Keg Size Chart & Dimensions Compared: What are the Keg Sizes?

If you regularly drink, you probably wonder why having a good keg size is crucial. Well, beer is sold in a variety of shapes and sizes. You may buy nearly any quantity of beer that your heart (or, more correctly, your liver and money) wants in cans, bottles, or kegs. When you buy beer by the keg to have draft beer at home, it might be difficult to tell precisely how much you’re getting because there are so many different keg sizes available (skip straight to the Keg Size Chart). 

Keg Size Chart & Dimensions Compared: What are the Keg Sizes?
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We created this helpful guide and some simple visuals to make comparing the various keg sizes easier. Now that standard keg size specifications are available; it is simple to determine the dimensions, weights, and several beers each keg can store.

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Table of Content of Keg Size Chart

Keg Size Chart

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The following is the beer keg size chart that compares eight popular keg varieties, including the amount of beer each, can contain, their overall size, shape, and measurements, as well as the most popular usage and nicknames you may have heard.

 Capacity (oz / gal)Bottles / Cans 9 12 oz)Pints (16 oz)Weight / HeightWidth (Diameter)
Cornelius Keg640 / 5.0534049lbs. / 23”9”
Mini Keg169 / 1.321410.613lbs. / 9 ⅞” 6 ¾”
Quarter Barrel992 / 7.75826287lbs. / 13 ⅞” 16 ⅛”
Sixth Barrel661 / 5.16564258lbs. / 23 ⅜” 9 ¼”
Slim Quarter992 / 7.75826287lbs. / 23 ⅜”11 ⅛”
Rubber Barrel992 / 7.75826287lbs. / 13 ⅞”17”
Half Barrel1984 / 15.5165124161lbs. / 23 ⅜” 16 ⅛”
Beveled Barrel992 / 7.758826287lbs. / 13 ⅞”17”

Detailed Keg Sizes

While the comparison keg size chart above provides a simple method to contrast various keg sizes, below, we have provided more information on each type of keg.

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How To Select The Right Keg size
How To Select The Right Keg size

Cornelius Keg Dimensions

Cornelius kegs, which are frequently used by homebrewers as a substitute for bottling their beer, were initially created by the soft drink industry. Even if Coca-Cola and Pepsi have used them, those who make their beer or soda at home have helped them gain popularity. They are simple to clean and fill. 

The Cornelius keg can be connected to two different types of connectors: pin-lock and ball-lock. You would need to get used to the many connectors that each has. 

  • Nicknames: Homebrew Keg, Corny Keg, Soda Keg
  • Uses: Kombucha, Wine, Coffee, Home Brewing
  • Capacity: 640 ounces / 5.0 gallons
  • Dimensions: 23″ x 9

Mini Keg Dimensions

This size keg, which is intended for mini kegerators, can only hold 5 liters of beer, or precisely 169.07 ounces. This size keg is ideal for occasional use and portability. This could be hosting a modest dinner party for family and friends, going camping for the weekend, or watching the game with a few buddies. 

  • Nickname: Bubba Keg
  • Uses: Portable Usage, One-time Applications
  • Capacity: 169 ounces / 1.32 gallons
  • Dimensions: 9 ⅞” x 6 ¾”

Quarter Barrel Dimensions

The Quarter barrel keg is small and stubby, measuring the same width (1618″) as a full barrel but about ten ′′ shorter in height. This popular keg size, sometimes known as a “Pony Keg” or “Stubby Keg,” can store the equivalent of 62 pints or 82 bottles of beer.

  • Nicknames: Stubby Quarter, Pony Keg
  • Uses: Small Gatherings
  • Capacity: 992 ounces / 7.75 gallons
  • Dimensions: 16 ⅛” x 13 ⅞” 

Sixth Barrel Dimensions

The sixth barrel, frequently utilized for personal use in dual or triple-tap kegerators, is similar in size to the Corny Keg but a tiny bit bigger. This smaller-sized keg performs the same functions as its larger counterparts; the only distinction is that it can hold less beer than other keg sizes. This size keg is also a wonderful option for bars and/or restaurants with limited space but a high demand for a wide beer selection.

  • Nicknames: Torpedo, Sixtel, Log
  • Uses: Home Brewing, Dual-Tap Kegerators, Individual Application
  • Capacity: 661 ounces / 5.16 gallons 
  • Dimensions: 23⅜” x 9¼”

Half Barrel Dimensions

The half-barrel size of beer kegs comes to mind when you think of your typical beer keg. Without a doubt, you have undoubtedly seen a keg of this size at a party or significant occasion. 

The largest keg that is now accessible to you and the one that is frequently used in pubs and restaurants throughout the globe is this full-size keg. This size keg fits in the majority of household kegerators. However, craft beer lovers often prefer smaller sizes.

  • Nicknames: Barrel of Beer, Full-Size Keg, Full Keg
  • Uses: Large Events, Home Bar, Frat Parties, Business
  • Capacity: 1984 ounces, 15.5 gallons
  • Dimensions: 16⅛” x 23⅜”

Slim Quarter Dimensions

The Slim Quarter holds the same amount of beer as the Quarter mentioned above barrel but is larger and more like a sixth barrel keg in size and shape. It is a popular option for anyone using a dual-tap kegerator due to the size variety. 

The Slim Quarter has the same height as the Sixth barrel and has a slightly wider build due to its tall and lean stature. Thanks to the wider container, it can store an additional two gallons, equal to an additional 27.5 beer bottles.

  • Nicknames: The Slim, Tall Quarter
  • Uses: Small Parties, Dual-Tap Kegerators
  • Capacity: 992 ounces / 7.75 gallons
  • Dimensions: 11⅛” x 23⅜”

Learn more about keg size chart and torpedo keg (video)

TORPEDO KEG – different sizes by Simi Valley Home Brew

How To Choose The Right Keg Size

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For individuals wishing to buy their direct draw serving equipment and kegerators for their bar, restaurant, or home, keg sizes have evolved into a fairly perplexing subject over time. Choosing the right-sized kegs is made easier by commonly accepted regional standards, even though keg sizes are not formally standardized from one location to the next. 

You must first determine how much beer you will put in the keg. When picking kegs for your direct draw equipment, physical size is a crucial factor to consider. Therefore, you need to know each type’s dimensions and capability. By this, you can determine the right type for you.

How many beers in a Keg explained (video)

How many beers are in a keg? by BrewChatter TV

Frequently Asked Questions on keg size chart

How Many Different Size Kegs Are There?

There are eight different keg varieties, including the Cornelius keg, mini keg, quarter, sixth, slim quarter, rubber barrel, and half a barrel. The sizes of each keg differ.

How Big Is A Keg Australia?

The typical beer keg in Australia holds 50 liters.

What Is A 50-Litre Keg?

Thirty-two gallons, 105 pints, and 140 12-ounce bottles equal 50 liters. It is constructed of stainless steel 304 and is durable for a long time.

How Big Is A 30l Keg?

A 30L keg is equal to 8.1 gallons, 64 pints, or 86 12 oz. bottles.

What Size Kegs Do Bars Use?

Sixth barrel keg is frequently utilized in dual or triple-tap kegerators to offer a range of alternatives without needing additional kegerators. This is perfect for small homes, bars, and restaurants.

How Many Pints Are In A 30l Keg?

There are 64 pints in a 30L keg.


Kegs come in various sizes and forms, as you can see, and there are various types of kegs. Each one has a unique purpose, but they all have the same thing: the tasty beer inside! So, grab a beer to celebrate now that you are an expert on kegs! Simply forget to bring the keg back to the brewery when you’re done.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

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