Average Pick-Up Truck Size and Dimensions

Recent trends have shown that the sales of trucks, especially midsize trucks, and full-sized trucks, have continued to increase over the years. Despite the increase in consumers’ tastes for environmentally friendly cars, the surge in demand for midsize cars has not stopped witnessing steady increases in order (skip straight to the pick-up truck size charts).

The reason for the consistent demand is the fact that most pronounced environmentally-friendly vehicles don’t have the capabilities of the tested and trusted trucks that consumers are familiar with. Another reason is that smaller vehicles don’t have the capacity to deliver the values that comes with full-size and midsize trucks.

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Several key factors determine the kind of trucks that consumers buy. Some want cars that have extreme off-road capabilities, others want vehicles that can tow extreme payloads. Some people are looking for quality vehicles at drastically reduced prices. However, the chief among these factors is the size of the truck.

The dimension of the truck determines the utility that consumers would derive from the truck. Trucks with smaller bed sizes, don’t have much appeal to consumers who want a truck for farm work or moving farm equipment. Also, smaller cabins would appeal less to consumers who want a truck they can live in.

How do you determine the size of truck that works best for you? This article provides a quick highlight of several truck sizes and how they affect the value you’ll derive from each. We’ve also provided answers to commonly asked questions about truck sizes.

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Average Pick-Up Truck Size Table of Contents

Average Light-duty Truck Size And Dimensions

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Sizelength (in/ft)width (in/ft)height (in/ft)
Truck209 in – 212 in   17.4 ft – 17.7 ft75 in – 76 in   6.2ft – 6.3 ft75 in – 76 in   6.2ft – 6.3 ft
cabin  60 – 65 in   5.0 ft – 5.4 ft75 in – 76 in   6.2ft – 6.3 ft75 in – 76 in   6.2ft – 6.3 ft
bed62 in – 63 in   5.2 ft – 5.2ft75 in – 76 in   6.2 ft – 6.3 ft20 in – 30 in   1.7 ft – 2.5 ft

Average Midsize Pick-Up Truck Size And Dimensions

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Sizelength (in/ft)width (in/ft)height (in/ft)
Frame229 in – 231 in   19.1 ft – 19.2 ft79 in – 80 in   6.6 in – 6.7 in76 in – 77 in   6.3 ft – 6.4 ft
cabin  76 in – 77 in   6.3 ft – 6.4 ft9 in – 80 in   6.6 ft – 6.7 ft76 in – 77 in   6.3 ft – 6.4 ft
bed64 in – 66 in   5.3 ft- 5.5 ft9 in – 80 in   6.6 ft – 6.7 ft24 in – 28 in   2.0 ft – 2.3 ft

Average Full-Size Pick-Up Truck Size And Dimensions

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Sizelength (in/ft)width (in/ft)height (in/ft)
Frame225 in – 228 in   18.7 ft – 19.0 ft76 – 78 in   6.3 ft – 6.5 ft75 in – 76 in   6.2 ft – 6.3 ft
cabin  75 in – 76 in   6.2 ft – 6.3 ft76 in – 78 in   6.3 ft – 6.5 ft75 in – 76 in   6.2 ft – 6.3 ft
bed65 in – 66 in   5.4 ft – 5.5 ft76 in – 78 in   6.3 ft – 6.5 ft20 in – 30 in   1.7 ft – 2.5 ft


Average Heavy-duty Truck Size And Dimensions

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Sizelength (in/ft)width (in/ft)height (in/ft)
Frame230 – 235 in   19.2 – 19.6 ft  80 – 82 in   6.7 – 6.876 – 77 in   6.3 – 6.4
cabin  76.7 – 79.3   6.4 – 6.680 – 82 in   6.7 – 6.876 – 77 in   6.3 – 6.4
bed67 – 74   5.6 – 6.280 – 82 in   6.7 – 6.825 – 30+   2.1 – 2.5 +

Average Half-ton Pick-Up Truck Size And Dimensions

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Sizelength (in/ft)width (in/ft)height (in/ft)
Frame229 in – 231 in   19.1 ft – 19.2 ft79 in – 80 in   6.6 ft – 6.7 ft75 in – 77 in   6.2 ft – 6.4 ft
cabin  76 in – 77 in   6.3 ft – 6.4 ft79 in – 80 in   6.6 ft – 6.7 ft75 in – 77 in   6.2 ft – 6.4 ft
bed65 in – 72 in   5.4 ft – 6.0 ft79 in – 80 in   6.6 ft – 6.7 ft23 in – 28 in   1.9 ft – 2.3 ft

Learn more about pick-up truck sizes and more (video)

Full Size vs Mid Size Truck – Which is Right for You? (I’ve owned both!) by Big Rock Outdoors

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common pick-up truck size?

