Fila Shoes Size Charts for Adults and Kids

Fila footwear is Italian-inspired sports shoes made of rich materials such as leather with high-quality soles to ensure traction with the ground. The Federation Internationale des Luttes Associees. International. (FILA) shoes are manufactured by a South Korea-based company for designing shoes apparel and shoes (skip straight to the Fila Shoes Size Charts).

These shoes are known for their attractive looks and comfort, thanks to their lightweight nature. You are guaranteed the total value for your money when your add these fantastic shoes to your footwear collection.

Fila Shoes Size Charts for Adults and Kids
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So, why is size important when purchasing Fila shoes?

Like any other shoe type, it is essential to consider size before purchasing Fila shoes. A properly fitting shoe provides the feet with a steady platform to hold the body’s weight.

An incorrect Fila shoe size makes you vulnerable to ankle, leg, foot, and lower back pain. Poorly fitting Fila shoe size could also result in severe foot problems like plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammertoes, calluses, and stress fractures, to mention a few. 

This is why exploring the Fila shoe size charts below is critical to ensure you get properly fitting footwear.

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Fila Shoes Size Table of Contents

Fila Shoes Size Chart

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Fila shoes size chart for men

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76.54025 CM 9.84 In
7.574125.5CM 10.04In
87.541.526CM 10.24In
8.584226.5CM 10.43In
98.54327CM 10.63In
9.5943.527.3CM 10.75In
109.54427.5CM 10.83In
10.51044.528CM 11.02In
1110.54528.5CM 11.22In
11.51145.529CM 11.42In
1211.54629.5Cm 11.62In
12.5124730Cm 11.81In
1312.547.530.5CM 12.01In
13.5134831CM 12.2 In
1413.54931.5CM 12.4In
14.51449.532CM 12.6In
1514.55032.5 Cm 12.8 In
1615.55133 CM 12.99 In
1716.55234 CM 13.29 In
1817.55335 Cm 13.78 In
1918.55436 CM 14.17 In
2019.55538 CM 14.96 In

Fila shoe size chart for women

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4234.521 Cm 8.27 In
4.52.53521.5 Cm 8.46 In
5335.522 Cm 8.66 In
5.53.53622.5 Cm 8.86 In
643723 Cm 9.06 In
6.54.537.523.5 Cm 9.25 In
753824 Cm 9.45 Im
7.55.53924.5 Cm 9.65 In
8639.525 Cm 9.84 In
8.56.54025.5 Cm 10. 04 In
974126 Cm 10.24 In
9.57.541.526.5Cm 10.43 In
1084227 Cm 10.63 In
10.58.54327.5 Cm 10.83 In
11943.528 Cm 11.02 In
11.59.54428.5 Cm 11.22 In
121044.529 Cm 11.42 In
13114630 Cm 11.81 In

LITTLE Kids FILA Shoe Size

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BIG Kids FILA Shoe Size

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How to Choose the Right Fila Shoes Size

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Finding an ideal shoe size can be challenging, especially when shopping for popular shoe brands online, as you do not get to try them first. You often rely on the labeled sizes of the shoes. So how do you ensure you get an accurate running shoe fit? Here are factors to consider:

1. Foot Length

The first step to choosing the ideal Adidas shoe size is determining your correct foot length. With accurate foot length measurements, you can quickly find different American shoe brands’ size charts and order the right fit for you.

However, it is worth noting that foot length often changes over time due to factors like age, fluid retention, weight gain, and pregnancy, to mention a few. For this reason, ensure that you measure your foot each time you want to purchase new shoes.

The following is a step-by-step foot-measuring guide:

Step 1: Place a piece of paper on a flat surface

Step 2: Set your foot in the middle of the paper. Ensure you get rid of socks, stockings, or any tight clothing before placing your foot on the paper. You should also leave enough space to allow you to trace the perimeter.

Step 3: Trace around the foot with a pencil to develop an accurate sketch

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 to measure the opposite foot

Step 5: Use a ruler to measure the length of your sketches.

Step 6: Determine your shoe size by comparing your measurements to an official shoe size chart. If you intend to shop on an international site, use a shoe size conversion tool to convert your measurements to help you get an accurate fit.

