Football Size Chart – Guide To Standard Football Ball Sizes

In fact, football is a beautiful game. The ball size changes depending on the level of competition such as junior football up to international football. Ideally, the football shopping process becomes easier when using the correct size football chart. Football or soccer ball sizes change by age.

It is important to note that there is a plethora of football ball manufacturer’s and you need to ensure you get high-quality football balls. 

Learn more from our football size guide and charts outlined. 

Standard Football Size Chart. 

The size football ball required for any football match is dependent on the football players age. For example, kids below three years require size 1 or mini football which has 17 inches or 43.18 cm ball circumference and should be of lighter weight while a player above 12 years will use the official size ball which is size 5 and the ball circumference is 27 inches to 28 inches or (68.58 cm to 71.12 cm). 

Interestingly, if you have perfect composite football designs and correct football measurements the game of football will awesome. If you need to have a memorable football career ensure you use the standard football size chart below!

AgeBall Circumference in (Inches and CM)Ball Size
Below 3 years17 inches 43.18 cmSize 1 Mini ball
3 to 6 years22 inches 55.88 cmSize 2 For Babies
6 to 9 years24 inches 60.96 cmSize 3 junior
9 to 11 years25 inches to 26 inches 63.5 cm to 66.04 cmSize 4 youth
Above 12 years27 inches to 28 inches 68.58 cm to 71.12 cmSize 5 Adult

Football Ball Weight by Size Chart

As a player, you need to mind about football weight which is measured in ounces and kilograms as outlined in the football ball weight by size chart below! 

AgeBall SizeBall Weight in (Ounces and Kgs)Ball Circumference in (Inches and CM)
Below 3 yearsSize 1 (mini)8 to 9 ounces  0.226796 kgs to 0.255146 kgs18 to 20 inches 45.72 cm to 50.8 cm
3 to 5 yearsSize 2 (extra small)10 ounces 0.283495 kgs20 to 22 inches 50.8 cm to 55.88 cm
6 to 8 yearsSize 3 (junior)11-12 ounces 0.311845 kgs to 0.340194 kgs23 to 24 inches 58.42 cm to 60.96 cm
9 to 12 yearsSize 4 (youth)12-13 ounces 0.311845 kgs to 0.368544 kgs25-26 inches 63.5 cm to 66.04 cm
Above 13 yearsSize 5 (adult)14-16 ounces 0.396893 kgs to 0.453592 kgs27-28 inches 68.58 cm to 71.12 cm

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