Volatile Shoes Size Chart

Volatile is a unique fashion company that manufactures sandals, boots, and sneakers. Volatile was founded by Palos Verdes and later became an international sensation for its exclusive fashion items (skip straight to the Volatile Shoes Size Charts). 

The brand focuses on incorporating style and exclusive features to ensure you enjoy extra comfort, whether you are wearing flat or heeled shoes. All Volatile shoes also present casual features and the most recent fashion trends to ensure you have timeless footwear for all occasions.

And if you are looking forward to having that million bucks look without breaking the bank, Volatile brand is your one-stop shop. Featured on Project Runway and in magazines such as ‘Lucky’ and ‘Seventeen,’ Volatile offers awesome shoes for different day-to-day adventures. 

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So, why does the customer service team insist you get the right Volatile shoe size?

The right Volatile casual shoes provide you with comfort and exclusive ergonomic features to ensure you enjoy your day. Exchanging smaller or larger pairs of shoes can be cumbersome and more costly, leading to financial strain.

In addition, if you plan to fit into the Combat boots within a short period, you might receive your pair of shoes later than the desired date. Want to ensure you find the right Volatile shoe size for you or your loved one?

Below are accurate size charts for adults’ and kids’ Volatile shoes.

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Volatile Shoes Size Chart Table of Contents

Volatile Shoes Size Chart

Volatile Size Chart

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USUKAUSEUJPNCANMeasurements cm 8.7 in cm 8.8 in cm 9.0 in cm 9.2 in cm 9.3 in cm 9.5 in cm 9.7 in cm 9.8 in cm 10.0 in cm 10.2 in cm 10.3 in
10.58.510.541.026.510.526.7 cm 10.5 in cm 10.6 in

Volatile Shoe Size Chart – Men’s

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653824 cm 9.4 in
6.55.538.524.5 cm 9.6 in
763925 cm 9.8 in
7.56.54025.5 cm 10 in
8740.526 cm 10.2 in
8.57.54126.5 cm 10.4 in
984227 cm 10.6 in
9.58.542.527.5 cm 10.8 in
1094328 cm 11 in
10.59.54428.5 cm 11.2 in
111044.529 cm 11.4 in
11.510.54529.5 cm 11.6 in
12114630 cm 11.8 in
13124731 cm 12.2 in

Volatile Shoe Size Chart – Women’s

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5.523421.5 cm 8.5 in
62.53522 cm 8.7 in
6.5335.522.5 cm 8.9 in
73.53623 cm 9.1 in
7.543723.5 cm 9.3 in
84.537.524 cm 9.4 in
8.553824.5 cm 9.6 in
95.538.525 cm 9.8 in
9.563925.5 cm 10 in
106.539.526 cm 10.2 in
10.574026.5 cm 10.4 in
117.54127 cm 10.6 in
11.584227.5 cm 10.8 in
12.58.542.528 cm 11 in

Ladies Flip Flop Size Chart

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U KEuropeanAmericanJapanese

Men’s Flip Flop Size Chart

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U KEuropeanAmericanJapanese

Girl’s Flip Flop Size Chart

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U KEuropeanAmericanJapanese

Boy’s Flip Flop Size Chart

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U KEuropeanAmericanJapanese

How To Choose the Right Volatile Shoe Size 

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The numerous boot styles in Volatile store can leave you in a dilemma regarding shoe size. Whether you are purchasing your 2nd pair or 4th pair of shoes online, you need to consider the following factors when purchasing a Volatile shoe.

1. Know Your Measurements

The first step toward getting the right shoe size is figuring out your feet’ measurements. This way, you will compare accurate estimates on the size charts to choose the exact pair of Denise boots for you or your loved one.

So, how do you find the right feet measurement?

To get your exact feet measurement for Volatile, follow these steps:

Step 1. Trace Your Foot

  • Start by placing plain paper on even ground.
  • Ensure the paper is large enough to accommodate your foot and leave space around it. You can ensure this by taping together two pieces of paper.
  • Wear the socks you intend to complement your new pair of shoes. 
  • Position your foot on the paper while placing all the weight on it. 
  • Then trace the foot while maintaining the pen or pencil in a 90-degree position.

