Suavs Size Charts

Suavs refers to stylish and minimalist shoes manufactured from 3D-printed knit material. The travel-friendly and style-friendly shoes provide you with superior features to ensure you enjoy your everyday activities (skip straight to the Suavs size charts). 

Besides using flexible materials that adapt to any travel and outdoor needs, the brand resolved to use sustainable materials in 2020. So, anytime you purchase a Suavs for yourself or your loved one, you will acquire 100% recycled knits.

This commitment does not rob you of the chance to choose from a wide range of shoe options. You can explore lightweight shoes for your morning run, extra footwear space, and stylish sneakers. You still get to relish an exclusive option range from the expansive collection

Suavs Size Charts
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Why do I need an accurate Suav size?

Suavs shoes are flexible sneakers, which makes them spacious to accommodate different feet lengths and widths. However, when you select the wrong shoe size, your feet will strain, experiencing difficulty while maneuvering your daily tasks.

Thanks to this comprehensive size guide, provides you with different pairs of sneakers and their sizing needs. And suppose you need other countries’ sizing standards; you can use the conversion size charts as they are easy to interpret.

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Suavs Size Charts Table of Contents

Suavs Size Chart

Suavs Footwear Size Chart

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US MenUS WomenEuropeanMeasurement
5368.75 in 22.2 cm
6379.06 in 23.0 cm
7389.37 in 23.8 cm
8399.68 in 24.6 cm
794010.0 in 25.4 cm
8104110.25 in 26.0 cm
9114210.5 in 26.7 cm
10124310.75 in 27.3 cm
11134410.9 in 28.0 cm
124511.25 in 28.6 cm
134611.56 in 29.4 cm
144712.0 in 30.5 cm

Suavs UK Footwear Size Chart

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322.4 cm 8.8 in
22.8 cm 9.0 in
423.2 cm 9.1 in
23.6 cm 9.3 in
524.0 cm 9.5 in
24.4 cm 9.6 in
624.8 cm 9.8 in
25.2 cm 9.9 in
725.6 cm 10.1 in
26.0 cm 10.2 in
826.4 cm 10.4 in
26.8 cm 10.6 in
927.2 cm 10.7 in

Ladies Suavs Footwear Width Size Chart

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33621.6 cm 8.5 in22.2 cm 8.7 in23.4 cm 9.2 in24.6 cm 9.7 in25.8 cm 10.2 in
43722.2 cm 8.7 in22.8 cm 9.0 in24.0 cm 9.5 in25.2 cm 9.9 in26.4 cm 10.4 in
53822.8 cm 9.0 in23.4 cm 9.2 in24.6 cm 9.7 in25.8 cm 10.2 in27.0 cm 10.6 in
63923.4 cm 9.2 in23.7 cm 9.3 in25.2 cm 9.9 in26.4 cm 10.4 in27.6 cm 10.9 in
4023.7 cm 9.3 in24.0 cm 9.5 in25.5 cm 10.0 in26.7 cm 10.5 in27.9 cm 11.0 in
74124.0 cm 9.5 in24.6 cm 9.7 in25.8 cm 10.2 in27.0 cm 10.6 in28.2 cm 11.1 in
84224.6 cm 9.7 in25.2 cm 9.9 in26.4 cm 10.4 in27.6 cm 10.9 in28.8 cm 11.3 in
94325.2 cm 9.9 in25.8 cm 10.2 in27.0 cm 10.6 in28.2 cm 11.1 in29.4 cm 11.6 in

Suavs Conversion Size Chart

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335½522.3 cm 8.8 in
3622.7 cm 8.9 in
437623.2 cm 9.1 in
37½23.6 cm 9.3 in
538724 cm 9.4 in
38½24.4 cm 9.6 in
639824.8 cm 9.8 in
39½25.3 cm 10.0 in
740925.7 cm 10.1 in
4126.1 cm 10.3 in
841½1026.5 cm 10.4 in
42½10½26.9 cm 10.6 in
9431127.3 cm 10.7 in
43½11½27.7 cm 10.9 in
10441228.2 cm 11.1 in

How to Choose the Right Suavs Size

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So, how can I find the right Suavs size for myself or a loved one?

Estimating the shoe size for a loved one can be an uphill struggle, especially if you are purchasing for the first time. You can ensure you get the perfect Suavs shoe by evaluating the following factors:

1. Get the Feet Measurements

Planning to surprise your partner with Suave but don’t have their feet measurements? Obtaining the right Suav size demands you use accurate feet measurements. This way, you will not gamble over the shoe delivered to you. 

