Mirror Size and Dimensions

Standing before a mirror after dressing up helps you discover what needs some enhancement. Thanks to IKEA and online stores like Amazon, they offer you top-quality mirrors at an affordable price (skip straight to the mirror size charts).

The primary mirrors are made from basic glass with a reflective layer. Previously, the coating used contained Mercury and Lead elements. However, these two elements were proven to be harmful to human health.

As a result, manufacturers turned to more friendly materials with reputable companies banning the use of Lead and Mercury. Instead, they applied Aluminum and Silver to reflect your mirror image.

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So, why should you bother examining the mirror size?

Unlike garments or footwear, mirror sizes may seem trivial. However, getting the wrong mirror size may mean straining to get a clear view or withstanding a difficult cleaning time.

That’s why you need to explore the different mirror sizes in the charts below!

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Mirror Size Table of Contents

Mirror Size Chart

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Oval-shaped Wall Mirror

Mirror SizeDimensions
1616 in by 16 in 40.6 cm by 40.6 cm
24 24 in by 24 in 61.0 cm by 61 cm
2828 in by 28 in 71.1 cm by 71.1 cm
3030 in by 30 in 76.2 cm by 76.2 cm
3636 in by 36 in 91.4 cm by 91.4 cm

Full-Length Mirror Size Chart

Mirror SizeLengthWidth
00012 in 30.5 cm30 in 76.2 cm
0x18 in 45.7 cm24 in 61.0 cm
0021 in 53.3 cm31 in 78.7 cm
0118 in 45.7 cm54 in 137.2 cm
0224 in 61.0 cm36 in 91.4 cm
0330 in 76.2 cm40 in 101.6 cm
0436 in 91.4 cm48 in 121.9 cm
0730 in 76.2 cm69 in 175.3 cm
0824 in 61.0 cm60 in 152.4 cm
0948 in 121.9 cm75 in 190.5 cm

Custom Cut Mirror

Mirror SizeDimensions W X H
Small square60.3 x 60.3 cm 23.7 x 23.7 in
Large Square80.47 x 80.47 cm 31.7 x 31.7 in
Small rectangle60.30 x 48.40 cm 23.7 x 19.1 in
Medium rectangle80.80 x 60.30 cm 31.8 x 23.7 in
Golden rectangle110.35 x 68.20 cm 43.4 x 26.9 in
Large rectangle120.80 x 80.80 cm 247.6 x 31.8 in
long60.55 x 120.80 cm 23.8 x 47.6 in
Extra long60.30 x 161.80 cm 23.7 x 63.7 in

Over-Sized Mirror Size Chart

2 mm 0.2 cm122.0 x 91.3 cm 48 x 36 in21022245.9 kg 22245.9 lbs
2 mm 0.2 cm183.0 x 122.0 cm 72 x 48 in10022326.0 kg 49220.4 lbs
3 mm 0.3 cm122.0 x 244.0 cm 48 x 96 in6722437.6 kg 49466.4 lbs
3 mm 0.3 cm213.4 x 152. 4 cm 84 x 60 in6721245.1 kg 46837.4 lbs
3 mm 0.3 cm244.0 x 183.0 cm 96 x 72 in6722437.6 kg 49466.4 lbs
3 mm 0.3 cm225.0 x 160.0 cm 88.6 x 63 in6721708.0 kg 47857.9 lbs
3 mm 0.3 cm305.0 x 183.0 cm 120 x 72 in6020093.4 kg 44298.4 lbs
3 mm 0.3 cm305. 0 x 213.4 cm 120 x 84 in4821088.2 kg 46491.5 lbs
4 mm 0.4 cm220.0 x 165.0 cm 86.6 x 65 in7022869.0 kg 50417.5 lbs
4 mm 0.4 cm244.0 x 152.4 cm 96 x 60 in5022311.4 kg 49188.2 lbs
4 mm 0.4 cm244.0 x 183.0 cm 96 x 72 in5022626.0 kg 49881.8 lbs
4 mm 0.4 cm255.0 x 165.0 cm 100 x 65 in5021037.5 kg 46379.7 lbs
4 mm 0.4 cm305.0 x 213.4 cm 120 x 84 in3621088.2 kg 46491.5 lbs
4 mm 0.4 cm305.0 x 244.0 cm 120 x 96 in3422772.5 kg 50204.8 lbs
4 mm 0.4 cm330.0 x 213. 4 cm 130 x 84 in4022535.0 kg 49681.2 lbs
4 mm 0.4 cm330.0 x 225.0 cm 130.0 x 88.6 in3020047.5 kg 44197.2 lbs
4 mm 0.4 cm330.0 x 244.0 cm 130 x 96 in3122465.1 kg 49527.1 lbs

Bathroom Mirror Size Chart

Round Mirrors18 x 18 in 46 x 46 cm24 x 24 in 61 x 61 cm30 x 30 in 76 x 76 cm36 x 36 in 91 x 91 cm
Rectangular Mirrors22 x 23 in 56 – 58 cm28 x 29 in 71 – 74 cm34 x 35 in 86 – 89 cm46 x 47 in 117 – 119 cm

How To Choose the Right Mirror Size

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Whether you are using a bathroom mirror size calculator or a size chart, here are some of the factors you should consider to get the best mirror size for you:

1. Types of Mirrors

The market offers numerous options according to your preferences and needs, including space, room, and appearance. When searching for the ideal mirror for your home or office, here are some of the mirror types you will encounter

Floor Mirror

Floor mirrors come in a wide variety of sizes for maximum flexibility. They are generally 68 inches in height and 32 inches in width. These measurements can be smaller or larger, depending on what you need.

