIST (cm)inchesHIP (cm)inchesSLEEVE LENGTH (cm)inches
XS0-281.3 – 83.832.52 – 33.5261 – 63.524.4 – 25.483.8 – 86.433.52 – 34.5674.9 – 76.229.96 – 30.48
S4–686.4 – 88.934.56 – 35.5666 – 68.626.4 – 27.4488.9 – 91.435.56 – 36.5676.2 – 77.530.48 – 31
M8–1091.4 – 9436.56 – 37.671.1 – 76.228.44 – 30.4894 – 99.137.6 – 39.6478.7 – 8031.48 – 32
L12–1499.1 – 104.139.64 – 41.6478.7 – 86.431.48 – 34.56101.6 – 109.240.64 – 43.6881.332.52
XL16-18106.7 – 111.842.68 – 44.7288.9 – 96.535.56 – 38.6111.8 – 119.3844.72 – 47.75282.633.04
XXL20-22114.3 – 121.945.72 – 48.7697.8 – 104.139.12 – 41.64120.65 – 12748.26 – 50.883.833.52

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Filson run large or small?

Filson sizes are accurate without bringing the need to size up or down. However, for you to get it right with size, you will need to know how to take out different clothes for different purposes. For instance, Filson’s outdoors and sportswear are generously sized to serve the flexibility required during engaging activities. So if you use the same measurements to get an office shirt, you’ll immediately notice that the shirt is bigger than required.

To remain within the safe demarcations, you’d need to know that different clothes are sized differently to align with their purposes. Wondering how to go about this? Filson size charts have done all the hard work for you.

You only need to know how to get the measurements and compare them with the charts to get a good fit. The brand’s website has plenty of size charts besides shirts, including belts, hats, gloves, and jackets.

Do Filson Jackets run large?

No! Filson jackets will always come in the right girth, length, and width. If you happen to get a jacket that feels a smidge too large, start by questioning your measurements, especially if your weight keeps fluctuating.

For instance, a Filson 3XL jacket is good enough for the big and tall who always take out this size even with other brands. While in other brands the jacket may appear oversized, a Filson jacket will make it feel like it was sewn just for you – big without being too big.

The same applies to Filson XS jackets. People of this size will always need to size down until they get Filson jackets. A client can buy the jacket on their way to the tournament or wherever without being worried about its fit. Newbie clients who are intending to get a jacket online are safe using Filson jacket size charts and even safer when they visit the store physically. Such clients have an option of ordering their own kind of jacket in the unlikely event of not finding their perfect fit.

What is Filson Alaska fit?

This is a classic, cozy, outdoor coat that is made of 100% virgin wool. The coat is made of very soft fabric, yet has water-repellent features specifically meant for wet seasons. The coat is a great go-to when you have to go through the streets in cold seasons or cruising for its powerful warmth retention ability.

The coat is designed to be thick but not so heavy so that the wearer can go about in it without giving it a second thought.

This could also be a great hiking or simply outdoor jacket for its multiple pockets that holds all your essentials without losing any. It’s a great snack carrier when you need to smack something without having to unpack your big luggage. To avoid getting it wrong with such a gem, be sure to use a Filson Mackinaw Cruiser sizing chart.

What’s size L in Filson?

According to the Filson Jac shirt sizing guide, a large men’s shirt has 17 inches of neck circumference, 35.125 inches of sleeve, and 33 inches of back length. A large shirt could have an XL sleeve which measures 36.625 inches and an XL back length measuring 34.5 inches.

Filson hat size charts show that size L is between 7 ¼ to 7 ⅜. Folks taking out this size have a head circumference of 22.625 – 23 inches. A large Filson coat has a chest measurement of 44 inches while a large Filson belt falls between 36 and 38 inches. This is the same measurement for men’s waist and pant size under this size standard.

Does Filson have plus sizes?

Yes! The brand’s clothes go as big as Filson XXXL. Filson has gone ahead to cater to the needs of a very special part of the world’s population that most brands leave out. It’s not uncommon to see big and tall people in pants, shirts, and even hats that make them look like they’re too big. This happens when such a client is painfully forced to get a smaller outfit for failure to find one that fits them.

This issue is addressed at Filson, ensuring that even this part of the population can enjoy different cloth designs and happily walk around the park without experiencing double takes. At Filson, you’re spoilt for choice, getting even plus-size vests and belts.

For instance, a 3XL person wouldn’t be forced to take out a smaller one because the brand covers all types of clothes, including innerwear for each size.

What’s the smallest size in Filson?

Extra Small. Clothes under this category are suitable for people on the small side of scale. Vests, shirts, and jackets in this size have a chest of 85.1 – 92.7cm, a waist as small as 69.9cm, 85.1cm of the hip, 34.3cm of the neck, and an 82.6cm sleeve circumference.

According to Filson’s chaps sizing, an extra small waist measures 73.7cm – 76.2cm. The smallest Filson hat is size 6 ¾ – 6 ⅞ which has a head circumference of between 21 ⅛ and 21 ½ inches.


Filson is one of the cloth brands with the happiest loyal clients. We hope that this guide will help you join the family and that it has addressed all your questions regarding the brand.

Got any questions? Please feel free to ask in the comments.

If you’re looking for a durable, long-lasting cloth brand with an incredibly loyal fan base, Filson is the perfect option. We hope that this guide has answered all of your questions about Filson sizes and we look forward to seeing you join the Filson family soon.

Do you have any questions about Filson that weren’t answered in this post? Please let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to help out.

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