Paintball Gun size – guns, gear and caliber size chart

Caliber Paintballs are spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules containing biodegradable polyethylene glycol, other non-toxic and water-soluble dyes, and other substances. the paintballs are usually shot with minimal energy air guns called paintball markers/guns. The paintball gun size depends on the type of game one wants to play in order to choose the right paintball marker caliber option.

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Types of Paintballs and Paintballs Caliber 

There are three types of paintballs; tournament grade paintballs, recreational grade paintballs, and reusable paintballs. As a matter of fact, the caliber of a paintball indicates its diameter in inches. It is important to line up the paintball caliber to the caliber of the paintball gun. The most common paintball size standard is .68 Paintballs and barrels vary in size from .67 caliber to .71 caliber.

In addition, paintballs are seldom perfectly round and are very sensitive to heat and moisture standard .68 caliber paintball is the industry standard and most popular size since its versatile for many different games field styles due to proper delivery when hitting other players. Conversion kits are used to change any paintball gun from .68 caliber to.50 calibers and vice versa.

Paintball markers

There are three different types of paintball guns; pump paintball guns, mechanical markers, and electronic markers. the electronic marker has two mechanisms the poppet valve and the spool valve while the mechanical marker has a variety of designs. 

To be precise, the most common type is the blow-back marker which utilizes a spring-loaded ram released by the sear to open a pin valve.


In this paintball gun size chart, we have collected the exact dimensions and the standard size for a standard paintball in millimeters and inches. In fact, any experienced players require a standard paintball to ensure success. 

The size of the tip in (millimeters and inches)Fluid typeUses Types of materials
0.5 to 1.0 millimeters 0.019 to 0.039 inchesVery thinParting films, sine mist, common in detail spray gunsInks, dyes, stains, bleaches
1.1 to 1.3 millimeters 0.043 to 0.051 inchesThin Very fine finishes Lacquer, thin clearcoats, some sealers
1.4 to 1.6 millimeters 0.055 to 0.063 inchesMedium All purpose(1.4 mm is almost universal sizeBase coats, enamels, thin primers, epoxies, urethanes, clear coat
1.7 to 1.9 millimeters 0.067 to 0.075 inchesMedium/ HeavyprimersPrimers, high solid enamels
2.0 to 2.3 millimeters  0.079 to 0.091 inchesHeavy High solid coatingsHigh build primers, adhesives, (avoid basecoats- may not atomize properly)
2.4 to 2.5 millimeters 0.094 to 0.98 inchesVery heavyNot for paintsGel coats and resins
Parts of a Paintball Gun - paintball gun sizing
Parts of a Paintball Gun – paintball gun sizing


A barrel kit offers the ability to fine-tune and adjust the inside size of the barrel that you are using. 

Part numberDescription Chart size 
  Wire by ID 
O-002Barrel O-ring1.78 *18.77*
O-005D3 O-ring1.5 * 17.5*
O-021F2 O-ring1.5 * 21.5*
O-022Regulator pressure O-ring1.5 * 22 
O-023Bolt bumper O-ring1.5 * 15.5*
O-026Bolt guide O-ring#012*
O-026Bolt guide tip O-ring#012*
O-027Bolt guide base O-ring1.2 * 20*
O-030Bolt guide inner O-ring1.5 * 8*
O-033Regulator piston O-ring1.5 * 5*
O-035ASA Port/ piston cover O-ring1.5 * 9.5*
O-046Trigger port O-ring1.5 * 5.5*
O-053Solenoid piston1 * 2*
O-055Solenoid piston sleeve O-ring1 * 6*
O-062ASA Knob O-ring#011*
O-066ASA Pin O-ring2 * 4*
*(HNBR^)High Performance O-ring   

What is a .50 caliber Paintball size?

A 50 cal paintball just means that the diameter of the paintball is .5 inches. A standard paintball is .68 inches. So this means the paintball is slightly smaller. Check all paintball sizes in the above size chart.

What caliber are normal paintballs?

.68 caliberMost common paintballs and paintball markers are described as .68 caliber (17.3 mm)

Paintball gear and safety equipment size chart

Paintball clothing needs to be tough and durable. Clothes worn for tournament grade paintballs are constrained by tournament rules, unlike recreational games. a barrel block is also used as an emergency safety equipment when all other safety devices deactivate or fail, and it is also required on commercial fields on any marker that is in an area where masks are not required, but a barrel sock is another form of barrel block that is far more reliable against unintentional shots causing injury due to its adjustable elastic cord.

