LC Waikiki Size Charts

Online shopping for clothes has become much easier with the intervention of online size charts. Through these powerful tools, you can take out your perfect-fit clothes from wherever in the world as long as you’re familiar with the size standards that the clothes dealers are using (skip straight to the LC Waikiki Size Charts).

There are different standards for different brands. Meaning that one brand’s medium could be another’s small. This is also affected by the brand’s location because different regions (or continents) have different size standards.

LC Waikiki Size Charts
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Good thing is that most of these online stores are devoted to caring for their online shoppers as they allow for the return and/or replacement of goods if the client is not satisfied. Some of these stores will go a step ahead to adjust the clothes according to the client’s needs.

Let’s now look at LC Waikiki sizes including charts;

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LC Waikiki Size Table of Contents

LC Wakiki size charts

Women’s charts

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Women’s Tops           
SizeFRANCEUSAENGLANDGERMANYITALYJAPANChest (inch)cmWaist (inch)cmNeck Base (inch)cm
Women’s Bottoms         
Women’s Denim  
SizeWaist (inch)cmHip (inch)cm

Men’s charts

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Men’s Tops   
SizeNeck Base (inch)cmChest Width (inch)cm
46/6 DropXS14.43636.892
48/6 DropS15.23838.496
50/6 DropM164040100
52/6 DropL16.84241.6104
54/6 DropXL17.64443.2108
56/6 Drop2XL18.44644.8112
58/6 Drop3XL19.24846.4116
Men’s Bottoms
SizeWaist (inch)cm
Men’s Pants & Denim
SizeWaist (inch)cm

Teen girls’ charts

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Tops + bottoms         
SizeHeight (inch)cmChest (inch)cmWaist (inch)cmHip (inch)cmNeck Base (inch)cm
8-9 Years Old51.2 – 53.6128 – 13425.6 – 26.864 – 6723.2 – 23.858 – 59,527.6 – 28.869 – 7211.8 – 1229,5 – 30
9-10 Years Old53.6 – 56134 – 14026.8 – 2867 – 7023.8 – 24.459,5 – 6128.8 – 3072 – 7512 – 12.230 – 30,5
10-11 Years Old56 – 58.4140 – 14628 – 29.270 – 7324.4 – 2561 – 62,530 – 31.475 – 78,512.2 – 12.430,5 – 31
11-12 Years Old58.4 – 60.8146 – 15229.2 – 30.473 -7625 – 25.662,5 – 6431.4 – 32.878,5 – 8212.4 – 12.631 – 31,5
12-13 Years Old60.8 – 62.4152 – 15630.4 – 31.676 – 7925.6 – 26.664 – 66,532.8 – 34.282 – 85,512.6 – 12.831,5 – 32
13-14 Years Old62.4 – 64156 – 16031.6 – 32.879 – 8226.2 – 26.865,5 – 6734.2 – 35.685,5 – 8912.8 – 1332 – 32,5
14-15 Years Old64 – 65.6160 – 16432.8 – 3482 – 8526.8 – 27.467 – 68,535.6 – 3789 – 92,513 – 13.232,5 – 33
15-16 Years Old65.516434 – 34.885 – 8727.4 – 2868,5 – 7037 – 38.492,5 – 9613.233
Age GroupWaist to Ankle – Q (inch)cmMeasure The Circumference of waist- I (inch)cmLenght From Gluteal Furrow to Bottom of Heel- A (inch)cmFoot Length-B (inch)cmCrotch Length-C (inch)cm
11-12 Years Old348510.42623.65982015.238
13-14 Years Old369010.82725.2638.42115.238
Age GroupShoe SizeWidth of the Belt (cm)-C (cm)-C (inch)cmHeight of the Belt (cm)-D (inch)cmWidth (cm)-X (inch)cmSocks Height from the floor (cm)-A (inch)cmFoot Lenght-(cm)-B )inch)cm
10-14 Years Old36-403.2812.53.282.879.223
10-14 Years Old36-403.2812.53.283.699.223

