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Shopping Online for Shoes and finding the Right Size

The goal of our efforts in creating an International Shoe Size Converter and offer a US to EU Shoe Size – EU to US Shoe Size – US to UK Shoe Size – US to UK Shoe Size conversion is simple: Reduce the number of people that don’t wear ill-fitting footwear.

Shoe Size Conversion – Table of contents:

Why shoe size conversion?

In the United States alone, 3 in 5 people are wearing the wrong shoe size, based on industry research. Several studies have now demonstrated how ill-fitting shoes can harm health and why well-fitting shoes are so important.

Another reason is purely economic: The leading cause for returning shoes — whether purchased offline or online — is the size. To protect our feet, the costs, and our planet, we put time and effort into an International Shoe Size Conversion Charts page.

Like anywhere on the planet, most people think they know their US shoe size, but many people don’t see how this translates to the European shoe sizing system. 

Let’s start with the conversion charts.
You can learn more about the specific sizing systems in this post about the different shoe sizing systems.
As feet are measured in inches or centimeters, we took this value as the starting point of the conversion.

In case you want to measure your foot size & width again, read our helpful tips&tricks how to measure your foot.

The complete Kids Shoe Size Chart for Childrens’ footwear

In this kid’s shoe size charts, we handle all shoe sizes possible for all ages. As boys and girls’ feet are the same in shape, the below size chart works for boys and girls.

On average, a child will grow up to 9 shoe sizes in their first three years. Here’s a breakdown: From birth to 12 months, newborns and babies will grow an average of 5 sizes, (from a 0 to a 5).
Then from 12 months to 24 months, the average toddler will only grow two shoe sizes. From 24 months to 3 years, little Kids will grow another one to two sizes, landing them at an average size 9 by the age of three. During this period of rapid growth doctors and parents measure their kid’s feet very frequently to make sure their kids wear good fitting shoes.

Kids US shoe size chart

Kids can be divided into age groups, like newborn, babies, toddlers, little kids, big kids and youth. For boys shoe sizes and girl shoes size you can start from what you already know and than check the corresponding US Size.

US shoe Size
Foot Length
in Inches
Foot Length
in Centimeter
worn by
1C3.5″9.5 cmNewborn
2C4″10 cmBabies
3C4.3″10.8 cmBabies
4C4.6″11.6 cmToddler
5C4.8″12.5 cmToddler
6C5.3″13.3 cmToddler
7C5.6″14.2 cmToddler
8C5.9″15 cmLittle Kid
9C6.1″15.5 cmLittle Kid
10C6.7″16.6 cmLittle Kid
11C6.9″17.3 cmLittle Kid
12C7.1″17.9 cmLittle Kid
13C7.4″18.8 cmLittle Kid
1Y7.5″19.5 cmBig Kid
2Y7.8″20.4 cmBig Kid
3Y8.3″21.3 cmBig Kid
4Y8.6″22 cmYouth
5Y9.0″23 cmYouth
6Y9.7″23.7 cmYouth
US Kid Shoe Size conversion to Inches and Centimeter by age group Newborn, babies, Little Kids, Big Kids & Youth

Kids Shoe Size Converter by age

The 3 left columns are the base of the Kids Shoes Sizing Conversion table to start your search. From one of those fixed parameters you can convert the Foot Length or the age of you kids into European Shoes Sizes, China Shoe Sizes, UK Kids Shoe sizes, India shoe sizes, US kids shoes size, Canada Shoe Sizes, Mexican Shoe Size, Japan Kids Shoes Sizes and Korean Shoes Sizes. All shoe sizes for our Kids from birth just until they can wear adult sizes shoes.

