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Ideally, before anyone can consider owning or handling a firearm, there are some important questions that have to cross your mind regarding gun sizes, types of handguns, appropriate functions, the matchup of all the handgun sizes to the array of calibers of bullets available in the guns and ammunition retailer’s stores.

Besides, having the correct sizes of firearms with their respective bullet caliber, it would be equally important to know which among the popular calibers are recommended for women, young people, beginners, or regular male civilians?

The guide below aims to list and compare the product dimensions as presented by the respective firearm manufacturers as well as include the product description in detail to assist the reader gain enough information to make proper decisions in firearm choice if need be.      

How To Choose Between The Different Gun Sizes
How To Choose Between The Different Gun Sizes (courtesy by America Gun Association)

Popular HandGun Caliber Sizes

You may have noticed that bullet diameter, barrel diameter, and gun caliber are words used almost synonymously to refer to the actual gun or bullet capability. There could be slight variations here and there with these dimensions and the numbers used may not necessarily follow a linear progression but the general implication is that large caliber bullets or guns will generally deliver more energy with the exiting bullet as opposed to smaller caliber ammunition. The intended purpose as the table below indicates, helps show this fact.  

Handgun CaliberBullet Diameter in (Inches and Millimeters)Bullet Weight in (Grams and lbs)Bullet Velocity in (Feet/Second and Meters/Sec)Average Price per RoundSuitable Purpose
.17 HMR0.172 Inches 4.3688 mm20 grams 0.044 lbs2,350 fps 716.28 m/s$0.20 Varmint, Pinking
.22 LR0.223 Inches 5.664 mm40 grams 0.088 lbs1,070 fps 326.13 m/s$0.09Varmint, Pinking
.22 WMR0.224 Inches 5.6896 mm40 grams 0.088 lbs1,477 fps 450.189 m/s$0.20Varmint, Pinking
.32 H&R Magnum0.312 Inches 7.924 mm85 grams 0.187 lbs1,114 fps 339.54 m/s$0.85Varmint, Self defense
.38 Super0.356 Inches 9.042 mm115 grams 0.2535 lbs1,300 fps 396.24 m/s$0.29Self defense
.400 Cor-Bon0.401 Inches 10.185 mm165 grams 0.3637 lbs1.250 fps 381 m/s$1.05Self-defense, Medium game
.40 S&W0.400 Inches 10.16 mm180 grams 0.396 lbs1,053 fps 320.95 m/s$0.21Self defense
.41 Magnum0.410 Inches 10.414 mm210 grams 0.4629 lbs1,363 fps 415.44 m/s$1.42Medium game
.450 SMG0.451 Inches 11.455 mm230 grams 0.507 lbs1,130 fps 344.42 m/s$0.95Medium game, Self defense
.460 Rowland0.451 Inches 11.455 mm230 grams 0.507 lbs1,300 fps 396.24 m/s$1.55Medium game, Self defense
.44 Special (+P)0.4325 Inches 10.9855 mm250 grams 0.551 lbs1,125 fps 342.9 m/s$1.55Medium game, Self defense
.50 GI0.500 Inches 12.7 mm275 grams 0.606 lbs875 fps 266.7 m/s$1.50Self-defense
.45 Long Colt (+P)0.454 Inches 11.5316 mm300 grams 0.661 lbs1,325 fps 403.86 m/s$1.50Large game, Self defense
.454 Casual0.454 Inches 11.5316 mm300 grams 0.661 lbs1,780 fps 542.544 m/s$2.00Large game
.445 Supermag0.429 Inches 10.8966 mm310 grams 0.683 lbs1,601 fps 487.98 m/s$2.00Large game
.44 Mad Max0.429 Inches 10.8966 mm315 grams 0.694 lbs1,550 fps 472.44 m/s$2.00Large game
.475 Linebaugh0.475 Inches 12.065 mm400 grams 0.8818 lbs1,400 fps 426.72 m/s$2.70Large game
.500 Wyoming Express0.500 Inches 12.7 mm440 grams 0.970 lbs1,450 fps 441.96 m/s$2.20Large game
.500 S&W Magnum0.500 Inches 12.7 mm450 grams 0.992 lbs1,707 fps 520.29 m/s$2.50Large game

Gun Sizes Chart by Brand and Model

The dimensions of a firearm, that is whether it is a full-size pistol, a shotgun, or a full-sized handgun, is an important factor to consider with regard to mobility or handling of the firearm. Some are intended to be carried along at any time, others are too large to tag along every time for self-defense.

