Redbubble Sizes for Men and Women

Redbubble is an Australian brand that provides artists with creative opportunities to sell their art, for example – by creating prints on hoodies or T-shirts. Most reviewers are happy with the Redbubble sizes of hoodies. The reviews show satisfaction with the accuracy of the sizing charts available on the Redbubble website.

Redbubble Sizes for Men and Women
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However, it is still very important to check the Redbubble Sizes charts before making a purchase.

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Redbubble Sizes Table of Contents

Redbubble sizes charts

T-shirts (Women)

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ModelHeight (cm)inchBust (cm)inchWaist (cm)inchHips (cm)inch
Active t-shirt180 CM5’11 ”81 CM32”66 CM26”91 CM36″
Classic T-Shirt173 CM5’8”86 CM34”64 CM25”88 CM34.5”
Essential T-Shirt173 CM5’8”86 CM34”64 CM25”88 CM34.5”
Graphic T-Shirt167.5 CM5’5 ”86 CM34”64.5 CM25.5”90 CM35.5”
Long Sleeve T-Shirt167 CM5’4 ”86 CM34”71 CM28”96.5 CM38”
Premium Scoop T-Shirt174 cm5’9”85 cm33.5”66 cm26”93 cm36.5”
Tri-blend T-Shirt167.5 CM5’5 ”86 CM34”64.5 CM25.5”90 CM35.5”
Chiffon Top Sizing167.5 cm5’5”86 cm34”64.5 cm25.5”90 cm33.5”
Fitted Scoop T-shirt180 cm5’11”86 cm34”61 cm24”93 cm36.7”
Fitted T-Shirt180 cm5’11”86 cm34”61 cm24”93 cm36.7”
Fitted V-Neck T-Shirt180 cm5’11”86 cm34”61 cm24”93 cm36.7”
Racerback Tank Top167 cm5’5”86 cm34”71 cm28”96.5 cm38”
Relaxed Fit T-Shirt180 cm5’11”86 cm34”61 cm24”93 cm36.7”

T-shirts (Men)

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ModelHeight (cm)inchChest (cm)inchWaist (cm)inch
Active t-shirt181 CM5’11”102CM40”76 CM30″
V-Neck T-Shirt186 CM6’1”102 CM40”81 CM32”
Baseball ¾ Sleeve185CM6’1”102CM40”81CM32”
Classic T-Shirt183 CM6’0”96 CM38”76 CM30”
Essential T-Shirt183 CM6’0”96 CM38”76 CM30”
Graphic T-Shirt186 CM6’1”102 CM40”81 CM32”
Long Sleeve T-Shirt186 CM6’1”102 CM40”81 CM32”
Long T-Shirt183 CM6”98 CM38.5”73.6 CM29”
Premium T-Shirt183 CM6”96.5 CM38”78.7 CM31”
Tank Top186 CM6’1”102 CM40”81 CM32”
Tri-blend T-Shirt186 CM6’1”102 CM40”81 CM32”

 Hoodies (Women)

ModelHeight (cm)inchBust (cm)inchWaist (cm)inchHips (cm)inch
Lightweight Hoodie167 cm5’5”86 cm34”71 cm28”96.5 cm38”
Lightweight Sweatshirt167.5 cm5’5 ”86 cm34”64.5 cm25.5”90 cm35.5”
Pullover Hoodie167.5 cm5’5 ”86 cm34”64.5 cm25.5”90 cm35.5”
Pullover Sweatshirt167 cm5’5”86 cm34”71 cm28”96.5 cm38”
Zipped Hoodie167 cm5’5”86 cm34”71 cm28”96.5 cm38”

Hoodies (Men)

Height (cm)inchChest (cm)inchWaist (cm)inch
183 cm6”98 cm38.5”73.6 cm29”
183 cm6”96.5 cm38”78.7 cm31”
183 cm6”96.5 cm38”78.7 cm31”
186 cm6’1”102 cm40”81 cm32
180 cm5’11”96 cm38”81 cm32”


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Laptop skins

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Model NameWidth (cm)Height (cm)Width (inch)Height (inch)
MacBook Air 13″ (2020)30.22111.98.2
MacBook Air 13″ (2019)30.22111.98.2
MacBook Air 13″ (2018)30.22111.98.3
MacBook Air 13″ (2017)32.322.512.78.8
MacBook Air 13″ (2015)32.322.512.78.8
MacBook Air 11″ (2015)29.81911.77.4
MacBook Pro 13″ (2019)30.22111.98.3
MacBook Pro 13″ (2018)30.22111.98.3
MacBook Pro 13″ (2017)30.22111.98.3
MacBook Pro 13″ (2016)30.22111.98.2
MacBook Pro 13″ (2011)32.422.712.78.9
MacBook Pro 15″ (2019)34.723.913.79.4
MacBook Pro 15″ (2018)34.723.913.79.4
MacBook Pro 15″ (2017)34.723.913.79.4
MacBook Pro 15″ (2016)34.723.913.69.4
MacBook Pro 15″ (2014)36.52514.49.8
MacBook Pro 16″ (2019)35.624.4149.6
MacBook Pro Retina 13″ (2015)31.421.912.48.6
MacBook Pro Retina 15″ (2015)35.924.714.19.7