2. The Shape of the Shoe and Feet

Be sure to determine the shape of your feet to ensure you purchase the correct type of shoe model. To assess your feet’s shape:

Step 7: Check the sketch’s diameter to establish whether you have a wide or narrow foot, then use width sizing charts to compare results. The widest part of your feet is the area beneath the piggy and big toes.

Step 8: Dip your feet in a bucket with water, then step on cardboard. Next, remove your feet and check the imprints to determine whether you have low or high arches. If you see most of your feet, it shows that you have low arches. However, if the imprints are not visible, you have high arches.

When buying, avoid pointed shoes if you have wide feet. Invest in footwear with a zipper in the part of the heel, side, or front if you have high arches. You should also pick a larger size when purchasing shoes with a pointed nose since this shoe model is often smaller.

3. The Season

Before choosing a specific shoe size, always keep the current season in mind. Your feet will likely swell in summer and become larger, so your winter shoe size may not be ideal. Ensure you always measure your foot to get the right shoe for the season.

4. The Purpose

How do you intend to use your new shoes?

The purpose of your shoes significantly impacts the size as it affects comfort. Whether you want to buy basketball shoes, office footwear, or cycling and running shoes, you should find the right fit as feet often swell with continued activity.

5. The Shoe Material

The material used to make different shoe types plays an essential role in sizing. This is because different shoe materials stretch and break in differently.

For instance, a mesh upper, knitted upper, or canvas upper breaks in differently from a leather upper.

6. Your Health

While getting a new pair of shoes can be fun, you should not overlook your health. For this reason, determine whether you have health issues such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, or arthritis before purchasing shoes.

These conditions are already painful, and the last thing you want is to pick the wrong shoe size as this could worsen your condition,

7. The Brand

Different shoe brands use distinct forms to shape their shoes. This results in a significant difference in shoe sizes between brands, meaning Nike shoe size 8 will fit differently from Adidas shoe size 8. To get the right fit, ensure that you check each brand’s sizing charts.

Learn more about the most popular Fila shoes in this video

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Fila shoes run true to size?

Some Fila shoes may run true to size, while others may appear smaller or larger. It all depends on the brand the shoes are accustomed to and the type of footwear.

To choose the right Fila shoe size, ensure you first get accurate foot length measurements.

You should also consider the shoe material, your health, the shoe and foot shape, and the season.

Do Fila shoes run small or large?

While Fila shoes often appear big, and most people who have tried them on find the footwear super comfy, Fila Disruptor shoes are said to fit small. For this reason, you must measure your foot’s length and compare different brand size charts before including them in your digital cart.

How do I know my Fila shoe size?

To determine the right Fila shoe size, place your feet on a piece of paper (set on a flat surface) then use a pencil to sketch around your foot’s perimeter.

Next, measure your sketch using a ruler. You should then determine your actual shoe size by comparing your measurements with the Fila shoe size chart for a specific brand.

Do not forget to determine the shape of your feet to ascertain that you get the right fit.

What Fila men size is 41?

Fila men’s sizes

7.574125.5CM 10.04In
87.541.526CM 10.24In
8.584226.5CM 10.43In
98.54327CM 10.63In

Are chunky Filas comfy?

Yes, chunky Filas are super comfy. You can adorn your Chunky Filas all day without your feet swelling. Be sure to consider the platform height when shopping for chunky Filas.

This is because the platform height impacts the comfort of your footwear and how tall you feel and look.

What size is a 39 in women’s shoes?

women shoe sizes

7.55.53924.5 Cm 9.65 In
8639.525 Cm 9.84 In
8.56.54025.5 Cm 10. 04 In

Is Fila good quality?

Fila shoes are some of the highest-quality shoe types. They are lightweight, making them comfortable to wear. Fila shoes are also made of quality fabric, boosting durability. What’s more? These shoes are also good-looking and have affordable pricing.


When it comes to purchasing sports footwear, picking the right Fila shoes size is essential. The reason? Properly fitting shoes enhance comfort and protect your feet against health issues like bunions and calluses.

However, with the various options in the market, picking the right Fila shoes size can be daunting. Luckily, our Fila shoes size charts can help you zone in on the ideal footwear fitting.

And in case you experience any challenges picking the ideal shoe size, do not hesitate to contact us for prompt assistance in the comments below. Our professional team is happy to help you get the right Fila shoes size tailored to your needs.

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