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Enquiring an expert rider regarding bike fit, they will advise you that every bike feels and rides differently, even if their stats appear nearly identical on paper. Bike frame sizes stated by companies might be perplexing, and there is no hard and fast rule for measuring a bike frame. The usual technique specifies the seating tube length, but even that differs since few are measured towards the base of the seat tube, while others are measured to the center where the top tube meets the seating tube (skip straight to the KTM Bike Size Charts).

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In addition, when it comes to convenience and comfort, size is among the most significant factor to consider when purchasing a KTM bike. Why should you acquire the correct size for your KTM bike? The ideal and perfectly suited bike will be a delight to ride, enabling you to conquer terrain quicker and with greater precision, resulting in a more protected and safe ride.

Moreover, on long trips, tricky downhills, or simply pootling around the flat, riding a bike that is too tiny may make you twitchy, tense, and uneasy. Continue reading for recommendations on what KTM bike size you must choose based on your body size.

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KTM Bike Table of Contents

KTM Motorbike Size Charts

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The Standard Chart Sizes Of KTM Motorbike

KTM SizeSeat HeightEngine Size (cc)
Lightweight37.5 in | 95.25 cm250cc and up
Lightweight35-39 in | 88-99 cm250cc and up
Lightweight34-38 in | 86-96 cm125cc/150cc/250cc
Moderately Heavy34-37 in | 86-93 cm125cc/150cc/250cc
Moderately Heavy33 -36 in | 83-91 cm125cc
Heavy31-35 in | 78-88 cm125cc

KTM Lightweight Models Size Charts

KTM TypeSeat Height (in)Seat Height (cm)KTM Engine Size (cc)
KTM 350 XCF37.40 in95 cm350
KTM 250 XCW TPI37.80 in96 cm250
KTM 300 XC TPI37.8 in96 cm300
KTM 250 XC37.8 in96 cm250
KTM 150 XCW TPI37.80 in96 cm150
KTM 250 XCF37.40 in95 cm250
KTM 65 SX29.53 in75 cm65
KTM 85 SX 19/1635.04 in89 cm85
KTM 250 SX37.40 in95 cm250
KTM 350 XCW38.6 in98 cm350
KTM 125 SX37.40 in95 cm125
KTM 450 XCF37.40 in95 cm450
KTM 300 XCW TPI32.7 in83 cm300
KTM 50 SX26.18 in66550

KTM Powerful Models

KTM ModelsHorsepower (hp)Torque (lb-ft)Engine Size (cc)
KTM RC 39041 hp26 lb-ft373 cc
KTM 1290 Super Duke R166 hp94 lb-ft1,301 cc
KTM 890 Duke R119 hp73 lb-ft889 cc
KTM 790 Duke799cc
KTM 390 Duke44 hp27 lb-ft373 cc
KTM 1290 Super Adventure R166 hp94 lb-ft1,301 cc
KTM 1290 Super Adventure S166 hp94 lb-ft1,301cc
KTM 890 Adventure105 hp73.8 lb-ft889 cc
KTM 890 Adventure R105 hp73.8 lb-ft889 cc
KTM 890 Adventure R Rally105 hp73.8 lb-ft889 cc 
KTM 790 Adventure799 cc
KTM 690 Enduro R50 hp692.7 cc
KTM 690 SMC R50 hp692.7cc
KTM 500 EXC-F510cc
KTM 500 XCF-W510cc

KTM Motorbike Size Charts For Kids

Kid’s Age (years) And Height (cm)Seat Height Engine Capacity (cc)
3-6 yrs | 90-110 cm23-24 in | 58-60 cm50
5-8 yrs | 120cm23-25 in | 58-63 cm50
8-9 yrs | 133 cm24-26 in | 60-66 cm110
9-10 yrs | 140 cm24-26 in | 60-66 cm110
10-12 yrs | 143 cm26-31 | 66-78 cm100-125
12-15 yrs | 157 cm31-35 in | 78-88 cm125

Standard Size Charts For KTM Bicycle

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Frame SizeSeat HeightBike’s Inseam
XS53.93-61.02 in | 137 – 155cm25.19-28.74 in | 64 – 73 cm
S60.23-65.55 in | 153 – 166.5 cm28.34-31.10 in | 72 – 79 cm
M63.38-67.71 in | 161 – 172 cm29.92-31.88 in | 76-81 cm
M/L65.15-70.47 in | 165.5 – 179 cm30.31-33.07 in | 77-84 cm
L69.68-74.01 in | 177 – 188 cm32.67-34.64 in | 83-88 cm
XL73.22-77.16 in | 186 – 196 cm34.25-36.22 in | 87-92 cm
XXL76.77-79.92 in | 195 – 203 cm36.22-37.40 in | 92-95 cm

How To Get The Right KTM Motorbike Size?

If you purchase a new KTM bike, the business owner will most probably run a simple fit check to determine what size bike you must ride. The easiest approach to determine what size of motorbike you may ride is to sit on it. Moreover, the most significant factor in deciding which size bike is appropriate for you are stand-over height and reach.

