Padel Court size – a full guide in padel court dimensions

How big is a Padel Court?

A full Padel court size is a rectangle with solid glass or metal frame walls and is 32ft 8″ (10 meters) wide and 65ft 7″ (20 meters) long. The net in the middle has a height of 34.6″ (88cm), and 36″(92cm) on the edges divides the playing area into two halves.

Padel is a racket sport, more like a form of tennis than badminton. It is typically played at a double game with a padel player having a partner on his side. The playing field is an enclosed court with an artificial turf. roughly 25% smaller than the size of a tennis court. Points are given in the same manner as normal platform tennis. The balls used are similar; the only difference is that padel balls have less pressure than tennis balls. Since the first-ever padel court was set up at a holiday home, they have gained popularity in several country clubs. 

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Faq about Padel court size

Padel Court Size and Dimensions
Padel Court Size and Dimensions

Padel court size chart 

 Standard CourtMini Court
Length (Ft)65.629.2
Length (Meter)208.9
Width (Ft)32.910.8
Width (Meter)103.3
Area (Ft²)2153323
Area (M²)20030

Frequently Asked Questions about Padel Court Dimensions

What is a padel court?

The padel court is where all the action happens. Its biggest difference to tennis courts is the presence of concrete walls and a combination of glass walls. The court is built on artificial grass, concrete, or light asphalt floors. The entire sidewall is made of tempered glass. Outdoor padel courts have thicker glass than indoor courts because of the stress of the weather which they have to survive. Outdoor courts also need better solid walls because of the absence of a roof to hold the lateral posts of the glass walls. 

According to the International Padel Federation’s official standards of measurement, the maximum height of the back walls should be 3 meters while the minimum height of the side walls is 2 meters. The height of the padel net is 88 centimeters at the service lines but the poles holding it can be as high as 92 centimeters.

The growing popularity and development of padel courts market over the years have led to the rapid development in its construction. Famous paddle tennis complexes were constructed with hundreds of dollars but a single court can be constructed with anything from 8,000 US Dollars to 21,000 US Dollars.

What is the proper size of a padel court?

There are two readily available sizes. The standard size is exactly 200 square meter and the mini size is about 30 meter square.

What is the minimum size for a padel court?

A mini padel court dimensions is 8.9m x 3.3m (29.2ft by 10.8ft) to give an area of about 30m².

How big is a padel court when compared to a tennis court?

A standard padel court is about 75 percent the size of a standard tennis court. The padel court is 200 square meters (2153 feet square) while the tennis court is 261 Square meters (2808 feet square). Although the surface area used for playing tennis depends on whether it is a singled game (one player on each side) or a doubles game (two players on each side), the tennis court size remains the same. The only difference the court makes to accommodate an extra player on either side is in the net width and height.

How big should a padel court be?

A standard padel court is 10 meters wide and 20 meters long. This gives a total surface area of 200 square meters. In imperial measurements, padel court dimensions translate into 10.8 feet wide and 32.9 feet long, to give a surface area of 2152 feet square.

How much space do you need around a padel court?

Based on the rules guiding the sport, there should be a minimum “obstacles” distance of 6 meters (19.7 feet). This means that nothing should be near the court within a 6-meter distance. Not even the ceiling should be less than 6 meters high.

What is the difference between Paddle tennis and Padel?

The two are a ball exchange game with a discipline of tennis and they look very similar. They are so similar that they even have the same fans. Anybody good with one is usually good with the other. However, they only appear similar, they are so different that this article can’t exhaust their differences. This article is strictly the size of a padel court. Paddle tennis on the other hand has a court that is 50 feet by 20 feet.

Can one change the size of a padel court ?

Padel is played with the exact rules of tennis with an only difference being that service in padel is underarm. The other noticeable difference is that bouncing the ball off the walls is possible and allowed, just like squash. This makes it sensible that changing the court’s dimensions will affect gameplay. There are two sizes of courts, the standard size and the mini size. Before construction, you can drive which size you want to go with. But once construction is complete, you are pretty much stuck with that particular size.

Padel Court Size and dimensions explained (video)

PADEL COURT DIMENSIONS 🎾 All You Need to Know about Padel by BestSportsLounge


Paddle tennis is an exciting game and one of the more competitive sports. Safety is paramount because of the in-game speed and can only be achieved by using the proper equipment and most importantly playing in the right physical space. We hope the padel court size chart here will help build a better and safe space for you to enjoy the fast-paced indoor court game. There are a lot of manufacturers globally that fit padel courts in any other part of the world. There are also ready made, prefabricated courts. Although most of the prefabricated ones are mini courts.

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