Copa Airlines Sizes: Luggage, Seats…

Copa Airlines which is famously known as the Panamanian flag carrier has a total of 82 planes at its disposal. Being the first Latin airline to join the Star Alliance, the airline operates under the Copa Airlines Alliance, traversing a host of destinations in Latin America, the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean Island. The Boeing 737-800 is the dominant aircraft variant taking a total of 59 planes, all present and active (skip straight to the Copa Airlines Sizes).

Copa Airlines Sizes: Luggage, Seats
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In the article below we will review various Copa airlines sizes.

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Copa Airlines sizes Table of Contents

Copa Airlines size charts

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Copa Airlines Technical details (Boeing 737-800 B)

Maximum speed Mach0.79 (840 km/h)
Range3,000 nautical miles (5,700 km)
Maximum flying altitude41,000 ft
Wingspan39.5 m
Cabin width3.50 m
Cabin height2.14 m

International seat distribution (Boeing 737-800 B)

 Business Class Main Cabin
Amount of seats1624114
Seat Pitch 149″34″31″
Seat Width 220″17″17″
Seat Recline 311″4″4″
Exit row 17 & 18

Copa Airlines seat sizes

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Economy classinchescminchescm
Aircraft with seatmapSeat Pitch Width43
Boeing 737-700 (73G)31791743
Boeing 737-700 (73G)31791743
Boeing 737-800 (738) Layout 131791743
Boeing 737-800 (738) Layout 131791743
Boeing 737-800 (738) Layout 231791743
Boeing 737-800 (738) Layout 231791743
Embraer E-190 (E90) Layout 131791846
Embraer E-190 (E90) Layout 131791846
Embraer E-190 (E90) Layout 231-3379-841846
Embraer E-190 (E90) Layout 231-3379-851846
Business class    
Aircraft with seatmapSeat Pitch Width 
Boeing 737-700 (73G)38972051
Boeing 737-800 (738) Layout 138972153
Boeing 737-800 (738) Layout 2491242051
Embraer E-190 (E90) Layout 138972051
Embraer E-190 (E90) Layout 2401021846

Carry-On baggage allowance

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TypeFlightsDimensions ( L x W x H ) (inch)cmTotal Dimensions ( L + W + H ) (inch)cmWeight (Kgs)LbsNotes
Carry-OnAll Flights14 x 10 x 2236 x 26 x 564611810221 personal item is allowed
1 personal itemAll Flights10 x 9 x 1725 x 22 x 4336901022a coat ( jacket ) or 1 infant item ( car seat – folding stroller )
or 1 Assistive devices is allowed

Copa Airlines Checked in Baggage Allowance

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Combined Length (L + W + H) Weight (kgs)Weight (lbs)
62 inches158 cm2350

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Frequently Asked Questions

How big can a carry-on be for Copa Airlines?

Your carry-on luggage should have a linear measurement of 46 inches which is 22 inches in height, 14 inches in length, and a width of 10 inches. This size will be allowed on board free of charge.

Besides, a passenger is required to carry into the plane one personal item which may include a backpack, purse or handbag, food or snacks, laptop bag, video game console, and any other item that doesn’t take up a lot of space. The single item you carry should be up to 17 inches high, 10 inches long, and 9 inches wide, summing up to 36 linear inches.

However, any luggage that exceeds this limit will be subjected to additional fees. If the passenger is unable to pay the fee, they will have to leave the extra items at the airport’s gate without expecting any accountability from the airline.

Copa Airlines passengers who stick to the airline’s specifications are safe from additional charges or more serious consequences. The bag(s) you bring on board are required to be not too big to fit the overhead lockers or below the seat in front of you.

Does Copa Air allow carry-on?

Yes! Copa Air allows one carry-on bag and one personal item. Your bag will be required to be up to 14 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 22 inches high so that it can fit below the seat in front of you or in the overhead lockers.

There are a variety of items that are considered personal in Copa flights such as foodstuffs that are required to be eaten during the flight (hence they need not be much), items you bought at the airport’s store, handbags, purses, or backpack, and briefcase, among others that have a linear measurement of 36 inches in total.