The gun sizes table below includes the barrel length to help the reader visualize the average size of the gun with respect to handling and mobility, without thinking about the actual bore diameter and other issues relating to gun caliber or operating capacity. 

Semi-Automatic Pistol

Gun BrandSizeGun ModelBarrel Size (in Inches)Barrel Size (in Millimeters)
Bersa2Thunder 22LR3.5 Inches88.9 mm
Bersa 2Thunder 3803.5 Inches88.9 mm
Bersa2Thunder Conc. Carry 3803.25 Inches82.55 mm
Bersa16Thunder HC 9MM4.25 Inches107.95 mm
Bersa16Thunder HC 40SW4.25 Inches107.95 mm
Bersa29Thunder 9MM3.5 Inches88.9 mm
Bersa29Thunder 453.6 Inches91.44 mm
Bersa29Thunder 40SW Ultra Compact3.25 Inches82.55 mm
Bersa29BPCC 9MM3.3 Inches83.82 mm
Bersa29BPCC 3803.3 Inches83.82 mm

Revolver Caliber Chart

The revolver may not necessarily be the favorite caliber of pistols among the popular pistol calibers that are suitable for self-defense and medium game hunting or defense against the medium-sized game, though as the table below shows there are a number of revolver calibers that may prove important for other functions. The larger pistol calibers may be used as a defense against medium or large wild animals.

Gun BrandGun SizeGun ModelBarrel Size (in Inches)Barrel Size (in Millimeters)
Ruger7LCR 3572 Inches50.8 mm
Ruger7LCRX 38SP2 Inch50.8 mm
Ruger7SP101 3572.25 Inches57.15 mm
Ruger7SP101 38SP2.25 Inches57.15 mm
Ruger8Super Redhawk2.5 Inches63.5 mm
Ruger8SP101 357 3 Inches76.2 mm
Ruger8GP100 3575 Inches127 mm
Ruger9SP101 22LR4.2 Inches106.68 mm
Ruger9SP101 3574.2 Inches106.68 mm
Ruger10GP100 3575 Inches127 mm
Ruger11Super Redhawk7.5 Inches190.5 mm
Ruger12Super Redhawk9.5 Inches241.3 mm
Ruger15LCR 38SP2 Inches50.8 mm
Ruger15LCR 22LR2 Inches50.8 mm
Ruger25GP100 3576 Inches152.4 mm

Long Rifle Caliber Chart

Depending on one’s needs a person may be in need of a firearm with a larger average magazine size or even larger nozzle sizes than the ones available in the aforementioned pistol sizes. The nozzle size mainly refers to caliber size though the actual caliber is a measure of the bullet diameter which is always slightly smaller than the cartridge dimensions.

The major benefit of the long rifle firearms in the table below is that in outdoor use, the outcome may vary depending on who is handling the firearm and how they use it but statistics imply that on a simple average, long rifles deliver more accuracy compared to pistols due to their impact on vital organs when a shot is fired on a large wild animal.