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Age Group cmFrom the middle hole to the end of the belt ( B ) (inch)cmFull Length (C) (inch)cm
8-10 Years Old26656153280
10-12 Years Old30756153690
12-14 Years Old32806153895
Baker Hat12/16 Years Old (inch)cm56Fishing Hat12/16 Years Old (inch)cm
lower circumference measure (tight)24.862 inner circumference measure (bottom side bowl)23.258
lower circumference measure (loose)2255 inner circumference measure (top side bowl)21.453.5
hat bowl depth (inlcuding sweat band)8.220.5 lateral bowl depth3.28
band height12.5 diameter of the top6.7216.8
front shade length2.25.5 bottom peak height25
front shade width (curved)1025 bottom peak circumference30.877

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Check out this video to learn more about LC Waikiki

LC Waikiki Company Introduction Film by LC Waikiki

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LC Waikiki true to size?

Yes! LC Waikiki sizes are accurate regardless of what kind of outfit you’re taking out. However, note that this only happens when you work with their size charts. According to different customer reviews, LC Waikiki sizes are accurate and would have little to no mishaps.

Besides, the brand has a variety of sizes, covering a wide scope of body types (if not all). They also have size-ups for clients whose sizes may not fall within their standards.

Hence, clients who have familiarized themselves with their size charts are most satisfied with the brand’s products. Being an international clothes store, LC Waikiki has different size charts for different regions, according to their size standards. The size charts cover all types of clothes including nightshirts, pajamas, and bathrobes.

How should LC Waikiki shirts fit?

One of the most complex clothes to get a perfect size for is a t-shirt. Many customers may not be sure of how to get their personal sizes and resort to bigger ones. However, with LC Waikiki, this doesn’t have to happen since their size charts are well spelled-out.

Moreover, the store has a variety of sizes that fit even the most unique body sizes. You’d, therefore, have to mind the nitty-gritty of these size charts so as to end up with something that you will take pride in for long enough.

Whether getting a long-sleeved, buttoned shirt collar, or a short-sleeved t-shirt, you have every right to get one that perfectly addresses your specifications. This is why LC Waikiki has numerous customer care platforms and reviews from where they get different suggestions from clients and work with them.

If thinking of getting an LC Waikiki shirt online, consider using the charts below.

Should your size up in LC Waikiki?

Definitely yes! LC Waikiki size-ups are more accurate than in other mega clothes stores. If you bought an LC Waikiki skirt that’s smaller than you thought, consider returning it to the same store for a size up. You want to take it back to the store that sewed the skirt for a size up because that’s the only place that’s sensitive to the fashion and design of that skirt.

Taking it to another store will have the design and its original appearance tampered with and even though you’ll end up with a good size, its design and fashion will have been toned down.

LC Waikiki also does size-ups for clothes from other brands. You only need to spell out your requirements and the supportive staff will materialize them.

LC Waikiki size-ups can happen online too. Their up-to-speed customer care services will enable a one-on-one chat with the seller to have all your specifications addressed at no added costs. Through their teched-up online platforms, the client is able to fit the cloth online using their size charts and with the help of a dressing assistant.

In the unlikely event that a customer requires a refund, the brand will seamlessly enable that after having negotiated about different sizes with them.

Does LC Waikiki have plus-size clothing?

Yes! LC Waikiki plus sizes are designed for the big and tall in its different regions of operation. The brand has up to 3XL clothes and is bigger, making sure that the needs of heavily pregnant women and those of huge men and women are covered.

The brand is sure to have these sizes in its size charts across Europe, the US, and the UK for different types of clothing.

What’s the medium in LC Waikiki?

LC Waikiki medium size is designed to address the average-sized body. The size sells more than other sizes since most people fall under this body size. The medium size may differ according to the region and the type of clothing. For instance, tops and jackets have different medium sizes compared to bottoms and jeans as shown below.


LC Waikiki size charts are easy to understand and use to get the correct sizes. Be sure to get accurate body measurements before using these charts as well. For instance, if taking out LC Waikiki bras, you’re better off taking measurements without a bra than in one. The same is the case for leggings and panties.

Got any questions about LC Waikiki size charts? Please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments area and thanks for reading!

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