Step 2. Measure the Length

  • Place the tape measure on the central part of the heel and stretch it to the tip of the longest toe.
  • You may want to repeat steps 1 and 2 twice for accurate length measurements.

Step 3. Measure the Width

  • Place the tape measure around the widest part of your foot and mark the point where it overlaps.
  • Place all the weight on the foot to obtain accurate width measurements.

Step 4. Find the Right Wedge Sandal

Once you obtain the width and length measurements, you can compare them to the size chart. If you realize your length measurements are between the sizes, you should go for the larger size. And suppose the width measurements are not exact; you should choose the closest figure.

2. Affordability 

Are you looking for the perfect cork wedges while working on a tight budget? Volatile offers you a wide range of shoes at different prices. Whether you prefer pocket-friendly or high-end designs, you can always choose a pair of shoes that matches your financial plan.

In addition, you should consider the extra charges that come with shipping requirements or exchange requests. This way, you can confirm whether you will afford the total costs without straining. 

3. Function

The right Volatile shoe size should help you maneuver your day with comfort and confidence. Whether you are planning to go for horse riding or outdoor events, Volatile got you covered with exclusive designs for every occasion and fashion taste.

And suppose you want to enjoy your day with a flat and cozy shoe design; volatile flat flip-flops can help you relax your legs. You can also explore other comfortable flip-flops that complement different fashion items. 

4. Use a Size Converter

Whether you are from Japan or the United Kingdom, obtaining your favorite summer shoe can be challenging, especially if you don’t know how to interpret the Volatile sizes to your country’s standards. 

But thanks to the Volatile size converter, it helps you find the perfect shoe for your feet with ease. You don’t have to familiarize yourself with different sizes according to other states; all you need is a size converter and the feet measurements to find the shoe size in your country!

5. Design and Color Options

Volatile goes the extra mile to ensure you have numerous design and color options, depending on your fashion taste. This way, you can find the most appropriate shoe design for your event and needs. 

If you are looking for a versatile pair of shoes, then the color black is ideal as it complements different clothing. However, if you like more popping colors or animal prints, you can always find great options in the Volatile collection.

Learn more about Volatile Shoes Sizes (video)

The best cute and comfy shoes: Volatile Summer 2021 by VOLATILE

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Volatile shoes run true to size?

Yes, Volatile shoes run true to size. However, they become narrow and smaller after fitting the shoes several times. That’s why you should go for one size larger when ordering online.

What size is 35.5 in Volatile shoes?

Volatile size 35.5 translates to UK size 3, American size 5, and Japanese 22.5, equivalent to 22.1 cm or 8.7 in. 

How should Volatile shoes suppose to fit?

Volatile shoes have a snug fit; however, when you go a size higher, you get to enjoy a comfortable fit.

Are Volatile sandals heavy?

Yes, some Volatile sandals are heavier than the typical pair. Volatile sandals are not hollow on the soles like most sandal designs; they are filled with material that makes them heftier.

What’s the heel size on Volatile boots?

Volatile boots come in different heel sizes, including 2.5 inches, 3.0 inches, 3.5 inches, and 4.0 inches. 

Should your size up in Volatile shoes?

You should size up if you like a more relaxed fit. However, if you prefer a snug feel on your feet, you should go true to size.


Purchasing a pair of shoes online can be a daunting task, especially if you are ordering your first pair. Fortunately, the manufacturer offers you a simple-to-use size guide that can help you translate your typical shoe size to any state’s standards. So, whether you are from China or the United Kingdom, you can always find the right shoe.

When choosing your Volatile shoe, you need to consider your feet’ measurements, function, and designs. Don’t forget to check the price tag and the additional charges to avoid financial strains. 

Stuck comparing your feet measurements and the size chart figures? Feel free to ask for help in the comments below. Our professionals will take you to step by step until you find the exact pair of shoes!

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