Instead, you will be confident that the shoe size will fit them and serve the purpose, whether running, working out, or training. So, how do I get the exact feet measurement?

To find the right feet size for you or your loved one, follow these steps:

Step 1. Start by Drawing Your Foot

  • Take a plain piece of paper ad place it on even ground for the perfect shape.
  • Check whether the paper’s size can accommodate your entire foot. If not, then take another piece and tape them together to create one large piece. 
  • When you get the right paper size, place your leg or your loved one’s foot on the paper while ensuring you exert all weight on this leg.
  • Once you have the foot placed on the paper, trace the shape while maintaining the pen or pencil at a 90-degree angle.

Step 2. Measure the Length 

  • To find the feet measurements, take a tape measure and stretch it across the foot’s longest side (From the back to the big toe’s tip). This will give you the foot’s length. 

Step 3. Find the Width

  • To get the width of your foot, wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your leg.
  • Mark the point where the tape measure overlaps.
  • This figure gives you X in. Take the X inches and divide by two to find the exact width dimension you will use to choose a Suav on the size chart. Put another way, 1/2 X is your feet’ width.

Getting accurate foot sizes demands you repeat steps 1 to 3 twice. Reason? You will obtain different figures when performing every trace and measuring, which may leave you in a dilemma. Repeating the process helps you get the most accurate figure.

2. Flexibility 

Flexibility is vital in terms of sizing and maintenance. No one wants to strain washing off stains after fitting their sneakers in style. Thanks to Suavs construct, it is manufactured with easy-to-wash material and incorporates washable insoles too. 

So, whether you spill tea accidentally or sustain a mad splash, you can always be assured of an effortless wash time. Don’t forget the knit material is soft enough for hand or machine washing. 

Moreover, the brand provides multiple feet width options to ensure you enjoy the same shoe size regardless of your feet width. Whether you are looking for narrower or broader Suav footwear, you can always be guaranteed a perfect fit!

3. Affordability 

Does the Suav shoe meet your requirements in terms of cost? 

Besides checking the shoe size, you must choose Suavs footwear matching your budget plan. You can accomplish this by considering different costs, including shipping fees, tax charges, and delivery costs. 

This will give you the total amount required to acquire the shoe. Consequently, you can create a financial plan that will help you receive the Suavs pair in good time. You don’t have to break the bank to get your best shoe; you can always compare the offers on online startups to get the best price!

4. Construction

Sweat-wicking technology is ideal for workouts or training as these activities are intense. You also need a lightweight, non-slip rubber sole for easy movement and protection from falling. This allows you to fit the sockless shoes comfortably!

Suavs ensures you enjoy all these superior features by incorporating a grippy gum sole. The brand leverages digital knitting to add a soft, breathable 3D-printed knit material, maintaining the Suavs legacy.

In addition, this shoe type comes with numerous color options; whether you like white shoes or black shoes to complement most of your clothes, you can always get an extra pair with your favorite color.

Learn more about Suavs Size and design (video)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Suavs true to size?

Suavs are true to size. Nevertheless, if you are uncertain about your size and usually size up when making online shoe orders. You should do the same for Suavs, as they can fit almost any foot due to their flexible materials. 

Are Suavs shoes waterproof?

Suavs shoes are not waterproof. To cover this, the brand manufactures a sweat-wicking insole and incorporates washable materials to ensure you keep your pair spotless for your next fitting. 

What’s size 40 in Suavs?

Size 40 Suavs is equivalent to US Women’s size 9 and US men’s size 9, which translates to 10 inches or 25.4 centimeters. You can explore different feet width options of the same Suav size.

How wide are Suavs shoes?

Suavs shoes offer you different width options. From the above size chart, you can note a width as narrow as 21.6 cm or 8.5 in and as wide as 29.4 cm or 11.6 in. So, depending on your feet’ measurements, you can choose a fitting width dimension.

What’s size 39 in woman’s Suavs?

Suave women size 39 is equal to 9.68 in or 24.6 cm. 


Are you searching for the ideal Zilker Lace-Up Sneaker? You can grab a fitting Suavs pair by comparing your feet’ measurements with the size chart details. And suppose you get stuck interpreting the Suavs’ size guides units, don’t hesitate to ask for help in the comments below.

Our professionals will take you step-by-step through the guidelines to ensure you obtain the perfect athletic shoes for you or your loved one!

Picture in this post is by Alexandra Tran on Unsplash

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