Durex Condom Measurement Guides for all Men

Durex is one of the leading brands of premium-quality condoms. It offers a variety of condoms in different sizes to ensure you can find the right fit (skip straight to the Durex Condom Measurement Guides). 

Durex Condom Measurement Guides for all Men size-charts.com
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If you get the wrong condom size, you won’t have ample protection during intercourse. One that’s too big could cause slippage, while one that’s too small could break. You can find the right condom size by finding the length of the penis and comparing it with the size charts. This article features penis size and condom measurement guides and charts by Durex to help you make the best choice.

You can eliminate the risk of unplanned pregnancy and enjoy safety from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Read on to learn more about different types of condoms from Durex and the best sizes.

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Durex Condom Measurement Guides Table of Content

Penis Size and Durex Condom Measurement Guides

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Durex Condom Size Chart

CondomDescriptionSize in inches and cm
Durex Close fitThe smallest size, Durex, is the thinnest condom brand.   Currently not in the marketWidth: 1.92 inches or 4.9 cm
Length: 7 inches or 17.8 cm
Thickness: 0.003 inches or 0.007cm
Durex KingtexSmaller best-fitting condom size for the Asian market.  Width: 1.92 inches or 4.9 cm
Durex InvisibleUltra-thin latex fitting condom Standard condom, straight shape, and lubricatedWidth: 2.04 inches or 5.2 cm
Length: 7.09 inches or 18 cm
Thickness: 0.00177 inches or 0.0045 cm
Durex BasicClassic Durex standard-size condom with a straight shape. It is made from natural latex. It comes in two different wrappers: the orange and the blue ones.Width: 2.04 inches or 5.2 cm
Length: 7.5 inches or 19 cm
Thickness: 0.00276 inches or 0.0070 cm
Durex Fetherlite Ultra-ThinUltra-thin Durex condom with a Sensi-Fit shape and a base flat meant to enhance sexual pleasure.Width: 2.04 inches or 5.2 cm
Length: 7.7 inches or 19.5 cm
Thickness: 0.00197 inches or 0.0050 cm
Durex Extra SafeA thicker and larger condom to ensure maximum protectionWidth: 2.08 inches or 5.3 cm
Length: 7.68 inches or 19.5 cm
Thickness: 0.0031 inches or 0.08 cm
Durex Extra SensitiveSuper thin and premium lubricated latex condoms. Great for the average penis sizeWidth: 2.13 inches or 5.4 cm
Length: 7.68 inches or 19.5 cm
Thickness: 0.0019 inches or 0.05 cm
Durex Tropical FlavorsFlavored condoms. Various flavors include orange, banana, apple, and strawberry flavors.Width: 2.13 inches or 5.4 cm +/-0.2 cm
Length: Length: 8.07 inches or 20.5 cm
Durex Intense SensationStudded for enhanced pleasureNominal Width: 2.13 inches or 5.4 cm
Length: 7.68 inches or 19.5 cm
Thickness: 0.00236 inches or 0.006 cm
Durex Maximum LoveThinner condoms that are designed to provide extra pleasureNominal Width: 2.13 inches or 5.4 cm
Length: 7.68 inches or 19.5 cm
Durex Performax Intensecontains climax delay lubricant for those who want to last longer in bed.Width: 2.2 inches or 5.6 cm
Length: 7.68 inches or 19.5 cm
Thickness: 0.003 inches or 0.007 cm
Durex ProlongRibbed Durex condoms with heat-activated delay lubricant (5% benzocaine)Width: 2.2 inches or 5.6 cm
Length: 7.68 inches or 19.5 cm
Thickness: 0.003 inches or 0.007 cm
Durex Avanti Bare RealfeelSuper thin condoms made of polyisopreneWidth: 2.2 inches or 5.6 cm
Length: 7.68 inches or 19.5 cm
Thickness: 0.0018 inches or 0.0045 cm
Durex EliteThe condoms are a bit thinner than other regular Durex condoms. It comes in a comfortable size.Width: 2.2 inches or 5.6 cm
Length: 8.1 inches or 20.5 cm
Thickness: 0.0025 inches or 0.0065 cm
Durex PleasuremaxA unique combination of ribbed and studded texture that allows maximum sensation for both partnersWidth: 2.2 inches or 5.6 cm
Length: 8.07 inches or 19.5 cm
Thickness: 0.003 inches or 0.007 cm
Durex Comfort XLLargest condoms from Durex. You can get it branded as Comfort XL or Durex XXL.Nominal Width: 2.24 inches or 5.7 cm
Length: 7.87 inches or 20 cm
Thickness: 0.0025 inches or 0.0065 cm
Durex XXLThe biggest Durex CondomsNominal width: 2.24 inches or 5.7 cm
Length: 8.6 inches or 22 cm
Thickness: 0.0025 inches or 0.0065 cm
Durex Enhanced PleasureIt has a contoured shape, a snugger fit on the shaft, and extra room on the head.Nominal Width: 1.96 inches or 5 cm
Length: 7.48 inches or 19 cm
Durex Natural FeelingLatex condoms are enhanced with a special water-based lubricant to improve the pleasure.Width: 2.04 inches or 5.2 cm
Length: 7.68 inches or 19.5 cm
Durex Her SensationRibbed female condoms for extra sensation, lubricated and with a pleasant berry flavor that gives a nice smellWidth: 2.08 inches or 5.3 cm
Length: 7.48 inches or 19 cm

Durex Condom Measurements model comparison:

Durex Original CondomsDurex Real Touch CondomsDurex Feel-Real Extra Moist CondomsDurex Real Touch Extra Large CondomsDurex Natural Feeling CondomsDurex Invisible Condoms
Nominal length:190 mm.195 mm.195 mm.220 mm.200 mm.180 mm.
Nominal width:52 mm.56 mm.56 mm.57 mm.56 mm.52 mm.
Material:Latex.Latex.Latex.Latex.Latex free.Latex.
Thickness:normal.Thin.Thin.normal.normal.Extra thin.
Humidification.Extra moist.moist.Extra moist.moist.moist.moist.
Fit:Ideal fit.Ideal fit.Ideal fit.Ideal fit.Ideal fit.Sensi-Fit fit.
Features:Condoms for a secure feel thanks to a tight fit. The additional lubricant coating also ensures a pleasant feeling.Delicate condoms with an ideal fit for intense sensation.Delicate condoms with extra lubricant coating for a silky feel.Extra large condoms for those who need the space.Condoms are made of real feel material for a natural skin feeling on the skin.Extra thin condoms for intense and passionate love play.

FAQ about Durex Condom Sizes

Do Durex Condom Sizes Matter?

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Sex can be uncomfortable when you do not use the right condom fit. Condoms come in a variety of shapes. A condom that is too big or too small can easily flip off your penis or break, increasing the chances of pregnancy and disease transmission. Worse still, it can affect your sensitivity limiting your ability to reach orgasm. Therefore, it is important to understand that your ideal condom size matters regarding safety and pleasure during sex.

How do I know my condom size with Durex?

When you want to know your condom size, you need to know the size of your erect penis. Every man is built differently, so people use various condom sizes. Most condoms have enough room to accommodate men of almost any size. The latex condoms are super stretchy and may feel tighter at the tip. To solve this, condom manufacturers have resolved to produce latex condoms with enlarged condom tips with tapered bases while maintaining the width.

How to measure my condom size?

You’ll need to use a ruler or tape measure. To ensure you get the correct size, you’ll need to measure your penis when erect. Measuring your retracted penis only gets your measurements at minimum size. This means you could get a smaller condom, which is not what you want, right?

How to Measure Penis Sizes?

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As earlier mentioned, getting the right condom fit penises involves getting the length, width, and girth. Remember that the girth is the distance around your penis. There are various classifications of penises according to cm inches. Your width is your diameter. Note that you should measure your penis twice to ensure that you get accurate measurements to find the right condom fit.

1. Length Measurement

Place your tape measure or ruler at the base of your erect penis where the penis meets the pelvis. Press the ruler into your pubic bone as far as you can go. Sometimes, the fat might hide your penis’ true length. Then measure your erect penis size from the base to the end of the tip. Although length is a good form of measurement that most people use to determine condom size, it is not necessarily the most important based on the average penis size.

Did you know that when erect, an average man’s penis swells up to an astounding 5.2 inches in length and 4.6 inches in penis circumferences? This information means that most of the condom sizes in this article have a sufficient length. If your penis is shorter than the average length of 4.7-6.3 inches (12-16 centimeters) when erect, you can consider the standard condoms, which are usually labeled ‘snug fit. Additionally, these snug condoms enhance pleasure if you have a shorter penis.

The largest condoms are usually around 7.5-8.5 inches (19-21.5 cm) long and are appropriate for penises with an above-average length of 7.9 inches.

Sometimes, you might feel as if the snug condom is too tight. In this case, stick to the standard condoms.

2. Girth Measurement

For this, use a string or a flexible measuring tape. Gently wrap the string or tape around the thickest part of your penis shaft. When using a string, make sure to mark where the string meets and measure the string distance using a ruler. When using a flexible measuring tape, just mark the measurement once it reaches around your penis.

Check out the snugger fit section if your penis girth is below the average length of 4.7 inches (12 cm). Standard condoms would be effective if your penis girth is between 4.7″ and -5.1″ (119-130mm). Guys with a girth bigger than 5.2 inches (133 mm) should use larger condoms.

It is important to note that it might be difficult for guys with an inconspicuous penis or a webbed penis to get the correct girth measurements. An inconspicuous penis or webbed penis is caused by a penis syndrome that makes the penile shaft short. Check out this post if you need more information about measuring your penis.

Keep in mind that the minimum size for condoms is 6.3 inches. However, if you have a shorter penis than this, ensure that your condom is a good fit girth-wise to lower any chances of slippage. In addition, you can consider using a condom that does not have a reservoir tip, which gives you a chance to create the reservoir by pinching about half an inch to the tip.

What measurements or sizes are normal Durex condoms?

Standard-sized Durex condoms are about 7.25 to 7.8 inches long and 1.75 to 2 inches wide

Durex XXL Condoms - 64 mm Base, Extra Extra Large Size
Durex XXL Condoms sizing – 64 mm Base, Extra Extra Large Size

What is the size of a Durex XXL condom?

The Durex XXL condom is the largest condom with a

  • Nominal width of 2.24 inches or 5.7 cm.
  • Length: 8.6 inches or 22 cm
  • Thickness: 0.0025 inches or 0.0065 cm
  • Base: 64 mm

Are Durex condoms one size?

Most of the Durex condoms are regular or average-size condoms. They have sufficient lube and can stretch or roll easily to fit most men. However, Durex offers larger condoms such as Durex Maximum Love which are slightly larger than the standard size. The Durex XXL is the largest condom of the range.

Learn more how to measure your penis for the perfect condom size (video)

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Choosing the right condom sizes can be confusing and nerve-wracking for you. However, it does not have to be! With our Durex condom size guide, you can measure your penis the right way. Also, our penis size and condom measurement guides and charts will enable you to pick the best condoms for you. You can also try to use an online condom size calculator so you can determine the perfect size condom for yourself.

If you have any questions about penis size and Durex condom measurements, please post them in the section below. 

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