LOTTO Clothing Size Charts

Every sizing chart by Lotto is made after several accurate measurements of all the body measurements that Lotto uses to design its quality products (skip straight to the LOTTO CLothing Size Charts). 

LOTTO Clothing Size Charts
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Lotto is an Italian manufacturer of quality products and is popularly known for its tennis garments and soccer sportswear. The efficiency of their products will be greatly reduced if you buy the wrong size. The farther the difference between your actual size and the sizing range you purchase, the worse things will be off.

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LOTTO Clothing Size Charts Table of Contents

Lotto Clothing Size Chart: Jackets

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The product ranges with youth sizes are marked for junior size by putting the letters (YR) behind the number. Measurements of most tops by Lotto are based on the gap between the shoulder blades 

Labelled Size½ Chest (In)½ Chest (Cm)

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Lotto Clothing Size Chart: Sweatshirts and Hoodies

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Labelled Size½ Chest (In)½ Chest (Cm)

Lotto Clothing Size Chart: Men Polo

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Jersey sizing is just like all other tops and uses flat measurements across the chest.

Labelled Size½Chest (In)½Chest (Cm)Full Length (In)Full Length (Cm)

Lotto Clothing Size Chart: Men Fio Shorts

To get the right size pants measurements, measure the half waist of any bottom that you are comfortable with. The half waist is not a circumference measurement. Rather you measure the front of the pants from one side to another.

Labelled Size½ Waist (In)½ Waist (Cm)

Lotto Clothing Size Chart: Women’s Polo

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When measuring half chest for any sportswear, always include the right size sports bra. Some will suggest that you wear the bra and have someone else measure the half-size (from one side to the other) while you are wearing the garment.

Labelled Size½Chest (In)½Chest (Cm)Full Length (In)Full Length (Cm)

Lotto Clothing Size Chart: Women’s Shorts and Skirts

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Once again, do not make a mistake here. The half hip is not the same as the natural waistline. The half hip is the measurement from side to side of the BACK OF THE garment. Turn the garment over and measure the part that will naturally cover your rear end.

Labelled Size½ Hip (In)½ Hip (Cm)

Check out this video to learn more about actual Lotto apparel

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lotto sizes true to size?

Yes, they are. Based on their measurements of sizes, Lotto has proved to use a consistent sizing scale.

Should your size up in Lotto?

Not necessarily. If you are of typical body shape and build and wear the proper bra size you don’t have to. The need for special occasion sizes (sizing up or down) doesn’t apply to over three-quarters of people.

Does Lotto have plus sizes?

Strictly speaking, they don’t. Their largest sizes still count as the larger size of regular sizing.

What is medium size in Lotto?

If we are talking about tops, size medium has a half chest of 18.5 to 21.7 inches (47 to 55 cm). If we are considering bottoms, size medium has a half waist of 14.6 to 15.6 inches (37 to 39.5 inches).

Bottoms for ladies will refer to their measurements as “half hip”.

How do Lotto tops fit?

Lotto tops are designed to have little elasticity. This is so as to improve quality over time. They are not exactly tight, but they might feel stuffy to people who want loose clothing. Their fit is great for some sports but not for others.

Does Lotto use the same size for both genders?

No, they don’t. There is a variation in size between manufacturers when it comes to sizing. Lotto has no unisex products, however, there are many high-quality products that are worn by both genders.

Before you buy any Lotto clothes, you just have to know which gender it was originally meant for. This will help you know how to measure yourself.

Are Lotto sizes universal?

No, they are not. Their stock products have different adult size ranges. The range depends on the product type and model. Some products have five different sizes and some have up to nine different sizes.


Lotto sportswear products are popular in the athletic world. Maybe that is why Lotto has a customer-themed “blog” where they review questions, most especially technical questions. Pay them a visit if you ever need to.

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