After purchasing the bike, store staff will confirm that the seat height is near the correct height and that the essential parts are appropriately set. In addition, several motorbike stores have a skilled fit specialist on staff who is accessible by arrangement. A professional bike fit is advised, especially for road riding. On the other hand, a perfect motorbike fit may assist any rider, from mountain bikers to adventurous trip riders.

Choosing The Ideal KTM Motorbike For You

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Engine Size

Purchase something that fits your size. However, below 250cc, so for you to become acquainted with the motorbike, even some 125cc, 2-stroke motorbike kinds might be fantastic, since KTM components are less expensive on 2-stroke motorcycle types.

This means 2-strokes will always be cheaper than 4-strokes. These bikes have enough power to propel a 200-pound person. It is up to the user to obtain all that power from that small beast. Whenever it refers to off-road pleasure, know that great fun is secure, so do not attempt to draw out all the strength of your KTM bike on your first ride.

The Clutch

You should get acclimated to the clutch system when buying your first KTM motorbike, regardless of whether you’re a 15-year-old lad or a 30-year-old man. If you’ve previously used it, take into account the size.

Although size is important, you should have a strong bond with the clutch, particularly on bends. And it will be much simpler if you are not attempting to move a 450cc motorcycle.


Height is among the crucial considerations in purchasing your first KTM motorcycle. It is critical for your entire well-being and safety when riding a bike. Sit forward and see if you can reach down with your toes to determine whether it is the ideal fit.

You must be able to place one-third of your feet on the ground without becoming flat-footed or struggling to maintain balance on your toes.


The degree of suspension varies greatly between starters weighing less than 100 pounds and those weighing 200 pounds. New users must remember that the motorbike they purchase shouldn’t be too tiny since their weight may impact the suspension.

However, individuals begin riding smaller bikes far more quickly than higher ones. Considering these factors, you will undoubtedly successfully find the ideal bike for yourself.

Check out this video to learn more about KTM bikes

The 2023 KTM Enduro Range – Total Terrain Domination | KTM by KTM

How To Get The Right KTM Bicycle Size?

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Online buying of KTM bicycles is getting more common. The cost is significantly lower because there are no store or warehousing fees; therefore, it is critical to first examine a size chart that will serve as your reference for the proper bicycle size. See the following ways of determining the appropriate size for you:

Method #1: See Which Size Your Height Fits

Your HeightBike Size
59-63 in | 149.86-160.02 cm 13-15 in | 33.02-38.1 cm
63-67 in | 160.02-170.18 cm15-16 in | 38.1-40.64 cm
67-71 in | 170.18-180.34 cm16-17 in | 40.64-43.18 cm
 72-74 in | 182.88-187.96 cm17-19 in | 43.18-48.26 cm
74-76 in | 187.96-193.04 cm19-21 in | 48.26-53.34 cm
76 and taller | 193.04+ in 21+ in | 53.34+ cm

Method 2: Choosing The Right KTM Bike Size

  • Remove your footwear and stand with your legs 6–8 in. (15–20 cm) apart, then measure the distance between the ground and your crotch
  • After, calculate to know the right size for you using this formula: Leg inseam (cm) x 0,66 = Your frame size

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the smallest full-weight KTM bike?

The 390 Adventure is the smallest of KTM’s ADV-focused motorbikes. The KTM 390 is intended to make use of its 373cc single-cylinder engine while providing riders with a lighter, more compact design.

2. What is the ideal size of a KTM bike for kids?

When it comes to kids younger than five, you should buy a bike that is the right size for their height, which is usually shown by the size of the wheels on smaller bikes. A 50cc bike will be the ideal engine size for a 5-year-old bike, but you’d require a 50cc with a wheel size of 14 to 16 inches to accommodate your kid’s height.

3. Is a ktm125 a full-size bike?

The KTM 125 SX is the smallest and most lightweight full-sized KTM motocross machine in the lineup, bringing the championship-winning capability to aspiring racers.

4. What size to start with, KTM bike size?

In general, a 125cc two-stroke or a 250cc four-stroke KTM motorbike will be more suitable for a beginner rider than anything with greater power. Prevent the most powerful 450 motorbikes since they will be too strong for a novice.

5. How heavy is KTM bike?

KTM BikeDry Weight
KTM 500 EXC-F100 kg
KTM MotoGP Bike157 kg
KTM 65 SX53 kg
KTM 125 SX87.5 kg

6. What is the smallest KTM bike?

The only small thing about the 2023 KTM 50 SX MINI is its size. Although tiny, it is a genuine ready-to-race motorcycle, manufactured with top-quality components, actual race-bred input, and race-winning heritage, much like its larger sister.


The easiest way to guarantee you get the right bike size is to get acquainted with all the factors considered. Knowing how bikes are measured and the typical specifications required will assist you in choosing the optimum size for your riding experience.

Furthermore, selecting the correct size bike can keep you safe from accidents and aches caused by poor posture and comfort. When shopping online, pay close attention to the dimensions and ensure they correspond to your desired size. If you have questions regarding the KTM bike sizes, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. We are happy to help you!

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