PC/Surface Laptop

Model nameWidth (cm)Height (cm)Width (inch)Height (inch)
PC Laptop 13″31.521.612.48.5
PC Laptop 15″3423.413.49.2
Surface Laptop 3 13.5″30.522.211.98.6
Surface Laptop 3 15″33.824.213.29.4

Learn more about Redbubble sizes and prints in this video

Best Size Dimensions for Most Redbubble Products (Redbubble Tips and Tricks) by NechEmpire

Frequently Asked Questions

What size should my Redbubble design be?

A 9075 x 6201 pixels Redbubble image size is recommended for different types of printing designs. This size is big enough to not only be printed on a physical surface such as posters, brochures, hoodies, or t-shirts but also covers a wide variety of products.

A smaller size than the one mentioned above will not be ideally printable because it’s smaller than their product template files.

However, Redbubble seeks to work with clients who are skeptical about bigger images. The brand will look for ways to have your needs and their requirements blended to produce a print design that’s effective in their marketplace.

It’s notable that a Redbubble design size on a t-shirt will be different from a Redbubble poster size. Hence, remember that your choice of product to be printed on also informs the design size.

Are Redbubble sizes true to size?

Yes! Redbubble is sensitive to the client’s requirements and works to have a precise and constant sizing standard. According to different client reviews, Redbubble art sizes are true to their requirements, inch for inch, and are designed in a unique way to help brands stand out among millions of competitors in their marketplace. This has developed a high level of customer loyalty because they always get what they want.

However, in a few instances, clients have observed that Redbubble t-shirt sizes run slightly small. They have, especially, reviewed that the fitted t-shirts may come one size smaller. Meaning that a Medium t-shirt would be taken out by a client that wears a size Small.

After understanding that, the clients always return for more t-shirt designs. We recommend using Redbubble sizing guides or reaching out to Redbubble customer care to get a good size instead. Getting a size up may not be so safe as it would interfere with the original look of the art design.

How do I change the print size in Redbubble?

Changing the Redbubble pixel size involves either adding new pixels or removing them. However, you may want to change the size of the image without changing the Redbubble pixel dimensions.

Here’s how to.

Reducing the print size involves taking away the pixels, a process during which some details may be lost. The final product will only be ideal for printing small sizes. Small sizes are better for sharing on the internet than for printing.

Alternatively, you may retain the Redbubble pixel dimensions that the printer had requested and then reduce the print size using the printer (a software) to end up with a sharper image that’s not so pixelated. Redbubble has a variety of image dimension requirements, depending on the type of product.

When scaling up a print size, you are adding more pixels to the image. This requires more attention to pixels than when you were creating the image because its look on the computer may seem sharper than it actually is.

Upscaling by many millions of pixels may reduce the image’s resolution, reducing its overall quality. Hence, think about why and to which extent you want to go. After using your preferred algorithm, analyze the final image on the preview panel as you look for your desired details.

What format does Redbubble use?

Redbubble uses the PNG format. The format allows for small Redbubble upload sizes, quick uploads, and transparent backgrounds. While JPEG is also used, Redbubble mostly uses PNG. Many clients prefer using transparent backgrounds (whereby the color of the product appears through the image) to images with backgrounds. This is one major advantage of using PNG.

Redbubble loves working with high-resolution images, whichever their print size, because of how directly resolution influences the quality of the image. Moreover, it also uses software that uses the CMYK color profile. Three of the software used are Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, and Paint. NET.

Do Redbubble hoodies run big?

Yes! Most reviewers are happy with the Redbubble hoodie sizing. The reviews show satisfaction with the accuracy of the sizing charts available on the Redbubble website.

However, some clients say that the hoodies run a little bit small, but not small enough to require one size up. Meaning that a size medium person would still be comfortable in a size medium hoodie. If one falls between sizes, they would have their perfect hoodie when they go one size up.

The high quality of these hoodies goes without saying. The clients go bragging about the hoodie’s perfect weight and soothing texture.

What is the pixel size of a shirt in Redbubble Sizes?

The best pixel size for Redbubble shirts is 4500 x 4500 (and nothing less). A smaller pixel size than this would weigh down the quality of the print.

What size are Redbubble shirts?

Redbubble sizes are categorized using gender and sizing standards. Notably, most women’s sizes are similar to those of men. The smallest size is 36 inches on the chest and 28 inches in length.

The sizes increase as you go up the sizing standards – Medium, Large, Extra Large (XL), 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL. 5XL measures 64 inches in the chest and 35 inches in length.

Work with the charts to determine which category you fall under.


Shopping for something that you know will fit you is relatively simple and worry less. Look out for your size on the website’s sizing charts. The charts would apply to both hoodies, shirts, and t-shirts.

Please ask any questions in the comments.

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