Additionally, the airline has an allowance for one more item such as a coat or jacket, infant bag, seat or foldable stroller, and assistive equipment for disabled passengers. Moreover, one may bring in a musical or sporting instrument as part of their baggage allowance. However, the latter option is only available to frequent Copa flyers whose membership clubs such as the ConnectMiles and Copa Airlines Alliance.

Passengers in these membership clubs are only allowed to bring in small musical or sporting equipment at no added costs. If bringing large items such as a bicycle, surfing, or skiing equipment, etc, they may have to pay for each of them, depending on their sizes. Copa Airlines planes don’t carry big items such as boats, fishing reels, ski poles, pooling sticks, canoes, or items using fuel, among others.

For large equipment, the passenger has the option of purchasing an extra seat through the Copa reservations center.

Do you get free checked baggage with Copa Airlines?

Yes! Copa Air’s checked baggage allowance is 158 linear centimeters. The weight limit of these bags varies with the class of travel and your travel itinerary.

Domestic flights will allow one bag of not more than 23kgs for economy class while business class passengers can bring in 2 bags of 23kgs each. For international flights, economy promo passengers are limited to one bag that’s not heavier than 23kgs while economy full class allows on board 2 bags each weighing 23kgs. Business class passengers can have 2 heavier bags each weighing 32kgs.

In the case of additional baggage, the fees increase with the class of travel. This is the same case for excess baggage. While international flights may place fees for oversized luggage, there’s no such provision for domestic flights due to limited space.

How big are the seats on Copa Airlines?

Copa Air’s most affordable class, economy seats’ widths are either 17 or 19 inches with their pitch ranging from 31 to 33 inches. The standard seats don’t have reclining features and are, therefore, suitable for short Copa Airlines flights.

EconomyExtra seats are reclinable and have extra legroom with a considerable height below the overhead lockers. The reclinable seats still leave comfortable room for the passenger seated behind.

The seats are comfortable for regular-sized people. Meaning that big and tall passengers would need to purchase the front seats or add an extra seat for added comfort. Copa Airlines flight bookings are easy and fast, hence, one would need to secure these mostly sought-after seats as early as they can.

Copa Airlines seats come in different sizes and features, all curated to enhance their performance during both short and long flights. All the seats are big enough for the regular body size and serve their basic purpose well. However, the higher the class of travel the more oomph that the seats come with, which translates to how much you’re willing to spend for your flight.

How big is Copa Airlines?

Other variants include the Boeing 737NG ( with 6 planes) and the 737 MAX which presently takes 17 planes. The airline’s dominant aircraft is narrow-bodied with 114 seats in the main cabin, 24 seats in the EconomyExtra class, and 16 seats in Business class.

The total cabin width is 3.50m and the height of 2.14m. While Copa Airlines anticipates much more growth in the future, the airline has been sure to work its way to the top over its 75 years of existence.

What are the allowed toiletries sizes for Copa Airlines?

In compliance with U.S Federal Law, the passenger has the leeway of bringing a number of items on board as long as they are safe and are presented for screening.

The passenger carrying pastes, creams, gels, aerosols, and liquids are required to have each of them in 100ml containers. These containers should be packed together in a resealable plastic bag and presented at the checkpoint. Failure to present them for screening is considered a violation of U.S Federal Law.

If carrying powdered medication, pack them in completely sealed containers to have them pass the checkpoint.

What are the seat sizes per class for Copa Airlines?

Air Copa’s economy seats are 17 inches wide (distance between armrests), seat recline of 4 inches, and pitch of 31 inches. EconomyExtra seats have a larger pitch of 34 inches, 17 inches wide, and a 4-inch recline.

The business class seats are even bigger – 20 inches wide with a pitch of 49 inches, and a recline of 11 inches.


Legroom is measured by marking one point of your seat and the same point of the seat in front of you and getting the distance between the two points. A seat’s width, as aforementioned, refers to the distance from the inner part of one armrest to the other.

To get the seat’s recline measurement, measure the distance between the seat and the one behind it when it is in its upright position and when in its full recline position. The difference between the two measurements is its recline.

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