Vans Slip-On Size Charts

A quick look at the Vans Slip-on design tells you that there is something unique about the footwear. They are originally designed to provide fast work wear for the growing population of busy and hardworking Americans (skip straight to the Vans Slip-On Size Charts).

However, as people’s lifestyles began to blend with their work life, it was not long before their workwear became staple wear for everyday life. Just like the advent of jeans into popular culture, Vans also took the world by storm. 

Vans Slip-On Size Charts: Do vans slip ons run small
Vans Slip-On Size Charts: Do vans slip ons run small by size-charts.com_

While work boot was popular among older workers, Vans found their way into the lifestyle of the younger generation. The convenience of slipping your foot into one of this uniquely designed footwear makes it appealing to so many people.

But there may be a little setback when you finally decide to give Vans Slip a try. It is how to determine your size. These days, most fashion purchases happen online, at eCommerce stores. 

Moreover, with the rising busy schedule, it’s hard to make out time to visit a store and try on the available Slip on in a bit to find the one that fits.

However, with adequate knowledge of size charts and guides, you can purchase any Footwear, including Vans Slip-On from the corners of your room, and have a perfect size delivered to you in the comfort of your home. The table below provides a detailed overview of all the available sizes of Vans Slip and their corresponding foot length measurement. 

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Vans Slip-On Table of Contents

Vans Slip-On Shoe Size Chart

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UKEUUS MenUS WomenFoot length (Inches)Foot length (CM)

Vans Slip-On Kids Size Chart

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UK SIZEUS SIZEEU  SIZELength (Inches)Length (CM)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vans Slip On true to size?

Yes. Like the Old Skool and other Vans fashion and clothing items,  Vans Slips are produced to fit perfectly to size. They neither run small nor big. However, when buying the newly, you may experience a slightly narrower fit than you expected.

This experience is normal as a result of the materials used in producing the Slip on. This condition is also popular with any casual shoe. Give it time, usually six weeks, it will break in and fit perfectly. 

Are slip vans the same size as regular vans?

Yes. Vans uses the same sizes for both their regular Vans Old Skool model and the Slip on. The only difference is the design. While Old Skool makes use of laces on some occasions,

Slip on are generally designed to cover with no laces. And it is a ready-to-wear fashion item with no hassle of lacing it up.

Do vans slip on break in?

Yes. When new, Vans Slip on is usually tighter than its true size. You may need to use them consistently for a period of time before they finally fit. But despite the tight fit, you’ll hardly feel any form of discomfort or pain when using a slip.

They are gentle on the skin. Use the size guides above to select the perfect feet for your foot length.

Do vans slip on stretch?

No. Vans are produced from cotton, plastic and polyester materials. These materials don’t normally stretch. The presence of lace on some vans design helps you adjust the sizes if you feel they are too tight.

Conversely, Vans Slip on does not come with laces. But, there are elastic bands on both sides of the shaft to help it stretch up when you want to put it on.

Overall, Vans Slip on are very comfortable work shoes.

Do Slip on Vans fit the same as Old Skool?

Yes. There is hardly any difference between the Old Skool and the Slip on besides the lace and slight changes in the design. They are both the same and follow the same sizing pattern.

Also, Slip on are generally unisex. The only point of difference is that people with wide feet would love Old Skool more because of the lace.

Should you wear socks with Vans Slip ons?

It is advisable to wear socks with your Slip-on shoes for the sake of comfort. However, there is no rule that says it’s a must, doing so only makes it more comfortable and prevents sweat from staining the inner wall of the footwear.

Besides, the socks could ease the tightness of the first few weeks of purchase.

How can I make my Vans Slip ons bigger?

While Vans Slip on shoes are made to fit perfectly, there may be cases where you want them a little bigger than they are.

The best way to achieve this is by heat treatment. It is best to use a heat source to warm up areas of the footwear that you wish to expand.

However, it is best to note that it should be a low-intensity heat source like a hairdryer. Excessive heat could damage your footwear. The aim is to cause the tight areas to expand slightly.


Like every other work footwear, lifestyle shoe and everyday shoe, the comfort you feel with Vans footwear is influenced by the fit and sizes you buy. One thing you should keep in mind is that, unlike the regular Vans, Slip on does not come with eyelets for lace.

Therefore, there is no way of adjusting the fits, especially if you have narrow feet. The best way to enjoy your purchase throughout the lifetime of your Vans slip on is to buy the best fit for your foot length.

Use the size charts above to determine what works best for you. And if you still have doubts and unanswered questions, leave them in the comment section and you’ll get a swift response. Also, take a moment to share the article and help spread the knowledge.

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