The floor mirrors have the tallest design compared to other types of mirrors. Reason? They are meant to provide you with a full-body reflection. This is a great buy if you are looking for a full-body view.

Wall Mirror

Searching for a decor element that will enhance the look of your house while adding functionality? Wall mirrors are a great option as their sizes are customizable; you can get any shape and size, depending on your space or taste.

Since there are no size or shape limitations, you can order the desired mirror edge or design. Generally, professionals recommend that customers buy mirrors covering 50% to 70% of their walls. Any mirror beyond this size may cover the wall interiors instead of enhancing your room’s style.

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Magnifying Makeup Mirror

Magnifying makeup mirrors are the smallest mirrors on the market. Usually, they don’t exceed 12 inches for easy installation. However, you need to ensure you don’t grab a small size that cannot give you a clear reflection.

Designed for close-up tasks like applying makeup, these mirrors can be installed on the countertop or wall, depending on your preferences.

2. Mirror Shape

Each house comes with unique space requirements and decor needs. Consequently, you must choose a mirror shape or design that blends or enhances your room. Whether you want to add a mirror to your bathroom or bedroom, choosing the right mirror edge design will help you improve the appearance of your space.

Square and rectangle mirrors are the most common mirror types. However, you can find abstract or asymmetrical shapes such as circular or oval-shaped mirrors in stores like Walmart. All you need to do is confirm the size is right for your space once you settle on the shape.

3. Single vs. Double Vanity Mirrors

The general rule for purchasing a single vanity mirror demands you get one with the same width for cohesiveness. Typically, single vanity mirrors fall between 30 inches to 48 inches. Nevertheless, you will find some exceptions, depending on your space needs.

Similar to single mirrors, double mirrors should be the same width. You can confirm this by getting the mirror edge measurements. Most double vanity mirrors range between 60 inches to 72 inches. It’s also essential to get one double mirror than two separate pieces as this may disconnect the design, making your wall appear disorganized.

4. Mirror Height

Are you looking for a full-body reflection?

How long is your wall space?

Or do you want to mask some wall damage?

Depending on the purpose you want to accomplish, you need a wall mirror that will help you add functionality while improving the interior of your house. Whether you want to install a small mirror for quick views when exiting your house or a full-body mirror length, ensure the space is well-covered without cluttering the wall.

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5. Plumbing Lines

Vanity mirrors need access to water mains; hence you must examine this before grabbing one. If your design does not support this, you may have to choose a different type of mirror.

If you prefer simple rectangular or oval mirrors, you should also consider where the plumbing lines pass through to avoid damaging them when installing your pieces. Otherwise, you may have to deal with costly repair charges.

Learn more about how to measure for a mirror (video)

How To Measure For A Mirror by The Glass Guy

Frequently Asked Questions

What are standard mirror sizes?

The standard mirror sizes vary depending on the mirror you purchase. For example, wall mirrors are usually 24 inches by 34 inches, interior closet mirrors measure 18 inches by 36 inches, vanity table mirrors are 28 inches by 14 inches, dressing mirrors measure 32 inches by 16 inches, and shower wall mirrors are 12 inches by 24 inches.

How wide should a mirror be?

The general thumb rule demands that your mirror covers 50% to 70% of your wall. And suppose you are purchasing a vanity mirror; you should ensure it’s fewer inches than the sink area.

What is a normal size bathroom mirror?

Generally, standard bathroom mirrors measure 24 inches by 36 inches or 61.0 cm by 91.4 cm. While you may find smaller or larger sizes than this, the 24 by 36 size offers the best view, fits the available space, and is easy to install.

How are mirrors measured?

To get the measurements of your mirror, follow these steps:

Step 1. Take your tape measure device and spread it vertically, with the first digit lying at the top.

Step 2. Round off the number you get to the nearest 1/8 in. This will give you the height measurement.

Step 3. Take your measurement and spread it horizontally at the center of your mirror, still laying the initial digit on the first edge.

Step 4. Take the width measurement and round it off to the nearest 1/8 in. This will give you the width measurement.

What size mirror should go over a 24-inch vanity?

With a vanity of 24 inches, you should have a mirror measuring 20 inches or less to allow for space on each edge.

How big should a mirror be over a 60-inch vanity?

If you have a 60-inch vanity, you need a 56 inches mirror to allow for 2 inches of space on each side.

Should a mirror be the same size as a vanity?

No, a mirror should not be the same size as the vanity. Remember, you don’t want to break your expensive mirror trying to squeeze it into the vanity square or rectangular space.


Whether you are looking for a vanity or mantle mirror, getting the right size is essential. Reason? It helps you have an easy installation time and enjoy an exhilarating view. Moreover, the ideal mirror size offers the aesthetic touch you need for your space.

With numerous options in the market, you may find it challenging to secure the best size for your bathroom vanity or mantle. However, our mirror size chart offers all mirror dimensions to help you settle for the most suitable.

And suppose you get stuck choosing the best mirror shape or edge design for your bathroom, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help in the comments below. Our friendly team will guide you to purchase the ideal mirror for your home.

Picture in this post is by Rishabh Dharmani on Unsplash

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