Reebok Classic Sneaker Sizes

Reebok is an American company that makes fitness apparel and footwear. If you need an athletic shoe, you can get a stylish option from Reebok. The Reebok Classic sneaker is a line of classic shoes that were originally designed for athletic purposes but later became accepted as casual wear

Reebok Classic Sneaker Charts
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Whether you are looking for retro running shoes or sneakers to wear in everyday life, Reebok has an adaptive footwear collection for you. This post will help you choose the right Reebok Classic sneaker size and explore why this shoe line is great. 

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Reebok Classic Sneaker Table of Contents

Reebok Classic Sneaker Size Charts

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Men’s Reebok Classic Sneaker Size Chart

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Brand SizeUK SizeEurope SizeHeel to toe (inches)Heel to toe (CM)
21328 in20.3 cm
2.51.532.58.2 in20.8 cm
32338.3 in21.1 cm
3.52.5348.5 in21.6 cm
4334.58.7 in22.0 cm
4.53.5358.8 in22.4 cm
54369 in22.8 cm
5.54.536.59.2 in23.3 cm
6537.59.3 in23.7 cm
6.55.538.59.5 in24.1 cm
76399.7 in24.5 cm
7.56.5409.8 in25.0 cm
8740.510 in25.4 cm
8.57.54110.2 in25.8 cm
984210.3 in26.2 cm
9.58.542.510.5 in26.7 cm
1094310.7 in27.1 cm
10.59.54410.8 in27.5 cm
111044.511 in27.9 cm
11.510.54511.2 in28.4 cm
121145.511.3 in28.8 cm
12.511.54611.5 in29.2 cm
13124711.7 in29.6 cm
13.512.54811.8 in30.1 cm
141348.512 in30.5 cm
14.513.54912.2 in30.9 cm
15145012.3 in31.27 cm
15.514.55112.5 in31.7 cm
16155212.6 in32.1 cm
16.515.55312.8 in32.5 cm
171653.513 in33.0 cm
17.516.55413.1 in33.4 cm
18175513.3 in33.8 cm
18.517.55613.5 in34.3 cm 

Women’s Reebok Classic Sneaker Size Chart

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Brand SizeUK SizeEurope SizeHeel to toe (inches)Heel to toe (CM)
52.5358.7 in22.1 cm
5.5335.58.9 in22.6 cm
63.5369.1 in23.1 cm
6.54379.3 in23.6 cm
74.537.59.4 in23.9 cm
7.55389.6 in24.4 cm
85.538.59.8 in24.9 cm
8.563910 in25.4 cm
96.54010.3 in26.2 cm
9.5740.510.4 in26.4 cm
107.54110.6 in26.9 cm
10.584210.8 in27.4 cm
118.542.511 in27.9 cm
129.54411.4 in29 cm

How to Choose the Right Reebok Sneaker Size

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Reebok classic-style sneakers are available in different sizes for men and women. You can find a suitable size by choosing your regular US shoe size.

Unfortunately, customers say these shoes run small, so you should consider taking a size up. If you don’t size up, the sneakers could feel too tight and cause discomfort. 

If you don’t know your US shoe size, you’ll need a tape measure, pen, and blank paper. Trace your feet on the paper and measure the length of the outline. Then, you can choose a suitable sneaker size by comparing your foot length with the charts. 

Check out this video to learn more about how to measure your feet

How to Measure Your Foot Size at Home [Perfect Width & Length 2022] by Michigan Foot Doctors

What Makes Reebok Classics so Great?

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You might wonder why there’s so much fuss over the Rebook old-school sneaker line. So let’s discuss the unique features of these retro sneakers. 

1. Stylish Look

Reebok Classics come in a variety of styles and colors that can make the sneakers one of your favorite shoes. With mid-cut and low-cut designs, you can find a pair that complements your personality and sense of fashion.

These sneakers have a “timeless” fashion sense, making them a fitting choice for any scene. 

You can choose bright or dull colors if you want. Some people feel more comfortable in shoes with patterns of multiple colors, in which case you can also find several options from the Reebok Classic line. 

Nowadays, it’s totally fine to rock your sneakers with an official outfit. Reebok Classics are also great for different styles, whether it’s summer or fall.

Check out this guide on how to wear your Reebok Classics with different outfits. Even if you don’t need shoes for fashion reasons, these sneakers are still great for a casual setting. 

2. Durability

Reebok Classics are made from high-quality leather or nylon hence the Reebok Classic Leather and Reebok Classic Nylon styles. Leather is an extremely durable natural material, making it excellent for sneakers and other shoes.

Nylon is among the strongest synthetic materials used in making clothes and footwear. 

