Modal Sleepshirt Size Chart And Sizing Guide

Do you wear a cozy flannel set to bed or just slip in an old T-shirt? Choosing the right sleepwear is key to getting the best sleep environment (skip straight to the modal sleepshirt size chart).

Modal refers to cotton rayon, a wood pulp obtained from fiber. It is achieved by spinning the collected cellulose from beech trees into yarn, which is used to manufacture clothing.

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Modal Sleepshirt Size Chart: Key points to remember 

  • Carry the measurements with you to the store as they are key to the modal clothing size.
  •  You can buy modal sleepshirts from antique shops or online from Amazon business as they have a return policy in case you had the wrong measurement depending on the style of pajamas or nightgowns.
  • Watch out for product promotions and special offers during festive seasons as they sell slightly lower than the usual business-only prices.
  • Before you shop online, always check the website’s star rating
  • For  100% cotton pajamas try the extended sizes as they tend to shrink when washed.


A modal sleepshirt chart is a size guide or size chart that will enable you to get the most suitable nightwear ranging from pajama sets, sleep pants, sleep shirts, unisex pajamas, and all other nightwear apparel. There are charts for women and men, often packaged as part of a brand’s product details.

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Here is an example of a general sample chart for women featuring a range of sizes;


Classic Pyjamas (Women)

SizesChestSleeveLengthWaistHips  Inside Leg

Classic Pyjamas (Men)

 SizesChestSleeveLengthWaistInside Leg

Children Modal Sleepshirt size chart

Age (Years)Height ChestWaist

In this article, we will cover every detail you require to know about the modal sleepshirt chart. This is a great resource that you can use regardless of the styles of pajamas you like, from unisex pajamas, classic luxe Pima pajamas, lounge pants, pajamas for women,  plus-size women, classic women, etc.

Many people often don’t pay much attention to the size of their sleepwear as long as the quality and waist size is okay. Large sizes do not automatically mean comfy pajamas. Wearing too large or too small sleep shirts compromises the quality of one’s sleep.

Sleepwear such as mola pants made from Pima cotton and modal fabric gained popularity in America thanks to the ‘second skin’ feeling they give one while asleep. The weight of cotton dictates the lightness of the fabric.

Some modal sleepshirt brands such as the Martha nightgown (cotton nightgown-Martha) come in all-inclusive sizes while others have 100% cotton sizes X-3L Helena brand.

Main advantages of using a modal sleepshirt chart?

There are many benefits of using modal sleep shirt charts which include:

  • The chart helps you choose the right type of fabric according to the weather conditions in your area. You can choose from cotton nightgowns made from the best quality American cotton such as the vintage design Annabelle.
  • You can determine your right size according to your measurements(we will explain later on how to take measurements)

There is a wide range of sizes and additional sizes to choose from.

  • You will differentiate between types of sleep shirt fabrics and their different uses e.g the moonlight pajamas, classic luxe Pima pajamas, the cotton nightgown-Martha, cashmere pants for sleeping, and so on!

More About Modal Sleepshirt Benefits explained (video)

Fibers, Fabric, & Modal – What is Modal and WHY do Top Designers Use it? by susaneliascouture

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Here is how to measure your body to find accurate measurements for your modal sleepshirt. Getting the best fit for sleep shirts is always good to get the right measurements. You can take them yourself or get a third party to help you. While taking the measurements, ensure that you are in a light garment that will not interfere too much with the results.

You require:

  • A tape measure
  • A notebook

Neck area

  • Wrap the measuring tape around the neck circumference, at the point where the collar bone rests.  That is the area immediately below ‘Adam’s apple. 
  • Stand in a relaxed position.
  • Ensure you do not bend your neck or squeeze your chin. The tape measure should be placed lightly on the skin, not squeezing it too much. 
  • Place one finger right under the tape measure, but leave room for comfort. Do not attempt to add some extra measurements due to shrinkage as this will tamper with the results. 
  • Note down your results.

Sleeve lengths

This is for long-sleeved pajama sets.

For the sleeve length, you will require a partner to help you with the measurements for convenience. If you don’t have one, do not worry.

  • Measure another shirt with sleeves that are of equivalent length. 
  • Place one end of the tape measure at the base of the center of the back of the neck. 
  • Let the tape measure run over your shoulder, then hang it to the end of your hand. 
  • Measure  up to the center of the fleshy part of your palm and note down the readings

Chest area

  • Let the tape measure run down up to the widest part of your chest. For women, just above the breasts, should be right under your armpits and over the shoulder blades. 
  • Hang down your arms in a relaxed natural pose, do not pop out your chest or  stand in an arched unnatural position


The sleep shirtwaist measurement differs from the usual size waist measurement you use when buying a normal pair of pants. Pants for women are different from men’s although there are unisex sizes.

  •  Stand in a very relaxed position,  (unless you’re able to hold your breath or suck in your tummy all night which I bet not). 
  • Let the tape wrap around the widest part of your belly. This should be around the navel area. The tape measure should be close to the skin, but not squeeze it in.
  • Note down the measurements

Shirt length

This depends on how long or short you would like your modal sleepshirt to be. We recommend knee-length or slightly below the knee.

  • Set the first end of the tape measure at the base of the back of your neck
  •  Measure down all the way to your back to the point where you’d want the shirt to reach. This should be done while standing in an upright position. 
  • Note down the readings. Add 2 cm to the usual size if shopping for a cotton nightgown.


  • With your arm hanging at your side and relaxed,  place the tape measure around your bicep at its broadest point. This should be very close to your armpit. Make sure the measuring tape is not too tight to avoid discomfort as you sleep.
  •  Record the measurements as you round up to the nearest inch. 

Pant length

  • Measure the distance from your waistline to the bottom of the hem where you would like your pajama pant to fall.
  • Note down the results.

The simple average dress size and pajama range from “66-68″ women’s sizes and 68 62-64 sizes for men. The widest size ranges from 80”.

There is an exclusive range of sleep shirt designs from matching printed flannel pajama sets to silk PJs, scotch plaid flannel pajamas, and pajamas for women of average women and- size women.

Modal sleep shirts also come in an assortment of prints like the cheeky heart print, classic flannel print, classic paid prints, and other beautiful prints.

Sleepshirt Styles

There is always a whole range of beautiful styles to pick from including button-down styles, classic, menswear-inspired styles, lounge pants, and long-sleeved pajama sets among others.  Be sure to look carefully at the product description to ensure you get a sleepshirt that meets your personal preferences and everyday comfort. Items such as care labels, care instructions, and return policy (e.g 60-day return policy) are also vital. 


The design philosophy for sleepshirts does not vary so much from brand to brand, but of course, you will always find distinct features that separate different designers.  Your comfort at night will determine the quality of your sleep, so choose the best! The Modal Sleepshirt Size Chart will help you along.

We hope you enjoyed this article and that it will prove helpful in your search for an ideal modal sleep shirt. Don’t forget to share with your friends. 

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