What is my Nordica Boots Size?

Introducing the Speed machine and Sport machine series, Nordica significantly advanced in the correct direction. The precise coordination of the individual components in these models particularly persuades. The outer boot comes first, followed by the inside boot (skip straight to the Nordica Boots Sizes Charts).

Nordica can combine an easy entry for buckle boots with a comfortable fit that matches the foot anatomy and perfect power transmission from the foot to the edge by making the shell from three different complex polymers. The inventive PU material combination makes the cover simple and efficient to change.

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Fit and comfort are further enhanced by the liner, which guarantees natural and precise adaptability and a strong connection between the liner and the shell and, as a result, a particular power transmission. The cork material embedded in the ankle joint area makes this possible. The utilization of PrimaLoft fibers also results in unmatched cold insulation.

Naturally, skiers of all ability levels can use these models: The Nordica Sport machine 120 and Nordica Speedmachine 120 for men, as well as the Nordica Speedmachine 105 W for women, are the sportiest models. They all have straightforward power transfers and are designed to satisfy true speed enthusiasts.

Boot for skiers is essential; thus boot industry led by a boot maker has ensured there is boot customization. Also, Boot fitter measures have been introduced through a boot fitting process.

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Nordica Boots Sizes Table of Contents

Nordica Men’s Boot’s size chart

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Foot Size  Sizing Recommendation 
USEUUKMondo Point Sizes Standard FitMondo Point Sizes Performance Fit
7.540 – 41725.524.5
8.541 – 42826.525.5
9.542 – 43927.526.5
10.543 – 441029.527.5
11.544 – 451129.528.5
1346 – 4712.53130
14.548 – 491432.531.5

Nordica Women’s Boots size chart

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Foot Size  Sizing Recommendation 
US Men’sEUUKMondo Point Sizes Standard FitMondo Point Sizes Performance Fit
535 – 36322x
636 – 3742322
737 – 3852423
838 – 3962524
939 – 4072625
1040 – 4182726

Nordica Youth’s Boots size chart

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Foot Size  Sizing Recommendation
Child Sizes (US)Youth Sizes (US)UKMondo Point Sizes

How to choose the right Nordica Boots 

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Your day on the mountain may succeed or fail, depending on your chosen ski custom boots. While an uncomfortable pair will have you returning home early, the appropriate size, fit, and flex will ensure you can ski blissfully for hours. It’s crucial to consider your skiing style and experience level when selecting a pair of ski boots.

Although ski boots rarely cater to particular skiing skill levels, they differ in flex and fit, making them better for specific disciplines and skill levels. Since everything functions in unison, it’s crucial to make sure your choice of boot will complement your choice of ski rather than work against it.

Finding the right ski boot involves a variety of considerations, such as foot length, foot form, ability, and preference. Mondo point, a universal size system created by the ski industry, is the name of the ski boot sizing system.

The length of one’s foot, measured in cm from the heel to the big toe, determines their Mondo point. This only provides a one-foot dimension, as with all sizing scales. Its width and total foot volume can influence A ski boot’s quality and enhance the skiing experience. Thus the wrong size boots should be discouraged using the correct custom insoles and removable insole, which ensures you have softer boots.

Measuring your foot in centimeters is important because shoe sizes differ from boot brand to brand. Simply place your heel against a wall on a piece of paper and draw the line at the tip of your farthest forward toe.

Learn more about how to choose the right ski boots

Choosing the Right Ski Boot by Nordica

Tips to getting the right Nordica Boots for you

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Know Your feet

It may seem obvious, but consider and talk about your “ski boot history” and any issues you may have previously had with ski boots or your feet. Know your proper size and correct flex for an adventure course and depth fitness.

Have a budget in mind

Do a lot of research, and set a budget that you’d like to stick to, but be flexible if it means finding the best model. If you don’t already have supportive footbeds, ensure they are included in the budget because they will increase comfort and performance.

Get Measured by an Expert

Measuring is only a benchmark. The best way to determine the correct size is to place your foot within the boot’s plastic shell without the inner boot liner. This will verify whether the model you have chosen is the proper fit for your foot in size, shape, and volume.

Put on thin socks

The heated, cushioned, thicker liners that come with new ski boots will support your feet and kept warm. Thick socks tighten the boot, preventing blood flow and increasing the temperature. Thin socks will increase comfort, control, and accuracy. This applies to boot buyers who want awesome boots.

Select Boots which fit

Fit–the right size, shape, and volume matter much more than color, style, or the latest trend. Focus on how they feel, which is the critical aspect of Ski Boots.

Function–biomechanics, and weight are just as important as ability. Some people need more advanced boots than their ability might suggest, and some need softer ones. The aggressive boot should support and work with you.

Select Stability & Footbeds

You must ensure your feet are stable inside boots to function effectively and be comfortable. We cannot overstate how crucial a high-quality bespoke footbed is to a successful boot fitting. This is a common mistake skiers which reduces the moderate speed.

Wear your new boots as much as possible after purchasing them, whether at home standing up, skiing on dry slopes, or in indoor snow parks. The liner will soften and conform to your feet the longer you wear them.

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Check out Nordica ski boots review video

My Ski Gear for 2022 ft. my New Nordica SportMachine Ski Boots by FinerBub

Frequently asked questions

1. Do Nordica ski boots run true to size?

Nordica ski boots fit true to size. Ski boots must be correctly fitting to ensure proper performance, so we don’t use the same size as tennis shoes. This implies that your ski boot may be somewhere between half and a full size smaller than your typical shoe.

2. How do I know what size ski boots to get?

Your Mondo size can be determined by using a tape measure to measure the length of your foot in cm. You should know ski boot shells are only available in whole sizes.

3. Should you buy Nordica ski boots a size bigger?

The fit of your ski boots should be snug but not painfully so. Your toes should be able to move freely around the boot’s shell with your foot within the liner, and when the heel is back, they should just touch the front of the boot.

4. Is ski boot size the same as shoe size?

Sizing for ski boots differs from that of shoes. All ski boot manufacturers use the same standard boot size known as Mondo sizing. We measure the length of the boot on the inside in cm for Mondo sizing.

5. What size is a 26.5 Nordica ski boot?

8.5 for men and 9.5 for women.

6. What size is a 29.5 Nordica ski boot?

11.5 for men and 12.5 for women

7. Should I size up or size down my ski boots?



Ski socks significantly affect how well a fitting ski boot fits and performs. Extra-thick socks typically restrict blood flow and reduce warmth by collecting moisture in the area around the foot. With a thinner sock, we can achieve greater sensitivity and precision, which also manages moisture better and keeps the foot dry.

Some people choose a sock that is middle of being thin and thick, adding a little additional cushioning without significantly reducing performance. Any sock you select should be comfortable to wear, with no ripples or bobbles. You should wear the type of socks you will ski in when you visit a boot-fitter to try on boots and have them fitted because doing so will improve the comfort and fit of the boot.

Pick the best flex depending on your skill level and the type of skiing you’ll be performing. As we’ve already established, an advanced skier or someone trying to get into ski racing will benefit from a stiffer flex. In contrast, intermediate and all-mountain skiers will benefit more from a mid-flex.

Your strength and weight may be factors in selecting a pair of boots with the proper flex; a heavier person may choose a stiffer boot. These are all excellent factors to think about and discuss with your boot fitter to assist them in determining which fitting boot is ideal for you. These offer a competitive range for all-around, downhill, and Alpine performance.

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