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As a result of their lack of user protection and increased vulnerability to fatal injuries, bicycles and motorbikes are significantly riskier than any other mode of transportation. However, wearing a helmet (e.g. one of the HJC helmets) is one approach to protect oneself when riding a bike or a motorcycle.

There are also helmets for snowmobiling and other kinds of dangerous activities. Helmets are made to deflect impact energy, protecting your head from blows that may otherwise crush it. 

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It is important to get high-quality, certified motorcycle or bicycle helmets that can absorb the force of impact, protecting the user in different types of accidents. The HJC helmets remain one of the market’s most highly rated helmet companies. The company is known worldwide for producing high-quality, lightweight helmets designed specifically by the various head shapes found on different continents for comfort and accident safety.

When purchasing from the company’s website, it is important to get your accurate HJC helmet size. This article guides acquiring the perfect helmet as it contains the HJC sizing chart and answers to some of the internet’s most frequently asked questions about HJC helmets.

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HJC Helmets Sizes Table of Contents

Classic HJC Helmet Size Chart

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SIZEHead circumference (cm)Head Circumference (in)
XXS51-5220.00 – 20.5
XS53-5420.88 – 21.25
S55-5621.63 – 22
M57-5822.25 – 22.88
L59-6023.25 – 23.65
XL61-6224.00 – 24.38
2XL63-6424.75 – 25.25
3XL65-6625.63 – 26
4XL67-6826.38 – 26.75
5XL69-7027.25 – 27.63

RPHA series, FG-jet helmet size chart

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SIZEHead Circumference (cm)Head Circumference (in)
XS54-5521.25 – 21.63
S55-5621.63 – 22
M57-5822.50 – 22.88
L58-5922.88 – 23.25
XL60-6123.63 – 23.63
2XL62-6324.38 – 24.75

CL-17 & CL-17 PLUS Size Chart

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SIZEHead Circumference (cm)Head Circumference (in)
XS54-5521.25 – 21.63
S56-5722.00 – 22.5
M58-5922.88 – 23.25
L60-6123.63 – 24
XL62-6324.38 – 24.75
2XL63-6425.25 – 25.63
3XL65-6625.63 – 26
4XL67-6826.38 – 26.75
5XL69-7027.25 – 27.63

HJC Kids Helmet Size Chart (HJC YOUTH)

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YOUTH S49-5019.25 – 19.75
YOUTH M51-5220.00 – 20.5
YOUTH L53-5420.88 – 21.25
YOUTH XL55-5621.63 – 22

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my HJC helmet size?

Take a tape measure around your head to determine your head size and accurate HJC helmet size. Ensure that the tape goes around the largest diameter of your head; you can get someone else to do this for you or use a mirror.

Take the figure in centimeters or inches and compare it to the size charts above depending on the type of helmet you want to purchase.

How do you measure for an HJC helmet?

The wrong size helmet can be uncomfortable and even dangerous if worn for long periods. You measure for HJC helmets by measuring your head with a measuring tape, ensuring that the tape goes around the widest diameter of your head.

Then compare the values to the size chart provided above. You can add about half an inch of allowance with the value for comfort around the chin strap.

What size HJC helmet is 58cm?

A 58cm HJC helmet can denote different HJC sizes depending on the kind of helmet you want to purchase. For the classic HJC helmets, 58cm denotes medium.

It is also the best fit for people whose head circumference falls between 22.3 and 22.8 inches (57-58cm). A 58cm HJC helmet is also sized as a medium for the RPHA and CL-17 series. The youth series does not have a 58cm helmet.

How long are HJC Helmets good for?

To ensure that your HJC helmets last long, it is important to take good care of them. Usually, HJC helmets are often good for about four to five years. After then, the helmet padding may begin to wear and lose its ability to protect the skin around the head.

In addition, the hard shell of the helmets may begin to become brittle due to constant exposure to sunlight and other elements. To be safe, it is best to change your helmets after every 5 years for optimum helmet performance.

How Costly are the HJC Helmets?

Compared to other heavy-duty brands in the market, HJC helmets are not quite costly. A classic HJC helmet is sold for about $100 – $200, although customized helmets may be sold for as high as $500. Also, conventional racing bike helmets may also cost a little more than the classic ones.

These prices are however reasonable as the helmets tend to last long and will not need to be changed as quickly as the cheap backup helmets which often have lower quality.

How Do I Care for My HJC Helmets?

You can care for your HJC helmets by washing the inner paddings with soap water and a tiny soft brush and drying it off after every wash. In addition, keep the helmet in a temperature-controlled area at all times, such as inside the home instead of in the garage or outside, on your bike.

Also, always take care not to drop your helmet which can often happen when people hang their helmets on the sidebars of their bikes or a side mirror. 

What is HJC Youth?

HJC Youth helmet refers to the class of HJC helmets created for children. The Helmets are much smaller than those JC helmets in other categories to accommodate children’s smaller heads.

If you need to get a bicycle helmet fitting for your child, you can take accurate measurements of their head circumference and compare it to the HJC Youth size chart above to find their accurate size.

Can I get a Customised HJC Helmet?

Yes, HJC makes all kinds of customized helmets including superhero comic-themed helmets (Marvel, DC, and so on). You can check their catalog for all the special customized helmets they offer to make a purchase.


Hopefully, you have found this article on HJC helmets to be helpful. Helmets are important as they protect us while riding around on bikes. It is important to get high-quality, certified helmets that can absorb the force of impact and the HJC helmets remain one of the most highly rated helmet brands in the market. The article above contained the HJC size chart to assist you in getting the right HJC helmet size.

Remember that to get your accurate HJC helmet size, you must take physical measurements of your head and compare them with the size charts which are provided above. Also, always take care of your HJC helmets, which will last for at least four to five years.

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