The most popular pickup truck is the fullsize pickup truck. These trucks have been in existence for over three decades and have been tested and trusted by customers. The most popular brand in the full-size truck category is the ford-f-series pickup truck that has sold millions of trucks since its inception. In recent times it sells hundreds of thousands of trucks yearly in America alone.

Trailing behind ford is the Ram 1500 pickup, popularly called 1500. Like the ford f-150 series, The ram truck also has exceptional features that attract buyers worldwide.  Check the truck info provided above for more information about these popular pickup truck sizes.

What is considered a full-size pickup?

Fullsize pickup are recognised by the power delivered by their enhanced engine. Besides the engine capabilities, there’s not so much difference between the designs of full-size and midsize trucks. Most midsize trucks are used for hybrid purposes as family and work vehicles.

On the other hand, full-size trucks are specifically designed for task work beyond midsize’s capabilities. However, there are still heavy-duty trucks that are designed to deliver immense power.

Is 1500 a midsize truck?

No. 1500 trucks are generally full-size trucks. It features a V6 to V8 engine and some hybrid options, delivering up to 702 horsepower.  The ram truck engine can deliver enough power to tow up to 12,750 pounds weight and move a payload of up to 2,320 pounds.

These features place it way outside the specs of midsize trucks. The best midsize trucks deliver much less than 700 horsepower.

What is considered a midsize truck?

Midsized trucks are often considered the right-sized truck. They have an average length of 233.5 inches, and they are equipped to prove every utility value that’s expected from a truck. They also provide the off-road capability any other size of the truck provides.

The top midsize trucks include the Ford ranger, Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, and GMC canyon.

How big is a half-ton pickup?

Half-ton truck basically refers to the weight of the payload that the truck can carry at once. One ton is equal to two thousand pounds (2000 lb) or 907.19 kg. Therefore, a half-ton truck generally refers to a truck with the capacity to lift half a ton or a 1000-pound payload of 453.5 kg.

The size ranges from 233 inches long and they have an average of 75 inches wide. There may be brands of Half-ton trucks that exceed the length and width.

However, most half-ton pickup trucks fall within that size range. The cab sizes and bed sizes also vary slightly from one brand to another owing to the category of cab: regular cab, crew cab, extended cab, or extended crew cab, built into the make and design of the vehicle or preference of truck buyers. Check the size charts above for more details. 

What are small pickup trucks called?

Small-size pickup trucks are called by many names. The most common name however is the lightweight truck. Other common names of small pickup trucks include compact pickup trucks, mini pickup trucks, and small pickup trucks.

What is the shortest-length pickup truck?

It is believed that the shortest trucks anywhere in the world must be Japanese Kei-class trucks. These trucks are not anything like the super-class trucks by global brands. However, they are capable of delivering value on a small scale. The average length of these trucks is in the range of 3.5 meters – 4 meters (11.5 ft – 13.1 ft).

They have the capacity to lift anywhere from 400 pounds to 1400 pounds payload. Although they are mostly Short-bed Pickup trucks. You’ll hardly find any truck smaller than these sizes. Despite the sizes of these trucks, they still deliver value to buyers.


In this article, we’ve provided detailed information about truck sizes and grouped the sizes according to truck categories In the charts for quick reference. The aim is to equip you with enough information to guide you in your purchase decision.

The Sizes of trucks vary from one brand to another. The brand you purchase would gravely influence the dimensions of your truck. However, the charts feature the common types of trucks. Each type of truck featured above has roughly the same sizes across all brands making them.

If you have questions regarding truck sizes and can’t find answers above, leave them in the comment section. Also, remember to share this article with others to spread the valuable truck info shared above.

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