AgeFoot Length
in Cm
Foot Length
in Inches
0-2 months9.5 cm3.4-3.7″15-16.50-10-1 1/29   8-990-100
1-3 months10.0 cm3.9″171 1/22109.5100   
3-6 months10.4 cm4.1″1822 1/210   10   105
6-9 months10.8 cm4.3″18.52 1/231110.5110   
9-11 months11.2 cm4.4″1933 1/211   11   115
10-12 months11.6 cm4.6″19.53 1/241211.5120   
1 yrs12.0 cm4.7″2044 1/212   12   125
1 yrs12.5 cm4.9″214 1/2512.512.5125   
1 yrs13.0 cm5.1″21.555 1/213   13   130
1 yrs13.3 cm5.3″225 1/261313.5135   
1 yrs13.8 cm5.5″2366 1/213.514   140
2 yrs14.2 cm5.6″23.56 1/271414.5140   
2 yrs14.6 cm5.8″2477 1/214.515   145
2 yrs15.0 cm5.9″257 1/281515.5150   
3 yrs15.5 cm6.1″25.58 1/29   15.516   160   
3 yrs16.0 cm6.5″269   9 1/216   16.5160   
4 yrs16.6 cm6.8″279 1/210   16   17   165   
4 yrs17.3 cm6.9″2810 1/211   17   18   175   
5 yrs17.9 cm7.1″2911 1/212   18   18.5180   
5 yrs18.5 cm7.3″3012   12 1/218   19   185   
6 yrs18.8 cm7.4″3112 1/213   19   19.5190   
6 yrs19.5 cm7.5″31.513 1/21Y2020.5195   
7 yrs20.0 cm7.6″321   1.5Y20.521200   
7 yrs20.4 cm7.8″331 1/22Y2121.5205   
8 yrs21.0 cm8.0″342   2.5Y2121.5210   
8 yrs21.3 cm8.3″34.52 1/23Y21.522215   
9 yrs21.7 cm8.5″353   3.5Y21.522.5220   
10 yrs22.0 cm8.6″35.53 1/24Y2223220   
10 yrs22.6 cm8.8″364   4.5Y2223.5225   
11 yrs23.0 cm9.0″374 1/25Y2324230   
11 yrs23.6 cm9.3″385   5.5Y2324.5235   
12 yrs24.7 cm9.7″395 1/26Y2425245   
The complete international kids Shoe Size Conversion table for children from toddler to teens, from 0 yrs old to 12 yrs old. Conversion between age, measurements in cm and inches, and sizing systems of EU, US, CANADA, UK, INDIA, CHINA, MEXICO, JAPAN & KOREA
Kids Shoe Size conversion by Age

Kids Shoe Sizing Chart by Age

Many questions we receive daily urged us to sort in a clear chart.
The most left column in the International kids Shoe Size converter for Childrens’ footwear indicates your child’s age. Consequently, when you follow the row that states your child’s age, you can get the suggested size in all kinds of sizing systems. It is the most complete shoe size converter around.
Shoe sizes are determined by measuring your children’s’ feet, the age indication is only an estimate, subject to the individual constitution of your child…

The younger the foot, the faster it grows.

The greatest changes in shoe size occur in the first 3 years.
Shoes that are too small can deform the toes and permanently damage the skeletal structure of the foot. Now, this may mean getting your child a new pair of shoes every 3 to 6 months until they are 3, but after age 4, you can count on your child lasting in one size for about 8 to 12 months. (This does not include exceptions due to growth spurts, however).

Newborn Shoe Size Chart

Newborn kids are named newborn from birth up until 6 weeks or 2 months. Obviously, children of this age don’t need shoes for walking. They need them for showing off on pictures and keeping their feet warm and protected. The below newborn shoe size chart converts foot length, newborn age into Newborn US size, Uk shoe size and European newborn shoe size.

Newborn Girls
US Shoe Size
Newborn boys
US Shoe Size
Age RangeNewborn
Foot Length (in)
Foot Length (cm)
EU size

UK size
General Newborn Shoe Size
Newborn or size 0Newborn or size 0Up to 4 weeks3 1/8″8.5 cm150XXXS
114 weeks-2 months3 1/2″9.5 cm161XXS
newborn Shoes Size Conversion chart with age, foot length, US size, UK Size and EU Size

Baby Shoe Size Chart

Once you have decided to buy a pair of baby shoes , don’t forget below points of attention:

  • Flexibility. Avoid stiff styles at all costs. A baby shoe made of soft leather which provides good flexibility in the sole is a perfect choice. In a flexible shoe, the child’s muscles can develop at a natural pace.
  • Non-skid soles. A baby shoe with soles that provide traction helps your baby’s first steps. The shoes won’t slip on smooth or wet surfaces.
  • Comfortable fit. The shoes you purchase don’t need to “break-in” to be worn. The bay shoes must fit comfortably from day 1.

Check the below baby shoe size chart:

The below baby shoe size chart converts foot length, baby age into Baby US shoe size, Uk shoe size and European Baby shoe size.