Other equipment used for the maintenance of the paintball gun is squeegeed that cleans out debris from the barrel and breach from broken paintballs they include rod squeegee and cable squeegee. 

The table below illustrates gear worn by paintball players for tournament grade paintballs and recreational paintballs to ensure the absolute safety of the players to avoid injuries.

Performance topSize Chest Back Side Front 
 S/M34-37 inches 86.36-93.98 centimeters26.5 inches 67.31 centimeters17.5 inches 44.45 centimeters23 inches 58.42 centimeters
 L/XL38-41 inches 96.52-104.14 centimeters29.5 inches 74.93 centimeters19.25 inches 48.895 centimeters26 inches 66.04 centimeters
 XXL42+ inches 106.68 centimeters31 inches 78.74 centimeters19.5 inches 49.53 centimeters27 inches 68.58 centimeters
Performance elbowSize Length Upper Lower  
 S14.5 inches 36.83 centimeters10 inches 25.4 centimeters7.25 inches 18.41 centimeters 
 M14.5 inches 36.83 centimeters10.5 inches 26.67 centimeters7.75 inches 19.68 centimeters 
 L16 inches 40.64 centimeters11.25 inches 28.575 centimeters8.25 inches 20.99 centimeters 
 XL16 inches 40.64 centimeters12 inches 30.48 centimeters8.75 inches 22.23 centimeters 
 XXL16 inches 40.64 centimeters12.75 inches 32.38 centimeters9.25 inches 23.49 centimeters 
Performance slide shortSize Waist Leg   
 S28-32 inches 71.12-81.28 centimeters15 inches 38.1 centimeters  
 M30-34 inches 76.2-86.36 centimeters15.75 inches 40.01 centimeters  
 L32-36 inches 81.28-91.44 centimeters16.75 inches 42.55 centimeters  
 XL34-38 inches 76.2-96.52 centimeters17.5 inches 43.81 centimeters  
Performance kneeSize Length Upper Lower  
 S11.75 inches 29.84 centimeters14.5 inches 36.83 centimeters12.25 inches 31.11 centimeters 
 M11.75 inches 29.84 centimeters15.5 inches 39.37 centimeters13.25 inches 33.65 centimeters 
 L11.75 inches 29.84 centimeters16.5 inches 41.91 centimeters14.25 inches 36.19 centimeters 
 XL12.75 inches 32.38 centimeters17.5 inches 44.45 centimeters15.25 inches 38.73 centimeters 
 XXL12.75 inches 32.38 centimeters18.5 inches 46.99 centimeters16.25 inches 41.27 centimeters 

Paintball Tanks Sizes

Paintball compressed air tanks come in two types; high-pressure air and carbon dioxide their function is to power the paintball guns.

The carbon dioxide tanks are mechanical paintball markers that have low elements of electrical tools. It is stored in its liquid form and only a small amount of it is released at a time for the gas to fire the paintball marker.

Expansion of the liquid carbon dioxide to gas is not easy unless it’s exposed to high temperatures but if exposed to cold weather expansion will not take place causing the marker to freeze.

High-pressure air uses nitrogen gas. When it compresses it maintains its gaseous state even when exposed to cold weather conditions. Uniquely as it expands the tank cools reducing chances of freezing and malfunction.

In addition, it’s also the most popular option due to it being sold at the paintball parks at affordable costs.

Most Common Paintball Gun Size

The most approved paintball marker caliber is .68 followed by its counterpart .50 caliber. One limitation to the .68 caliber is that it’s bulky and the caliber markers created are a bit bulky too therefore not many rounds can fit in the gun chamber.

While the .50 caliber is beginner friends and also used by children and can accommodate several rounds in the gun chamber. The .50 caliber is much more affordable in terms of cost compared to the .68 caliber.

Paintball Gun sizing explained

What Paintball Gun size Should You Buy by Lone Wolf Paintball


The regular paintball is played for recreation purposes and also as a formal sporting event with an organized competition that involves major professional tournament players and teams. In fact, the scenario game is also played by military forces to supplement military and other training.

In reality, the paintball gun market has experienced a substantial growth rate over the last few years and it’s estimated to grow even more over the last few years. It is quite easy to access and buy quality paintball gun sizes with affordable options and additional color options for the pellets.

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