Vape Size Chart by Brand and Type of Electronic Cigarette

With the increase in E-cigarette use, nowadays there is a wide range of kits to choose from. There are larger ones like the box mods and smaller ones like the pod vape. Depending on the type you want, your lifestyle and its longevity while using vape size and shape are important factors.

Vape Size Chart by Brand and Type of Electronic Cigarette
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What are vapes and liquids and why is a good vape size important?

Electronic cigarettes or vapes are gadgets that have a liquid that is heated to produce a vapor or an aerosol byproduct that an individual inhales. In fact, electronic cigarettes have a battery that is the power source, an atomizer for heating, and a cartridge that holds the liquid that has certain amounts of flavorings, nicotine, and other chemical elements.

In comparison with traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not pollute the environment and are reusable. Although nicotine is highly addictive vaping is slightly less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

The pod vape fits into one’s pocket and you can use it while performing daily activities its downside to it is the vape battery which has a short lifespan. While the large ones have inbuilt batteries and can last longer they are quite heavy, therefore it’s advisable for beginners to have vape starter kits and ease into the vaping lifestyle.

Discover Vape Size Chart

Vape Brands Comparison Size Chart

Vape TypeDimensionsBatteryCharge TimePod CapacityWeight
RELX Classic Vape10.8 x 2.06 x 1.11 cm 4.3 x 0.8 x 0.4 inch350mAh 0.35 Ah
45 Mins ¾ hrs2.0 ml 2 g7g 0.007 kg
Mighty8.0 × 3.0 × 14.0 cm 3.1 x 1.2 x 5.5 inch2 x 3300 mAh 2 x 3.3 Ah120 mins 2 hrs    –230 g 0.23 kg
HQD Cuvie Plus2.8 x 1.8 x 10.1 cm 1.1 x 0.7 x 3.98 inch950mAh 0.95 Ah    –5 ml 5 g20 g 0.02 kg
Breeze Pro Disposable Vape4.5 inch (L) 1.77 inch1000 mAh 1 Ah    –6 ml 6 g50 g 0.05 kg
Iget Shion Vape9.24 x 1.45 x1.45 mm 3.6 x 0.57 x 0.57 inch600 mAh 0.6 Ah    –2.4 ml 2.4 g50 g 0.05 kg
Airis Puff Disposable Vape1.6 x 1.6 x 10.4 cm 0.6 x 0.6 x 4.1 inch550 mAh 0.55 Ah    –3.2 ml 3. 2 g50 mg 0.00005 kg
Air Bar Lux Disposable Vape10.2 cm (H) 4 inch500mAh 0.5 Ah    –2.7 ml 2.7 g50 mg 0.00005 kg
Vuse Alto Vape1.6 x 1.6 x 10.0 cm 0.6 x 0.6 x 3.9 inch350 mAh 0.35 Ah 80 mins 1/1/3 hrs1.8 ml 1.8 g22 g 0.022 kg

The table below shows the different types of cartridges and their size dimensions.

Type of cartridgeHeight in millimeters and inchesWidth in millimeters and inchesCapacity in milliliters
510 cartridge Ce3 vape pen56.45 millimeters 2.22 inches9.7 millimeters 0.3 inches0.3 milliliters
 58.6 millimeters 2.30 inches9.7 millimeters 0.3 inches0.4 milliliters
 64.3 millimeters 2.53 inches9.7 millimeters 0.3 inches0.5 milliliters
 71.45 millimeters 2.81 inches9.7 millimeters 0.3 inches1.0 milliliters
 67.85 millimeters 2.67 inches10.55 millimeters 0.41 inches0.6 milliliters
Plastic tube ceramic  cartridge 510 vaporizer57.3 millimeters 2.25 inches10.5 millimeters 0.4 inches1.0 milliliters
 48.8 millimeters 1.92 inches10.5 millimeters 0.4 inches0.5 milliliters
Glass tank coil cartridge 510 vaporizer50.1 millimeters 1.97 inches10.02 millimeters 0.39 inches0.3 milliliters
 57.3 millimeters 2.25 inches10.02 millimeters 0.39 inches0.5 milliliters
 50.1 millimeters 1.97 inches10.02 millimeters 0.39 inches1.0 milliliters

Vape size by level of Nicotine

The table below represents the liquid required in each size bottle for a vape.

