Scotch and Soda Size Charts

Scotch & Soda is a clothing company that was founded in The Netherlands in the 1980s. The company is known for its vintage-inspired clothing and unique sizing. They offer everything from suits to T-shirts, and everything in between.

Scotch and Soda Size Charts
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But what makes Scotch and Soda unique is their sizing. Unlike most other brands, who typically offer a limited range of sizes, Scotch and Soda offer sizes that go all the way up to XXL. This can be a bit confusing if you’re not familiar with their sizing system, so we’re here to help clarify things for you.

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Scotch and Soda Table of Contents

Scotch & Soda men’s size charts

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SizeEUUKUSChest (inch)cmWaist (inch)cmHip (inch)cm
S46SS36″92 cm30,5″78 cm36″92 cm
M48MM38,5″98 cm33″84 cm38,5″98 cm
L50LL41″104 cm35,5″90 cm41″104 cm
XL52XLXL43″110 cm38″96 cm43″110 cm
XXL54XXLXXL45,5″116 cm40″102 cm45,5″116 cm


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SizeEUUKUSWaist (inch)cmHip (inch)cm
28 / S46363630,5″77,5 cm36″91,5 cm
29 / S46363631,5″80 cm37″94 cm
30 / M48383832,5″82,5 cm38″96,5 cm
31 / M48383833,5″85 cm39″99 cm
32 / L50404034,5″87,5 cm40″101,5 cm
33 / L50404035,5″90 cm41″104 cm
34 / XL52424236,5″92,5 cm42″106,5 cm
36 / XL52424238,5″97,5 cm44″111,5 cm
38 / XXL54444440,5″102,5 cm46″116,5 cm


SizeWaist (inch)cmHip (inch)cm
S29.575 cm35.891 cm
M31.480 cm37.796 cm
L33.084 cm40.1102 cm
XL35.089 cm42.1107 cm
XXL38.197 cm45.2115 cm


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EUUKUSFoot Length (inch)cmBasic insole length (inch)cm
395,56,59.724.8 cm10.226.0 cm
406,57,510.025.5 cm10.526.7 cm
417810.326.1 cm10.727.3 cm
428910.526.8 cm11.028.0 cm
438,59,510.827.4 cm11.228.6 cm
449,510,511.028.1 cm11.529.3 cm
45101111.328.8 cm11.830.0 cm
46111211.629.4 cm12.030.6 cm
47121311.830.1 cm12.331.3 cm
4812,513,512.130.7 cm12.531.9 cm
4913,514,512.331.4 cm12.832.6 cm

Scotch & Soda women’s size charts

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SizeEUUKUSChest (inch)cmWaist (inch)cmHip (inch)cm
XS346431″80 cm25″64 cm35″88 cm
S368633″85 cm27″69 cm37″93 cm
M3810835″90 cm29″74 cm39″98 cm
L40121037″95 cm31″79 cm41″103 cm
XL42141239″100 cm33″84 cm43″108 cm


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SizeEUUKUSWaist (inch)cmHips (inch)cm
24 / XS346424″61.5 cm34″85.5 cm
25 / XS346425″64 cm34″88 cm
26 / S368626″66.5 cm35″90.5 cm
27 / S368627″69 cm36″93 cm
28 / M3810828″71.5 cm37″95.5 cm
29 / M3810829″74 cm38″98 cm
30 / L40121030″76.5 cm39″100.5 cm
31 / L40121031″79 cm40″103 cm
32 / XL42141232″81.5 cm41″105.5 cm
XL42141232″84 cm41″108 cm


SizeChest (inch)cmHip (inch)cm
XS31.4480 cm34.58488 cm
S33.40585 cm36.54993 cm
M35.3790 cm38.51498 cm
L37.33595 cm40.479103 cm
XL39.3100 cm42.444108 cm


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EUUKUSFoot Length (inch)cmBasic insole length (inch)cm
352,54,58,8″22,3 cm9,2″23,3 cm
36359,1″23,0 cm9,4″24,0 cm
37469,3″23,7 cm9,7″24,7 cm
384,56,59,6″24,3 cm10,0″25,3 cm
395,57,59,8″25,0 cm10,2″26,0 cm
406,58,510,1″25,6 cm10,3″26,6 cm
417910,4″26,3 cm10,7″27,3 cm
4281010,6″27,0 cm11,0″28,0 cm
438,810,510,9″27,6 cm11,3″28,6 cm