The leather and nylon uppers are designed to withstand the ups and downs of everyday use. That’s why Reebok sneakers are great for vigorous activities if you want a long-lasting fitness shoe. In addition to being excellent gym shoes, Reebok Classics are made using premium construction techniques to ensure they can last years.

Since the uppers are tough, you can trust they’ll protect your feet from direct impact with objects. While they are less effective than specialized work shoes, they are better than standard sneakers. 

3. Lightweight Design

Another reason to consider Reebok Classics is their weightless feel. The materials used to make these sneakers are soft and light but still durable. As a result, these shoes are perfect for running and other exercises because they won’t weigh you down. 

Even the soles are made with strong yet flexible rubber to provide efficient foot mobility. Whichever direction you turn your feet, these sneakers will follow without stiffness to ensure an explosive performance in your runs and workouts.

Plus, if you have to spend all day in shoes, a lightweight pair will reduce the pain, fatigue, and soreness you’ll feel when you take them off in the evening. 

4. Affordable Price

Unlike most brands that only offer value through expensive sneakers, Reebok Classics are affordable. Don’t mistake this affordability for low quality because the sneakers are just as durable and stylish as pricier alternatives. They offer the same features you’ll find in high-end footwear without blowing your pockets. 

5. Rubber Outsole

Reebok Classics feature gum soles, but they aren’t really made of gum. Instead, they are made from synthetic rubber, which offers the properties and performance of gum soles. The outsoles have great traction on different surfaces since they are made from rubber. 

If you’d like shoes that have a good grip on various terrain, the Reebok Classics can deliver. You can walk on wet surfaces, grass-covered terrain, or ice without easily slipping or losing your balance. In addition, the soles also feature deep-cut tread patterns that help increase stability as you walk.

The soles on these sneakers are also abrasion-resistant, meaning they’ll hold up well against wear and tear. So you can walk in rough areas without worrying about the condition of your soles. 

6. Premium Comfort

You can enjoy plush comfort from the Reebok Classics allowing you to spend hours at a time with these sneakers on without developing pain or discomfort. Inside the shoes, you’ll find a die-cut EVA midsole that’s set to provide a soft platform to rest your feet. 

The removable EVA foam midsole offers cushioning, which helps in shock absorption. As you walk or run, the consistent impact with the ground can easily transfer to the soles of your feet, causing you pain.

Luckily, the lightweight cushioning of the insole reduces the shock that reaches your feet, giving you all-day comfort as you walk in your Reebok Classics. 

Another aspect that makes the Reebok Classic a comfortable shoe is the padded tongue and ankle collar. A soft lining with ample cushioning covers your entire foot inside each shoe. You’ll also be glad to know that these shoes will give you ample support. 

7. Water Resistance

Reebok Classics are also water-resistant, thanks to their premium construction and use of quality materials. They aren’t completely waterproof, but they can keep water out and your feet warm even in wet weather.

So, you don’t have to hold back from going outdoors when there are light showers of rain, thanks to these sneakers. 

Even if the ground is full of puddles, don’t fret. The soles will ensure you can walk stably, and the uppers will keep water out. The water-resistant feature also makes it easier to clean your sneakers. However, there are some parts that are made of suede, and you should avoid staining these. 

8. Insulation

While most people think that sneakers are only for the summer, Reebok Classics are also great for wearing during the fall. You’re probably wondering if sneakers can suffice to keep your feet warm in lower temperatures. They do! 

These shoes feature light insulation to help trap heat inside to keep your feet from freezing. Of course, these sneakers can’t replace winter boots, but before the snow starts falling, you can wear them as you go shopping for winter wear. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Reebok Classic sneaker fit true to size?

No, they don’t. They run small, so you should size them up.

2. Do Reeboks run small or true to size?

Reeboks run small and aren’t true to size. 

3. Is Reebok sizing the same as Adidas?

Yes, it is. Both Reebok and Adidas use the same sizing system. 

4. What size should I get in Reebok Classic sneaker?

You can take a size up from your standard US shoe size or measure your foot length and choose a size from the charts. 

5. What is a women’s 7 in men Reebok Classic sneaker?

A women’s 7 is equivalent to a men’s 5.5 in Reebok Classics. 

6. What is the smallest women’s size in Reebok Classics?

The smallest Reebok Classic shoe size for women is size 5. 

7. What width do Reebok Classics come in?

Reebok Classics come in regular widths. 


There are many shoe lines from Reebok, but the Reebok Classic is perhaps the brand’s flagship. Since Reebok uses standard American shoe sizing, you can choose a pair using your regular size. The shoe line runs small, so taking a size up will ensure you get a good fit. 

Any questions about Reebok Classic sneaker sizes are welcome below!

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