Trojan Condoms Size Chart: For Each Size and Need

Trojan Condoms date back as 1916 when Marie Leland Youngs started the company in the United States. After several years of fending off social pressure and countless barriers, the brand finally came to the limelight (skip straight to the Trojan Condoms Size Chart).

Over the years, Trojan condoms have maintained the leading position among globally recognized condom brands with over 71% market share in the united states.

Besides quality, Trojan is also known for its variety of condoms which ranges from bare skin and ultra-thin, up to the magnums that make provision for men demanding larger condoms for their extra large and extra long. Another, unique fact about the Trojan brand is that there are equally several varieties of sizes and a wide variety of shapes.

Trojan Condoms Size Chart: For Each Size and Need
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Picking a condom may sound natural to most men. However, it becomes a lot more challenging for men with special needs. The condom size charts in this article show you a snapshot of every Trojan condom available on the market, its quality, and its sizes.

It will give you foreknowledge of what to expect from the condom you want to buy.

Remember that your experience with Trojan condoms during sex is greatly influenced by the size of the condom you buy. Using a smaller condom than your size can lead to a break during sex. And using an oversized Trojan may reduce the pleasure you derive. With the charts below, finding the perfect fit becomes effortless. 

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Table of Content of Trojan Condoms Sizing

Trojan Condoms Size Chart Enz (Inches/MM)

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NameLengthWidthGirth widthThicknessLubricationMaterialSpecial Features
Trojan Enz Lubricated7.5/ 1902.0/ 512.0/ 51      0.07 mmSiliconeLatexReservoir Tip
Trojan Enz Non-lubricated7.68/ 1952.01/ 512.01/ 510.07 mmnon-lubricatedLatexReservoir tip

Trojan Condoms Size Chart Trojan Magnum (Inches/MM)

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NameLengthWidthGirth widthThicknessLubricationMaterialSpecial Features
Trojan Magnum Thin7.9/ 2002.17/ 552.45/ 620.07 mmWater-basedLatexLarger size, reservoir tip
Trojan Magnum Extra large (xl)7.9 – 8.35/  200 – 2102.3/ 562.48/ 620.07 mmwater-basedlatexReservoir Tip
Trojan Magnum Bareskin  7.5 – 8.3/ 190 – 2102.24/ 572.24/ 570.07 mmwater-basedLatexReservoir Tip, extra large girth  
Trojan Magnum Ribbed7.1 – 7.9/ 180 – 2002.17/ 552.20/ 560.07 mmWater-basedLatexReservoir tip, spiral pleasure twist
Trojan Magnum XL Lubricated  7.48/ 1902.2/ 562.2/ 560.07 mmwater-basedLatexReservoir tip
Trojan Magnum Fire and Ice Dual Lubricated  8.07/ 2052.13/ 542.45/ 620.07 mmwater-basedlatexreservoir tip, dual lubrication and tingling
Trojan Magnum Ecstasy  8.3/ 2102.09/ 532.9/ 730.07 mmwater-basedlatexreservoir tip

Trojan Condoms Size Chart Climax control/ Pleasure Pack Condom (Inches/MM)

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NameLengthWidthGirth widthThicknessLubricationMaterialSpecial Features
Trojan Extended Pleasure  7.87 – 8.0/ 200 – 2032.04/ 51.82.04/ 51.8.07 mmwater-based and BenzocainelatexReservoir Tip, Benzocaine
Trojan G-Spot6.3 – 7.09/ 160 – 1802.09/ 532.09/ 530.07 mmWater-basedLatexBulbous kink at the tip, Reservoir tip
Trojan Ecstasy7.5 – 8.3/ 190 – 2102.09/ 532.09/ 530.04 mmwater-basedlatexno reservoir tip, ultra-thin thickness
Trojan Double Ecstasy7.5 – 8.3/ 190 – 2102.09/ 532.09/ 530.07 mmWater-based inside and outsidelatexBulbous shape, no reservoir tip
Trojan Twisted Pleasure  7.87/ 2002.05/ 522.05/ 520.07 mmSilicone, non spermicidalLatexReservoir tip

Trojan Condoms Size Chart Bareskin Condom (Inches/MM)

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NameLengthWidthGirth widthThicknessLubricationMaterialSpecial Features
Trojan Bareskin Condom6.9 – 7.48/ 175 – 1902.05/ 522.17/ 550.046mmwater-basedlatexReservoir Tip, 40% thinner
Trojan Studded Bareskin7.48/ 1902.09/ 532.09/ 530.04 mmWater-based  LatexNo reservoir tip, Elevated studs throughout
Trojan Bareskin Raw7.09 – 7.87/ 180 – 2002.17/ 552.17/ 550.07mmwater-basedLatexReservoir tip
Trojan Sensitivity Bareskin  8.3/ 210.82.15/ 572.1/ 540.04 mmWater-basedlatexReservoir tip

Trojan Condoms Size Chart Lubricated Condom (Inches/MM)

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NameLengthWidthGirth widthThicknessLubricationMaterialSpecial Features
Trojan SUPRA Lubricated7.87/ 2002.09/ 532.09/ 530.04 mmwater-basedPolyurethaneReservoir tip
Trojan Her Pleasure Lubricated8.25/ 2092.12/ 552.20/ 560.07 mmWater-basedLatexreservoir tip, ribbed bulbous tip
Trojan Thintensity Lubricated7.09/ 2002.09/ 532.12/ 530.04 mmwater-basedLatexreservoir tip
Pleasures Ecstasy Fire and Ice Dual Lubricated7.85/ 1992.00/ 502.00/ 500.07 mmwater-based warm and tingling  LatexNo Reservoir tip, ribbed girth