Caliber in (inches & mm)CartridgeGun sizes Capable of handling game up to
0.51’’ 12.954 mm.50 BMGAny living creature
0.429’’ 10.8966 mm.444Grizzly Bear
0.375’’ 9.525 mm.375 Weatherby MagnumCape Buffalo
0.357’’ 9.525 mm.375 H&H MagnumCape Buffalo
0.366’’ 9.296 mm9.3 * 62 mm MauserGrizzly Bear
0.308’’ 7.823 mm.300 PRCGrizzly Bear
0.308’’ 7.823 mm.30 NolsterGrizzly Bear
0.308’’ 7.823 mm.308 WinchesterElk
0.284’’ 7.2136 mm7 mm Weatherby MagnumGrizzly Bear
0.277’’ 7.0358 mm6.8 Remington SPCDeer
0.264’’ 6.705 mm.264 Winchester MagnumElk
0.243’’ 6.172 mm6 mm CreedmoorDeer
0.224’’ 5.6896 mm.224 ValkyrieCoyote
0.204’’ 5.1816 mm.204 RugerVarmints
0.172’’ 4.3688 mm.17 HMRVarmints

Shotgun Gauges Chart / Gun sizes Guide

Comparatively, the shotgun can well be classified among the larger calibers of firearms if you were to take into consideration the 12-gauge shotgun bore, the 20-gauge shotgun, and the 10-gauge bore. The smallest gauge in the shotgun category is the .410-bore shotgun. 

Shotgun GaugeBore Diameter in (Inches)Bore Diameter in (mm)
.410 Bore0.410 Inches10.41 mm
.28 Bore0.545 Inches13.84 mm
.20 Bore0.615 Inches15.62 mm
.16 Bore0.665 Inches16.89 mm
.12 Bore0.725 Inches18.42 mm
.10 Bore0.775 Inches19.69 mm

Handgun Caliber and Recoil Comparison Chart

Besides having the correct measurements matched as per the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations, having the right user for a particular gun is crucial. Women for example and young people may have to consider the felt recoil after firing a bullet.

This is often a function of the typical velocity of the fired bullet and the recoil impact on the one handling the firearm may cause injury to the handler especially if the pistol grip and the barrel grip in the case of long rifle guns is not firm enough.

CaliberWeight in (Grams & lbs)Velocity in (Feet/Sec and Meters/Sec)Felt Recoil
.22 LR30 – 40 g 0.066 – 0.088 lbs1070 – 1600 fps 326.13 – 487.68 m/sLow
.25 ACP35 – 50 g 0.077 – 0.11 lbs760 – 900 fps 231.64 – 274.32 m/sLow
.32 ACP60 – 73 g 0.132 – 0.160 lbs925 – 1100 fps 281.94 – 335.28 m/sLow
.380 ACP90 – 100 g 0.198 – 0.22 lbs975 – 1125 fps 297.18 – 342.9 m/sLow
.38 Special100 – 158 g 0.22 – 0.348 lbs900 – 1150 fps 274.32 – 350.52 m/sModerate
.357 Magnum125 – 158 g 0.275 – 0.348 lbs1240 – 1450 fps 377.952 – 441.96 m/sHigh
.44 Magnum240 – 340 g 0.529 – 0.749 lbs1180 – 1425 fps 359.66 – 434.34 m/sHigh
9 mm115 – 150 g 0.2535 – 0.33 lbs1150 – 1335 fps 350.52 – 406.908 m/sLow
40 S&W115 – 200 g 0.2535 – 0.44 lbs1050 – 1400 fps 320.04 – 426.72 m/sModerate
10 MM Auto135 – 230 g 0.297 – 0.507 lbs1150 – 1600 fps 350.52 – 487.68 m/sHigh
.45 ACP145 – 230 g 0.319 – 0.507 lbs835 – 1350 fps 254.508 – 411.48 m/sModerate-High
.44 Special200 – 246 g755 – 870 fpsModerate-High

Gun Sizes Explained (video)

Gun Sizes explained by Aroseguy1

Air Gun sizes

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With a clear thought of your intended purpose or use of a firearm, having the correct caliber gun with the desired product features and combining that with frequent practice under a qualified instructor in a shooting range will ensure that you are going to efficiently and safely handle, store, and use a firearm without having any unintended or unexpected outcomes like self-injuries or wastage of ammunition due to low accuracy level of performance.

The gun sizes guide provided to you here will adequately inform you about the variety of gun caliber, appropriate use, weight, dimensions, and other functional properties like recoil impact, bullet velocity to assist you in matching your needs to the appropriate firearm.

If you enjoyed reading through this guide, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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