Reebok Pump Sizes for Men and Women

Reebok Pumps refer to a retro-shoe line launched back in the late 1980s. The sneakers were among the first in the footwear industry to feature inflatable technology. This allowed them to give a custom fit to athletes, helping them improve their performance on the court (skip straight to the Reebok Pump Sizes Chart).

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These shoes are available to date and come in various designs and sizes. Choosing a pair of Reebok pumps isn’t easy if you are buying them for the first time. As such, this post is a guide to the different Reebok Pump sizes and why the sneakers are the best choice for you.

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Reebok Pump Sizes Table of Contents

Reebok Pump Size Charts

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Reebok Pump Men’s Size Chart

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Brand SizeUK SizeEurope SizeHeel to toe (inches)Heel to toe (CM)
21328 in20.3 cm
2.51.532.58.2 in20.8 cm
32338.3 in21.1 cm
3.52.5348.5 in21.6 cm
4334.58.7 in22.0 cm
4.53.5358.8 in22.4 cm
54369 in22.8 cm
5.54.536.59.2 in23.3 cm
6537.59.3 in23.7 cm
6.55.538.59.5 in24.1 cm
76399.7 in24.5 cm
7.56.5409.8 in25.0 cm
8740.510 in25.4 cm
8.57.54110.2 in25.8 cm
984210.3 in26.2 cm
9.58.542.510.5 in26.7 cm
1094310.7 in27.1 cm
10.59.54410.8 in27.5 cm
111044.511 in27.9 cm
11.510.54511.2 in28.4 cm
121145.511.3 in28.8 cm
12.511.54611.5 in29.2 cm
13124711.7 in29.6 cm
13.512.54811.8 in30.1 cm
141348.512 in30.5 cm
14.513.54912.2 in30.9 cm
15145012.3 in31.27 cm
15.514.55112.5 in31.7 cm
16155212.6 in32.1 cm
16.515.55312.8 in32.5 cm
171653.513 in33.0 cm
17.516.55413.1 in33.4 cm
18175513.3 in33.8 cm
18.517.55613.5 in34.3 cm

Reebok Pump Women’s Size Chart

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Brand SizeUK SizeEurope SizeHeel to toe (inches)Heel to toe (CM)
52.5358.7 in22.1 cm
5.5335.58.9 in22.6 cm
63.5369.1 in23.1 cm
6.54379.3 in23.6 cm
74.537.59.4 in23.9 cm
7.55389.6 in24.4 cm
85.538.59.8 in24.9 cm
8.563910 in25.4 cm
96.54010.3 in26.2 cm
9.5740.510.4 in26.4 cm
107.54110.6 in26.9 cm
10.584210.8 in27.4 cm
118.542.511 in27.9 cm
129.54411.4 in29 cm

How to Choose the Right Reebok Pump Sneaker Size

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Now that you’ve seen the size charts, you either have found the right sneaker size already or are wondering how to find your size. Since Reeboks are made with American sizing standards, your regular US shoe size could provide a good fit.

These sneakers usually run true to size, so you won’t need to size up or down to get a fitting pair.

On the other hand, if you don’t know your US shoe size, you’ll need to take your foot length measurements with a flexible tape measure. Trace your foot on a piece of paper and measure the length dimensions from the tip of your toe to your heel. This should provide a good shoe size when you check the information with our size charts. 

What Makes Reebok Pump the Best Sneaker for You?

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There are several features of the Reebok Pump line that make it an excellent choice. Let’s discuss why we think the Reebok Pumps are great sneakers for you.

1. Retro Design

The first thing you’ll notice about Reebok Pumps is that they have the original basketball sneaker design from the 80s and 90s. So, if you can make an old-school basketball shoe design work with your outfit, these sneakers will do the trick.

This isn’t the first Reebok shoe line to have a retro design since the Reebok Classics are also in the market. However, unlike the classics, the Pumps feature a high-cut design that provides more support for your ankles.

There are multiple colors available for each Reebok Pump shoe. Additionally, this line collaborates with cartoon classics like Looney Tunes and the Flinstones. So if you don’t mind shoes that look like they were pulled from an animated universe, you’ll find a good pick in this line.

2. Durable Uppers

Like most Reebok sneakers, the Pumps are made with durable materials. Some have leather uppers and other textile uppers. Whichever you choose, you can trust that Reebok Pumps are built to last and aren’t just for show. You can test them out on the court if you are a basketball enthusiast or take them out for a run.

These shoes are great for wearing daily or in sports, depending on your preferences.

3. Cushioning

To say that Reebok pumps are comfortable shoes would not do them justice. These sneakers feature plush hexagonal foot cushioning that provides a soft platform to rest your feet.

Additionally, the EVA midsole has shock-absorbing properties that take impact your walking and running. This means that you can enjoy a pain-free time when wearing them outdoors.

If you spend most of the day on your feet, you should consider cozy sneakers like the Reebok Pump Omni Zone II. They are light and provide comfortable surroundings for your feet, ensuring you have ample support and relief as long as you wear them.

4. Excellent Performance

The main reason Reebok Pumps are so popular is the pump technology. Some parts of the shoes come with inflatable chambers that can be filled with gas. According to Reebok, this technology allows them to inflate or deflate the uppers to provide customizable comfort.

This technology makes this athletic sneaker a better option because it can maximize your performance. It ensures the areas around your ankles have enough support for you to execute an explosive move without hurting yourself.

5. Rugged Outsole

The rubber outsoles on the Reebok Pumps are designed to give you traction on multiple surfaces. Whether it’s a smooth wooden floor or a rough track, you won’t have stability issues when wearing these sneakers.

Plus, the soles have deep treads that add to the amount of grip you feel when walking.

Check out this Reebok Pump sneakers review (video)

Reebok Pump: Meet the Man Who Invented It by Bloomberg Quicktake: Originals

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do Reebok Pumps fit?

Reebok Pumps fit well and have a snug feel all around your feet.

2. Do Reeboks Pump run true to size?

Yes, they do. These sneakers fit perfectly, so you don’t have to get a size up or down.

3. How do you know what size Reebok Pump to get?

You can choose your regular US shoe size or measure your foot length with a tape measure and pick a size from the charts.

4. Are Reebok Pumps wide sneakers?

Yes, they are. They provide a good fit even for people with wide feet.

5. Is Reebok Pump Sizes the same as Converse?

No, it’s not. Converse sneakers tend to run large.

6. What NBA player wore Reebok Pumps?

Dominique Wilkins was the first NBA player to wear Reebok Pumps.

7. Do Reebok Pumps actually work?

Yes, they do. The pump technology inflates the shoes to make them fit better.


Once you know what the Reebok pumps have to offer, it won’t be long before they become your favorite shoe line. They have exceptional comfort, stability, support, and a retro design that won’t fall out of fashion for a long while.

Choosing the correct shoe size can be easy if you know your current US shoe size. However, you can also get a fitting pair by measuring your foot length and using it to select shoe size.

If you have questions about the Reebok Pumps, leave them below!

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