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SizeEUUKUSChest (inch)cmWaist (inch)cmHip (inch)cm
XS346431″80 cm25″64 cm35″88 cm
S368633″85 cm27″69 cm37″93 cm
M3810835″90 cm29″74 cm39″98 cm
L40121037″95 cm31″79 cm41″103 cm
XL42141239″100 cm33″84 cm43″108 cm

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Scotch & Soda girls size charts

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SizeEUUKUSBody length (inch)cmChest (inch)cmWaist (inch)cmHip (inch)cm
41043-44T41″104 cm22″56 cm21″54 cm24″60 cm
61165-6546″116 cm24″60 cm22″56 cm25″64 cm
81287-8750″128 cm26″65 cm23″58 cm28″70 cm
101409-10955″140 cm28″71 cm24″65 cm30″77 cm
1215211-1212T60″152 cm31″78 cm26″66 cm33″84 cm
1416413 – 1414T65″164 cm33″83 cm27″68 cm35″88 cm
1617615 – 1616T69″ – 70″176 cm34″87 cm27″69 cm36″92 cm


SizeEUUKUSBody length (inch)cmWaist (inch)cmHip (inch)cmInside leg (inch)cm
41043-44T41″104 cm21″54 cm24″60 cm18″45 cm
51104-55T/443,5″110 cm21″54 cm24″60 cm19″48 cm
61165-6546″116 cm22″56 cm25″64 cm20″52 cm
71226-7648″122 cm22″56 cm25″64 cm22″56 cm
81287-8750″128 cm23″58 cm28″70 cm24″60 cm
91348-9853″134 cm23″58 cm28″70 cm25″63 cm
101409-101055″140 cm24″62 cm30″77 cm26″66 cm
1114610-111257,5″146 cm24,5″62 cm30,5″77 cm27″69 cm
1215211-1212T60″152 cm26″66 cm33″84 cm28″72 cm
1315812-1313T62″158 cm26″66 cm33″84 cm29,5″75 cm
1416413 – 1414T65″164 cm27″68 cm35″88 cm31″78 cm
1517014 – 1515T67″170 cm27″68 cm34,5″88 cm31″79 cm
1617615 – 1616T69″ – 70″176 cm27″69 cm36″92 cm31″79 cm

Scotch & Soda boys size charts

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SizeEUUKUSBody length (inch)cmChest (inch)cmWaist (inch)cmHip (inch)cm
41043-44T41″104 cm22″56 cm21,5″54 cm23,5″60 cm
61165-6546″116 cm23,5″60 cm22″56 cm25″64 cm
81287-87X50,5″128 cm25,5″65 cm23″59 cm27″69 cm
101409-101055″140 cm28″71 cm25″63 cm29″74 cm
1215211-1212T60″152 cm30,5″77 cm26,5″67 cm31″79 cm
1416413 – 1414T64,5″164 cm32,5″83 cm28″71 cm33″84 cm
1617615 – 1616T69,5″ – 70″176 cm35″89 cm29,5″75 cm35″89 cm


SizeEUUKUSBody length (inch)cmWaist (inch)cmHip (inch)cmInside leg (inch)cm
41043-44T41″104 cm21,5″54 cm23,5″60 cm18″45 cm
51104-55T/443,5″110 cm21,5″54 cm23,5″60 cm19″48 cm
61165-6546″116 cm22″56 cm25″64 cm20,5″52 cm
71226-7648″122 cm22″56 cm25″64 cm22″56 cm
81287-87X50,5″128 cm23″59 cm27″69 cm23,5″60 cm
91348-9853″134 cm23″59 cm27″69 cm25″63 cm
101409-101055″140 cm25″63 cm29″74 cm25,5″65 cm
1114610-1110T/12T57,5″146 cm25″63 cm29″74 cm27″69 cm
1215211-1212T60″152 cm26,5″67 cm31″79 cm28″71 cm
1315812-1313T62″158 cm26,5″67 cm31″79 cm29,5″75 cm
1416413 – 1414T64,5″164 cm28″71 cm33″84 cm30,5″77 cm
1517014 – 1515T67″170 cm28″71 cm33″84 cm31,5″80 cm
1617615 – 1616T69,5″ – 70″176 cm29,5″75 cm35″89 cm32,5″82 cm