23-6 monthsXXS3 3/4″171.5
2.56-9 monthsXXS4″182
36-9 monthsXS4 1/8″18.52.5
3.59-12 monthsXS4 1/4″193
49-12 monthsXS4 1/2″19.53.5
4.59-12 monthsXS4 5/8″204
Baby shoe sizing chart , Baby shoes size conversion US, UK, EU shoe sizes

Baby shoe sizes explained

There isn’t a real universal sizing; Baby shoes and sizing vary from brand to brand, just like it does for adult shoes. It’s crucial to try them on your child to know how they fit.

If a shoe is marked for your baby’s age doesn’t mean it’s the right size for your boy or girl. Start by measuring your child’s feet like explained here. Then, you’ll know what size or sizes to try on.

Does the shoe for your baby really fit?

Kids can say the new shoes feel and fit perfectly, when it’s really too loose, or they can would say anything to get a shoe with their favorite character on, but in reality the shoe is too tight.

Some shopping tips for buying a good fitting baby shoe:

  • Shop together. Bring your child along when shopping for footwear. Use the socks he’ll be wearing with the shoes you’re buying. When buying online, pick the sites with free return shipping.
  • Position of the toe. A good fitting shoe should have space at the end of the toe box. Take your own pink as a reference.
  • The bigger foot determines the size. It’s normal that one foot is slightly larger than the other. The bigger foot is your guide in the final shoe size for your baby.
  • Take your time. Walk around in the shoes you’re planning to buy for your kids.
  • Comfort is important Ask your child if the shoes are causing any pain or irritation.

Toddler Shoes Sizes Chart

Little Kids and Big Kids Shoe Size Chart

Teens and Youth Shoe Sizing Chart

International Women Shoe Size Converter

21.78.5″353   521.522220   
22.08.6″35.53 1/25 1/22222220   
22.68.8″364   622.523225   
23.69.3″386  82424235   
24.79.7″396 1/28 1/22524.5245   
25.410.0″407 1/29 1/22625.5255
26.210.3″418 1/210 1/22726260
27.110.7″429 1/211 1/22827270
The complete international Shoe Size Converter for women. Conversion between age, measurements in cm and inches, and sizing systems of EU, US, CANADA, UK, INDIA, CHINA, MEXICO, JAPAN & KOREA

International Men Shoe Size Converter


Men to Women Shoe Size and Women to Men Shoe Size Conversion

With the below chart it’s easy to convert US Men shoe sizes to US Women Shoe Sizes. The chart compares foot length in centimeters and inches with Men to women and women to men US shoe size.
How to measure your feet you can read here

A simple example:
US women’s shoe size 10 shoes is equal to 10 1/3 inches in length (or 26.2 cm), which is the same as a men’s size 8.5.

Size Charts Men to women shoes sizes Conclusion: 
Convert a women’s size to a men’s shoe size by subtracting 1.5 sizes from the women’s shoe size.

US Men to Women Shoe Sizes Conversion table

US Men’s
Shoe Size
Foot Length
Foot Length
US Women’s
Shoe Size
0.57 2 ⁄ 3″19.5 cm2
17 5 ⁄ 6″20 cm2.5
1.58″20.5 cm3
28 1 ⁄ 6″20.7 cm3.5
2.58 1 ⁄ 3″21.2 cm4
38 1 ⁄ 2″21.5 cm4.5
3.58 2 ⁄ 3″22 cm5
48 5 ⁄ 6″22.5 cm5.5
4.59″22.9 cm6
59 1 ⁄ 6″23.3 cm6.5
5.59 1 ⁄ 3″23.7 cm7
69 1 ⁄ 2″24.1 cm7.5
6.59 2 ⁄ 3″24.5 cm8
79 5 ⁄ 6″25 cm8.5
7.510″25.4 cm9
810 1 ⁄ 6″25.8 cm9.5
8.510 1 ⁄ 3″26.2 cm10
910 1 ⁄ 2″26.7 cm10.5
9.510 2 ⁄ 3″27 cm11
1010 5 ⁄ 6″27.5 cm11.5
10.511″28 cm12
1111 1 ⁄ 6″28.3 cm12.5
11.511 1 ⁄ 3″28.8 cm13
1211 1 ⁄ 2″29.2 cm13.5
12.511 2 ⁄ 3″29.6 cm14
1311 5 ⁄ 6″30 cm14.5
13.512″30.5 cm15
1412 1 ⁄ 6″30.9 cm15.5
14.512 1 ⁄ 331.3 cm16
1512 1 ⁄ 231.7 cm16.5
15.512 2 ⁄ 332.1 cm17
Men to women and women to men shoe size conversion. US sizes conversion in inches and centimeters

Discover the most complete women to men shoes size conversion table here

US Shoe Size Conversion: Men to Women Shoes and Women to Men Shoe Sizes

EU to US Shoe Size conversion

EU Sizes are European Sizes/Euro Sizes which are used in the whole of Europe (Fashion countries like France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, etc) Italian Shoe Sizes, French Shoe Sizes, and German Shoe Sizes are all titled as EU shoe Size or Euro Shoe Sizes.
Convert your European Shoe Size to US Shoe Size in the below EU Shoe Size to US Shoe Size chart for men’s and women’s shoes.