Trojan Condoms Size Chart Ultra ribbed (Inches/MM)

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NameLengthWidthGirth widthThicknessLubricationMaterialSpecial Features
Trojan Ultra Ribbed7.5 – 8.3/ 190.5 – 210.82.09/ 532.12/ 540.07 mmWater-based inside and outsideLatexdouble lubrication, ribbed shape


Trojan Condoms Size Chart Ultra-thin (Inches/MM)

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NameLengthWidthGirth widthThicknessLubricationMaterialSpecial Features
Trojan Ultra Thin  6.69 – 7.48/ 170 – 1902.09/ 532.09/ 530.04 mmWater-basedLatexReservoir tip
Trojan Ultra Thin Spermicidal7.87/ 2002.05/ 522.05/ 520.04 mmWater-basedLatexReservoir tip, Spermicidal lube

Trojan condoms size chart explained 

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If you are not familiar with the Trojan condom brand, you may find it difficult to understand how the sizing of the condoms works.

Before attempting to use the charts and condom size guide outlined in this article, get a flexible tape measure or a piece of string and figure out the measurement of your penis. It is best to take the measurement of the erect penis size to get accurate measurements.

There are two vital measurements to take. The first is the length, which is the distance of the penis from the base to the tip. the second measurement is the width of the girth measurement.

The girth width is the size of the largest part of your penis; usually found around the midsection. These two measurements are already indicated in the charts above.

Trace the Trojan condom you want to purchase and locate the measurements of the length and girth. Note the width indicated in the charts stands for the width of the Trojan condom when it’s flat.

In some cases, the condom dimensions may not match your measurements. In such an instance, opt for the closest size, either up or down.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best-selling Trojan condoms?

Trojan Bareskin and ultra-thin are by far the best-selling Trojan condom. Their popularity is due to the intense pleasure that these condoms provide.

The thickness of bearskin and ultra-thin Trojan condoms is about 40% less than the majority of condoms, creating a natural feeling and experience for men.

Some bare-skin condoms come with Fire and ice lubricants, creating a unique tingling experience for men. And next to the bare skin is the pleasure pack.

The pleasure pack also offers a unique experience and has risen in demand since its introduction. It is a collection of some of the pleasure-focused condom designs in the Trojan brand.

What are the Best Trojan condoms for smaller size?

Opting for the Trojan climax control/ Pleasure pack condoms is best for smaller men. Most of these condoms have ribbed or studded shafts, which means they are well-enhanced to provide intense pleasure for women.

The G-spot condom is one such. It is specially designed to target the most sensitive parts making it ideal for smaller-sized men. The condoms compensate for the size.

Like the G-spot condom, several other enhanced condoms are in the Trojan collection. Check the Trojan Condom size charts above for details. 

What size are the Trojan pleasure pack condoms? 

Trojan pleasure pack is a collection of four sets of condoms with similar properties and slight differences. The condoms range from 7.8 inches to 8.5 inches or 200 mm to 215 mm. The widths of the condom when lying flat range from 2 inches to 2.12 inches; 50 mm to 53.8 mm.

While the girth circumference ranges from 4 inches to 4.24 inches; 101.6 mm to 107 mm. 

What size are Trojan regular condoms?

Trojan has a wide variety of condoms in its regular condom collection. There are lubricated and non-lubricated condoms and several ribbed, studded, and ultra-thin designs too.

Each size ranges from 7.2 to 8.0 inches, 183 mm to 203 mm in length, and a base circumference of 2 to 2.12 inches, 50.8 mm – 53.8 mm; depending on your chosen specs. For example, the Trojan ENZ lubricated condoms have a length of 7.5, 190 mm and the ENZ non-lubricated have a size of 7.68, 195 mm.

Therefore the sizes vary based on the specs. Use the condom size guide above to figure out the regular condom fit that works best for you. 

Are Trojan condoms bigger?

This is not always true. Even though Trojan condoms are some of the biggest in the world, they are not all big. Trojan condoms in regular sizes less than 7 inches and Trojan condoms available for smaller sizes under six inches.

And there are the Trojan Magnum sizes, which are extra long and extra-large condoms. The Trojan magnum condoms are considerably bigger than the standard-size condoms.

The extra-large sizes may be uncomfortable for average-size men due to the extra spaces and the fold that would be experienced during use. Interestingly, there is a magnum for every category of Trojan condoms, designed to cater to plus-size men.

Plus men can still enjoy the protection from bodily fluids and experience all the pleasures of using the Trojan brand.

Are XL condoms longer or wider?

Yes. Trojan XL are some of the longest and widest condoms on the market today. They are significantly wider and longer than most standard-fit condoms. Some Trojans are up to 10 percent longer than conventional condoms.

Generally, you’ll find Trojan XL condoms in the magnum category, designed to be bigger and wider.  


Trojan condoms come in different designs, sizes, and shapes, all to enhance pleasure and improve the pleasure and experience. One amazing fact is that virtually all Trojan comes with natural rubber latex, making them exceptionally effective for protection against STIs.

But there are some Trojan Polyurethane as an alternative to latex condoms for men allergic to latex condoms. Always remember that picking the correct size could make or break your experience the size and the thickness of the condom you pick would determine whether you’ll experience increased or reduced pleasure.

Use the charts above to get the most out of your Trojan condom. If you have any questions or need further clarification, leave them in the comments below and you’ll get a swift response. And remember to share the article.

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