Check out this video to see Scotch & Soda clothing

Scotch & Soda Clothing 🎀 Haul by Heart Style

Frequently Asked Questions

Scotch & Soda sizes

While some brands use standard sizes like small, medium, and large, Scotch & Soda uses numbers instead. For example, a size 1 is equivalent to a size small, and a size 3 is equivalent to a size medium. This numbering system can be confusing for some shoppers, but it allows for more accurate sizing.

When shopping for Scotch & Soda clothing, it is important to keep this sizing system in mind. Otherwise, you may end up with clothing that doesn’t fit quite right.

What is size 2 Scotch and soda?

The size 2 is the equivalent of a size XS or 0 in most other brands. It’s designed to fit those who are 5’2″ (12.7cm) and under, with a slim build. If you are taller than 5’2″ or have a more curvaceous figure, you may find that the size 2 is too tight in the hips and thighs.

However, Scotch & soda does offer some styles that are close to size 2, such as size 4, which may be a better option for those with a more generous figure. Overall, size 2 is best suited for the petite category with a slim build.

Are Scotch and Soda sizes true to size?

Yes. Scotch & Soda sizes are generally true to size, but of course, it can never be 100%. This is especially true when shopping for jeans though not for all people. Some people find that Scotch and Soda jeans fit true to size, while others find that they run small or large.

The best way to determine whether a particular cloth will fit is to try them on in person. Alternatively, some online retailers offer free returns, so it may be worth ordering a few different sizes to see what works best. With a little trial and error, you should be able to find the perfect fitting Scotch and Soda.

How do Scotch and Soda fit?

Scotch and Soda clothes are designed to flatter all body types, whether you’re petite or plus-size. And with a range of styles to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a casual weekend look or a more formal outfit for a special occasion, Scotch and Soda have you catered for in terms of fitting.

Do Scotch and Soda make plus-size clothing?

Yes, Scotch and Soda do make plus-size clothing! In fact, their range goes up to XXL, so you’ll be able to find something that fits you perfectly.

What’s great about their plus size range is that it’s just as stylish and on-trend as the rest of their collection. You’ll be able to find everything from jeans to dresses, and you’ll look great no matter what you choose.

What’s the smallest size of Scotch and Soda?

It’s the XS. The XS size is perfect for those who are looking for a more subtle style. It has a narrower leg and a shorter inseam, which makes it perfect for those who want something that’s not too flashy.

What is size 1 in Scotch and soda?

It’s the smallest size, and it’s great for people who are on the smaller side. If you’re on the smaller side and not sure which size to choose, always go with size 1.

What is Scotch and soda size 3?

Size 3 is in the middle of the size range. This means that it is neither too small nor too large. The dimensions of size 3 in Scotch and soda are as follows:Chest: 44 inches / 112 cm, Waist: 38 inches / 96.5 cm, Hip: 47 inches / 119.5 cm. As you can see, this size is suitable for those who have a medium build.

Are scotch and soda luxury brands?

This really depends on the type of style and make of Scotch and Soda you are going for. On the one hand, the price point for some of their clothes is on the higher end, which could lead you to think that they’re a luxury brand.

But at the same time, they also have more affordable items in their lineup, so it’s not quite as black and white as that.

So we can generally say that Scotch and Soda is a bit of a hybrid brand. They’re not quite at the level of luxury brands, but also not exactly at the level of more mainstream brands.


Scotch and Soda is a brand that embodies simplicity and the outlook is understated, yet still chic and sophisticated. And when it comes to sizing, we hope that this comprehensive guide to Scotch and Soda size has made it easier for you to find all the right sizes for your body size.

Got any questions? Please ask in the comments section and we’ll assist. Thanks for reading.

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