                                             The level of nicotine required
 Size of bottle in milliliters3 milliliters6 milliliters9 milliliters12 milliliters16 milliliters18 milliliters24 milliliters
10 milliliters0.3 milliliters0.6 milliliters0.9 milliliters1.2 milliliters1.6 milliliters1.8 milliliters2.4 milliliters
15 milliliters0.45 milliliters0.9 milliliters1.35 milliliters1.8 milliliters2.4 milliliters2.7 milliliters3.6 milliliters
30 milliliters0.9 milliliters1.8 milliliters2.7 milliliters3.6 milliliters4.8 milliliters5.4 milliliters7.2 milliliters
50 milliliters1.5 milliliters3 milliliters4.5 milliliters6 milliliters8 milliliters9 milliliters12 milliliters
60 milliliters1.8 milliliters3.6 milliliters5.4 milliliters7.2 milliliters9.6 milliliters10.8 milliliters14.4 milliliters
100 milliliters3 milliliters6 milliliters9 milliliters12 milliliters16 milliliters18 milliliters24 milliliters

Vape size chart by coil length

The table below shows wire coil lengths with their resistance levels.

                Resistance in ohms
Wraps Length of wire in millimeters and inches Kanthal 0.2Kanthal 0.25Kanthal 0.3
1 x7.5 millimeters 0.2 inches0.3 ohms0.2 ohms0.1 ohms
2 x15 millimeters 0.5 inches0.7 ohms0.4 ohms0.3 ohms
3 x22.5 millimeters 0.8 inches1 ohm0.6 ohms0.4 ohms
4 x30 millimeters 1.1 inches1.4 ohms0.8 ohms0.6 ohms
5 x37 millimeters 1.4 inches1.7 ohms1 ohm0.7 ohms
6 x45 millimeters 1.7 inches2.1 ohms1.2 ohms0.9 ohms
7 x52.5 millimeters 2.0 inches2.4 ohms1.4 ohms1 ohm
8 x60 millimeters 2.3 inches2.8 ohms1.6 ohms1.2 ohms
9 x67.5 millimeters 2.6 inches3.1 ohms1.8 ohms1.3 ohms
10 x75 millimeters 2.9 inches3.5 ohms2 ohms1.5 ohms
11 x82.5 millimeters 3.2 inches3.8 ohms2.2 ohms1.6 ohms
12 x90 millimeters 3.5 inches4.2 ohms2.4 ohms1.8 ohms
13 x97.5 millimeters 3.8 inches4.5 ohms2.6 ohms1.9 ohms
14 x105 millimeters 4.1 inches4.9 ohms2.8 ohms2.1 ohms
15 x112.5 millimeters 4.4 inches5.2 ohms3 ohms2.2 ohms
16 x120 millimeters 4.7 inches5.6 ohms3.2 ohms2.4 ohms
17 x127.5 millimeters 5.0 inches5.9 ohms3.4 ohms2.5 ohms
18 x135  millimeters 5.3 inches6.3 ohms3.6 ohms2.7 ohms
19 x142.5 millimeters 5.6 inches6.6 ohms3.8 ohms2.8 ohms
20 x150 millimeters 5.9 inches7 ohms4 ohms3 ohms

Vape E-liquid bottle size chart

The table below shows the different juice bottle sizes and the capacity they hold.

NumberCapacity of bottleHeight of bottle in millimeters and inchesWidth of bottle in millimeters and inches
13 milliliters48 millimeters 1.8 inches20 millimeters 0.7 inches
25 milliliters55 millimeters 2.1 inches20 millimeters 0.7 inches
310 milliliters68 millimeters 2.6 inches20 millimeters 0.7 inches
415 milliliters76 millimeters 2.9 inches23 millimeters 0.9 inches
520 milliliters80 millimeters 3.1 inches24.5 millimeters 1.0 inches
630 milliliters79 millimeters 3.1 inches30 millimeters 1.1 inches
750 milliliters91 millimeters 3.5 inches35 millimeters
1.3 inches
860 milliliters102 millimeters 4.0 inches35 millimeters 1.3 inches
9100 milliliters117 millimeters 4.6 inches40 millimeters 1.5 inches
10120 milliliters131 millimeters 5.1 inches42 millimeters 1.6 inches

Vape Battery size chart

The table below the different brands of batteries and the battery sizes with their capacity and discharge rating.

