Asian Size to US Size Charts: What is Asian to US Shoe Size?

You cannot afford to ignore Asian size conversion to US size for shoes and its effect on your business if you are an online apparel retailer or looking to buy shoes from Asian brands. Asian sizes run significantly smaller than US sizes. People suggest ordering at least one size up of your American size.

There aren’t any global shoe sizing standards or universal sizing guidelines that apply to every part of the world, thus conversion is necessary. Depending on where your buyers live, you might need to translate the sizes of your products into the measures they will be expecting.

Asian Size to US Size Charts: What is Asian to US Shoe Size?
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For instance, Asian clothing fits more snugly than clothing items from American sizing or European sizing merchants. This is crucial to ensure you won’t run into a too-minor issue with your customers.

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Table of Content of Asian Size to US Size Charts

Importance of Asian Sizes Conversion to US Sizes

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The following justifies the importance of Asian size conversion to US sizes:

  • Managing Customer Expectations: Customer has certain expectations when they buy something from your online stores. They expect you will send them a high-quality product, that it will come on schedule, and that it will match the description you have provided on your website. This ensures your Happy customers and customer satisfaction by getting the right size equivalent to body measurements but not larger sizes.
  • Streamlining your business processes: Returns are unpleasant to deal with. Failure to ensure that every customer’s order fulfills their expectations may cause a high number of returns and additional hours spent responding to customer support messages. You can avoid all of this by getting it correctly the first time.
  • Better business growth: You’ll have happier consumers if you can reduce all the snags and difficulties in purchasing. clothing sizes and shoe sizes thus are important to consider. American sizes or any product sizes the customers are purchasing. systems in sizing in our charts are sized in centimeters.

Women’s size chart with Asian to US size conversion

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Converting Asian women’s shoe sizes (China, Japan, Korea, etc.) to US women’s shoe sizes couldn’t be easier than with this Asian Shoe Size Chart for women.

10.59.54527.5 x
1110.54628 x
12.5134929 x

Men’s shoe size chart: Asian to US size conversion

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1312 x x305
1412.5 x x310
14.513 x x315

Children’s size chart

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The sizes of children’s shoes differ from nation to nation. Kids’ shoe sizes vary between the US and UK by around a half-size. Japan and Europe each have their unique ways of determining shoe sizes.

Using the chart below, you can convert your child’s shoe size to various Asian shoe sizes. To make sure you choose the shoes for your child, go to this chart.

4204 ½ or 512 ½
4 ½215 or 5 ½13
521 or 225 ½ or 613 ½
5 ½22613 ½ or 14
6236 ½ or 714 or 14 ½
6 ½23 or 247 ½14 ½ or 15
7247 ½ or 815
7 ½258 or 915 ½
825 or 268 ½ or 916
8 ½269 ½16 ½
9279 ½ or 1016 ½ or 17
102810 ½ or 1117 ½
10 ½ or 112911½ or 1218 or 18 ½
11 ½3012 ½18
12311319 or 19 ½
12 ½3113 or 13 ½19 ½ or 20
13 ½32 ½1 ½20 ½
1331 ½ or 221
2342 ½ or 322

How to choose the right Asian size

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You’ll need to know how to convert Asian sizes to US sizes if you run a shoe store that sources its products from Asian clothing stores or shoe stores and sells them to American customers.

Asian shoes typically fit smaller than American shoes. Check out our detailed discussion’s steps for converting Asian to US sizes.

1. Use or refer to our size charts as a starting point when translating the products in your store from Asian sizes to US sizes.

Ask for an Asian-to-American sizing chart; our conversion charts will have one for all the shoe products. Converting your products from Asian sizes to US sizes is easy because our shoe sizing chart will guide you through.

Most vendors on AliExpress will be pleased to give you a sizing reference if you use their marketplace to gain goods for your online store. It is much simpler because most AliExpress vendors already include a sizing recommendation in their product descriptions.

2. Converting Asian Sizes to the US In Your Store

When you have the exact measurements and correct size, your store makes it simple for customers to find their shoe size the customer review will boost your shop, and there will be high customer demand.

Adding a sizing chart to your store’s product listings is easy to accomplish.
Displaying sizing charts is simple with apps like Size Chart – shoe Fit Guide.

3. Make Sure Your Sizing Charts Are Clear

You ensure that your shoe size conversions are understandable and simple. Many customers in real life practice patience, but getting the right size becomes a problem.

Customers who are visiting from abroad should know this in particular. Using US and UK sizes as an illustration In the US, a lady wearing a size 12 would wear a size 14 in the UK. This is a frequent source of frustration, but you can easily avoid it.

We have made a sizing system, and a lettered sizing to make it easy for you when shopping.

Learn more about the Asian to US Size conversion (video)

Asian Size to US Size by A Better Lemonade Stand

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the size 7 Philippines in the US?

A Philippine size 7 equals a US size 6.5-7 or a EU size 38-39

2. what is size 8 in Asia?

A size 8 in Asia is a EU 39.5 size or a 6 in US mens’s shoe size – 7.5 US women’s size

3. What is 44 shoe size Philippines?

size 7-11

4. What is my size in china?

Typically, sizes in China are one size smaller than those in the US. In other words, when you order a size large, you’re ordering a medium by American standards. Said, whenever possible, size up when purchasing clothing or footwear from China.

5. How do you convert Chinese size to the US?

Chinese sizes for shoes and clothes typically run smaller than their equivalent Western sizes (US, UK, and EU). People who purchase US apparel may frequently go up 2 to 3 sizes to obtain a roughly equivalent Chinese size fast and effortlessly.

6. How does Japan measure shoe size?

The Japanese shoe sizing is based on centimeters. The length of the foot in centimeters serves as the foundation for the Japanese linear measurement system (JPN). This dimension is directly related to shoe size; a foot that is 25 cm long wears a JPN 25 shoe size, equivalent to a European size 40.

7. What is a size 7 in Japanese shoes?

A Size 7 shoe size from the US equates to size 24cm in Japanese.


You might think that shoe sizes might be a little more standard worldwide. A universal footwear sizing system developed in the 1970s called Mondopoint, measures the feet in millimeters, but unfortunately, only a few retailers use it, especially for fashion styles.

The only reference to it we could find was where retailers were selling ski boots!

Unfortunately, that means sellers and their customers buying from overseas need to do their research carefully before purchasing, because there are completely different sizing in different areas of the world.

While women’s shoes in the UK run between size 3 to 8 (sometimes larger), the US sizing starts at size 5 and runs to 10½, European sizing starts at 35½ and runs to 42, and Japanese sizes run from 21 to 31!

Your sizing charts’ clarity is crucial to provide your customers with all the information they require to make an informed purchase. You are responsible for offering size charts with all the details required to choose the correct sizes for their purchase.

Your charts are useless for you and your clients if they aren’t updated to the most recent size schemes.

A sizable portion of the population avoids online shopping because they worry about ordering the wrong size and don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of returning the item, which could result in them paying for and being left with a useless item.

An excellent skill for e-commerce merchants is the capacity to inspire that confidence in prospective and current clients.

If our size chart were helpful, please refer us to others, and in case of any inquiries please in the comment section for any help. Thank You!

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