Women’s EU to US Shoe Size Conversion

Women EU to US shoe sizes Tip: Deduct 31 from your EU size to get US Size indication
For example, if you wear a women’s European 39 shoe size, then your US shoes
size will most likely be a 8 US size.

An easy to use Womens European Shoe Sizes to US Size Conversion

Foot Length
in cm
Foot Length
in Inches
EUR Size
EU Shoe Size
US Women’s
Shoe Size
21.8 cm8.6″3551/2
22.5 cm8.9″366
23.0 cm9.0″3761/2
23.5 cm9.2″371/27
23.8 cm9.4″3871/2
24.1 cm9.5″381/28
24.7 cm9.7″3981/2
25.1 cm9.9″391/29
25.4 cm10″4091/2
25.9 cm10.2″401/210
26.2 cm10.3″41101/2
26.7 cm10.5″411/211
27.1 cm10.7″42111/2
27.6 cm10.9″421/212
The international size chart for shoes for women. Shoe Size Conversion length into EU and US shoe size

Men’s EU to US Shoe Size Conversion

Men EU to US shoe sizes Tip: Deduct 33 from your EU size to get US Size indication
For example, if you wear a men’s European 44 shoe size, then your US shoes
size will most likely be an 11 US size.

An easy to use Men European Shoe Sizes to US Size Conversion

Foot Length
in cm
Foot Length
in Inches
EUR Size
EU Shoe Size
US Men’s
Shoe Size
23.8 cm9.4″374
24.1 cm9.5″371/241/2
24.8 cm9.7″3851/2
25.1 cm9.9″3961/2
25.4 cm10.0″391/27
26.0 cm10.2″4071/2
26.5 cm10.4″418
26.8 cm10.6″411/281/2
27.0 cm10.7″429
27.5 cm10.8″421/291/2
28.0 cm11.0″4310
28.3 cm11.1″431/2101/2
28.5 cm11.2″4411
29.0 cm11.4″441/211
29.5 cm11.6″45111/2
30.1 cm11.8″4612
30.5 cm12.0″461/2121/2
31.0 cm12.2″4713
31.6 cm12.4″48131/2
32.1 cm12.6″4915
32.7 cm12.8″5016
The international size chart for shoes for men. Shoe Size Conversion length into EU and US shoe size

It’s not easy to convert US shoe sizes to Euro shoe sizes with a simple rule. Just use the above chart to convert your US shoe Size to EU Shoe Size or European Shoe Size into US Shoes Size.

Shoe Size Conversion FAQ

How to convert US men’s to women’s shoe sizes

As a rule of thumb you can easily convert a US men’s size to a women’s shoe size by adding 1.5 sizes from the men’s shoe size.

How to convert US womens to mens shoes sizes

As a rule of thumb you can easily Convert a women’s size to a men’s shoe size by subtracting 1.5 sizes from the women’s shoe size.

Is European Shoe size the same as length of my foot?

European shoe sizes are measured in centimeters.
Similar to US shoes, the number of the US shoe size is not in relation to the length of the shoe – a EU size 42 shoe (a men’s US size 9) is not 42 centimeters long, but will in fact be about 26 centimeters or 10.3 inches in length.

What’s the shoe size of a 5-year-old?

For boys and girls this would be around a 12 – 12.5 US Size, 29 – 30 European Size and 11.5 – 12 UK Shoes Size.

At what age, my kids will have adult shoe sizes?

The age might be a little different between boys and girls, but in general at the age of 12 you kids feet have grown into adult shoe sizes.

Which shoe size I need to buy for my newborn baby?

Your newborn, from day 1 to 2 months will be needing a US Shoe Size Newborn or US shoe Size 0 to 1, this equals UK newborn Shoe size 0 or UK Size 1 and for European Newborn size you will need a EU Shoe Size 15 or 16. These Newborn shoe sizes is the same for boys and girls.