Want to learn more about battery sizes, click this link

Battery sizeBrand or modelBattery capacityDischarge rating
18350Keeppower1200 mAh8A (protected)
 Keeppower 1200 mAh10A (unprotected requires external protection pcb)
14500Keeppower1000 mAh3A (protected)
 Vapcell 1000 mAh3A (unprotected requires external protection pcb)
16650Keeppower2500 mAh5A (protected)
 Sanyo UR16650ZTA2500 mAh5A (unprotected requires external protection pcb)
18650Keeppower3500 mAh10A (protected)
 Keeppower3120 mAh15A (protected)
21700Acebeam 5100 mAh20A (protected)
 Keeppower5000 mAh15A (protected)
26650Keeppower6000 mAh10 – 15A (protected)
 Keeppower5500 mAh10A (protected)
26800QueenBattery 6800 mAh30A (requires external protection pcb)

How to choose the right vape size for you (FAQ)

What size is a vape

E-cigarette products have high levels of metals and chemicals that not only influence the vapor quality but also its nature and the sizes of the particles. The puff flow rate influences the particles sizes in the respiratory tract depositions because of the high amount of vapor particles.

The size range between the devices also influences particle size distributions because if puff durations are longer, then the particle count being produced will increase. Therefore, particle size will depend on the device used.

Do vapes come in different sizes?

In vaping, the tools used to come in a wider range of sizes. From the huge box mods to the small vape pods. Depending on the vapor quality you want the type of device you choose will influence it.

The smaller vapes have battery options that are tiny and they don’t produce large amounts of vapor, unlike the larger devices that have big batteries and high vapor production.

Battery options for larger vapes are long-lasting giving you a longer period to vape because the power will not run out easily and high concentrations of flavourful vapor. Small vapes come in handy if one cannot carry their large devices with them.

What are the four types of vapes?

In order to have the best experience while vaping, Its imperative to discern the different vaping devices that will be conducive to your needs, and with advancements in E-cigarette technology devices are grouped into four main types they include;

Cigalikes – it’s a classic vape pen that resembles a tobacco cigarette they are simple to use and have a twist on the cartridge for refilling the flavors. Unfortunately, they only have two flavors.

Pod systems – also known as nicotine vapes are best for people who are switching from smoking to vaping and have a removable plastic cartridge for renewing and have a longer battery life compared to cigalikes with a variety of flavors.

Vape pens- are vape starter kits that look like pens and are a bit larger than pod systems, their cartridges are glass tanks and the atomizer can be replaced.

Vape mods – one of the biggest vaping devices that hold high voltage batteries. It has advanced physical properties like its temperature is limited automatically and power custom curves. Its puff volume generates huge clouds and flavorful vapor.

What size is a vape pen?

Vape cartridges hold either a liquid, oil, or an extract when combined with a power source they heat the elements under the correct vaporization temperature.

Their physical properties are user-friendly and compatible with vape pen batteries and portability this solves vapor users since a majority of them use the 510 thread.

Choosing the right hole size is important because it largely depends on the oil type and its viscosity. The size range of the hole is 0.9 millimeters for small on and 2.0 millimeters for larger ones.

If the hole size is not compatible with the viscosity of the oil, it will lead to clogging and leaking. Their capacity sizes for a liquid to be stored is 0.5 or 1.0 milliliters.

What is a 510 vape

It’s any battery that has a 510 threading. These oil cartridges mostly used a type of battery and it’s popular among most tanks and atomizers. Compared to the pen Batteries they have long-lasting battery life using advanced LCD and LED technologies.

Vape sizes explained : beginnersguide

A Beginners Guide To Vaping by FV Vape Show


E-cigarette use has been on the rise over the years because of an increase in the number of users grossing the industry millions of dollars and boosting the E-cigarette and vape market. E-cigarette companies have online forums that support it to abandon smoking tobacco that leaves a stain or an odor.

Vape shops have vape bars that hold gatherings of people dedicated to vaping and also to try out new e-liquids. The Juul electronic is more popular among the youth since they practice cloud chasing.

Unfortunately, there are several health risks involved with the prolonged use of nicotine especially obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma, and is also very harmful during pregnancy. Research has shown aerosol inhalation is safer compared to conventional cigarette aerosols.

Therefore, if an individual wants to try out vaping they should do thorough research to know the health effects, cost, and use. Fortunately, vape shops offer a variety of e-cigarettes to try out and also advise on the best device to use on your own.

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