Deus Ex Machina Size Charts: how does it fit?

Deus Ex Machina is a popular brand among bikers and motorcyclists and anybody who wants fun and firm-fitting wear. Like any other clothing brand, Deus Ex Machina size charts are quite easy to come across. We have compiled a couple of simple but effective size charts. You will find answers to questions like how do deus Ex Machina clothes fit. Are they true to sizes? etc

Deus Ex Machina size charts for men and women - deus ex machina sizing review
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Wearing an incorrect item, even on a fit body not only disfigures the image of the wearing but is unhealthy in a million manners. Picture a poorly sized bike jacket being worn on a speeding bike.

Deus Ex goes as far as having a jacket long parka on their product list. Wearing the right size is important and for that reason here are two size charts for Deus Ex Machina clothing.

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Deus Ex Machina Table of Contents

Deus Ex Machina Size Chart For Men’s Tops

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The regular size chest is usually measured by wrapping the tape round the chest.

However, the measurement referred to as ½ Chest is measured by placing the clothing item flat on a surface and measure straight across its chest region from side to side.

The body length is measured straight across its entire height from top to bottom.

Labeled Size½ Chest Width (In)½ Chest Width (Cm)Body Length (In)Body Length (Cm)

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Deus Ex Machina Size Chart For Men’s Bottoms

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Deus ex uses numeric sizes that are globally applicable and do not require size conversion.

Measure an ½ hip circumference by measuring the widest part of the back panel of clothing item from side to side, while ½ waist is measured by measuring the front of the clothing item.

Remember to button up and zip up the clothing item for best measurements. All their leg measurements are based on average height but their are always extras folded in at the edges.

Labelled Size½ Waist (In)½ Waist (Cm)½ Hip (In)½ Hip (Cm)

Deus Ex Machina Size Chart For Women’s Clothing

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For women clothing, ½ chest might also be referred to as “bust”. To measure ½ chest for women, place your clothe on a flat surface, spread it’s arm sideways, and measure it’s width sideways. Measure at a point that is about 1 inch below the armpits.

To measure ½ waist, button up the clothing item and place it on a flat surface and then measure the widest part of the front from side to side. Measure as close to the top as possible.

To measure the hip, turn the clothing item over and measure the widest part of the back.

Labeled Size½ Chest (In)½ Chest (Cm)½ Waist (In)½ Waist (Cm)Hip (In)Hip (Cm)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Deus Ex Machina true to size ?

Yes, it is. However there is something you must understand. Measurements in product description refers to garment dimensions and NOT the user’s body dimensions.

Vanity sizing is a universal issue, but Deus Ex is not necessarily extra guilty.

Does Deus Ex Machina run big?

Although there is no need for a size conversion, but if we consider their cross measurements, it is clear that they do NOT run big.

Should I size up or down for a Deus Ex Machina?

Wear your exact size. If your ½ measurements fall in between sizes, pick the nearest size if you want something slim fitting. If you are not necessarily into slim fits, then exchange sizes for the larger size.

What size is Deus Ex Machina L ?

If we consider the largest measurement in inches according to product details, a top labeled as size L has an ½ chest measurement of 22.8 inches (58 cm) and a body length of 28.9 inches (73.4 cm). 

What size is Deus T shirt XL ?

Deus Ex Machina T-shirts marked as size XL have an ½ chest measurement of 24.4 inches (62 Cm) and a body length of 29.9 inches (75.9 cm).

How does a Deus Ex Machina fits ?

A typical blue-collar body fits warmly into a Deus Ex. An oversize will definitely feel like a bulky item, while an undersize will feel stuffy and tight. It would hold on tightly to the body.

Does Deus Ex Machina have clothing for both genders?

Yes, they do. There is enough difference in the waist circumference of the clothing that Deus Ex makes for men and women. Based on the measurements of the natural waistline of female sizes, Deus Ex has an actual collection of products for women. Many products can be worn by man and women, so-called unisex sizes


Deus Ex packages ship as early as possible and sometimes may even be given a naval ship pass to bypass certain embargoes. All this effort is to enable their early bird pricing and, more importantly, their short term return policy.

What matters most is not to buy the wrong size in the first place. No matter the measures established by any brand, buying the wrong size and returning items is always a troublesome process.

Deus ex is fun and cool to wear. It looks great and fits well no matter the body shape. Please share the article and leave a comment before riding unto the machine.

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