LOTTO Shoes Size for Adults and Kids

Lotto is an Italian shoe manufacturer of durable shoes with exceptional comfort in mind. Lotto is popular among the typical avid club player and every regular recreational player. The sizes cover a “sporty range”, scroll below to know the sizes you need (skip straight to the Lotto Shoes Sizes Charts).

LOTTO Shoes Size for Adults and Kids
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What is the importance of the proper size?

The wrong shoe size, especially for sports is a major problem. The wrong shoe size increases the likelihood of a foot or ankle injury. And sometimes both of them might be developed at once.

Plantar fasciitis, bunions, and policeman’s foot are among the more common issues developed by those who regularly wear the wrong shoe size. It is also important to mention that your foot size is not static. Your shoe size will change regularly, so please do everybody a favor and regularly measure your foot size. 

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LOTTO Sizes Table of Contents

Lotto Size Chart For Kid’s Shoes

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Kid’s shoes by Lotto are designed for older children and they have almost no sizes for toddlers. Around the age of 8 or 10 is when Lotto footwear starts to fit. However, Lotto doesn’t use age as part of their sizing scheme.


Lotto Size Chart For Men’s Shoes

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Lotto men’s shoes have a few popular models like Lotto mirage 100 and Lotto Stadio. Although there is a difference in their design and structure, their sizes are as follows.

If the customer needs larger shoe sizes, they might need to check other manufacturers; because Lotto has few options for custom-built shoes.


Lotto Size Chart For Women’s Shoes

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Lotto women’s shoes have been designed to have responsive comfort underfoot. They hold firmly to the heel and have a stable undercut for the ball of the foot.

Their soles have been designed to distribute weight evenly and absorb sudden changes in foot pressure. Changes such as angular pressure and speed twists.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lotto trainers true to size?

Yes, they are. Some people use one size larger if they intend to use thick/heavy socks. This is just to give the foot more breathing space, not necessarily because the actual size is uncomfortable. 

How wide are Lotto sneakers?

For narrow feet, any normal foot can buy literally any size of shoes. Even the narrowest tennis shoe or any other pair of narrow shoes can have a major difference in size. You can easily size down if you have narrow feet.

But if you have wider feet, you will have to size up when buying normal shoes. Luckily, Lotto has shoes that are designed for wide feet. A good example of such a model is the Lotto Mirage 300.

How do Lotto trainers measure?

Lotto shoes use their own structured sizes. Their shoes are generally measured in centimeters. This makes their sizes more accurate for sizing systems that are based on metric measurements. Sizes like those used in the UK, India, and Japan.

Should your size up in Lotto tennis shoes?

No, you shouldn’t. Larger-size shoes won’t give you additional comfort. Rather they will become strange shoes that may alter your comfort.

How do Lotto shoes fit?

Lotto shoes are comfortable shoes that have been designed with lightweight comfort. Although actual shoe weights may vary based on model or sport, Lotto is a lightweight shoe.

Lotto soccer shoes might feel heavier than that tennis, especially cleats soccer shoes.

Do Lotto trainers fit the same?

If they are the same size, then they will all be the same fit regardless of the model. For example, a US size 10 will fit a person with a shoe size 10 regardless of the model.

Are Lotto brand shoes good?

Yes, they are. Lotto elite performance shoes are fantastic shoes that are worth their money. The regular models are also excellent shoe products.


Lotto is popular among customers who are familiar with the metric system of measurements. This is because their measurements are naturally in metric units and are therefore more accurate to use for the lineup of Lotto shoes.

We will recommend that if you want to measure your feet, you should also use metric units. Try to measure in centimeters, it will improve your chances of buying a more proper size.

You will enjoy the high-quality light shoe from Lotto. The excellent shoe will do well on your feet and we will be happy if you share the article after leaving a comment. 

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