Bar Sink Dimensions and Measuring Guide for Kitchen Sink Sizes

The average range in Bar Sink size is 22 to 33 inches in width. A bar sink is a small sink, usually constructed of copper or stainless steel sink materials with a protective coating finish, that aids the workflow in a kitchen by providing a handy location for hand washing or rinsing during food preparation, or even to keep drinks cool. A bar sink, also known as an island sink, wet-bar sink, prep sink, or entertainment sink, is often narrower and shallower than standard kitchen sinks (skip straight to the Bar Sink Dimensions (Size Bar Sink)).

Bar Sink Dimensions and Measuring Guide for Kitchen Sink Sizes
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Table of content of Bar Sink Dimensions

Types of Bar Sinks And Why is the right bar sink size important?

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Bar sinks have a number of benefits: they can be used for rinsing and prepping food for cooking, they are easy for rinsing hands, placing beers on ice, or washing cooking utensils, or cups, and they can be fitted with kitchen faucets (bar sink faucet and drain strainer) and plumbing connections with taps (cold and hot water dispenser) and sprayer that offers drinking or cooking water. As the name implies, a bar sink is commonly seen in built-in bars, with many homeowners including one in their basement bars.

In bars, bar sinks can be used to clean glasses after use, store ice to chill beers while entertaining customers, and provide easy access to water for mixing drinks. The advantages of having a bar sink in your kitchen or bar are numerous, but there are some aspects to consider before installing one.

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Types of bar sinks

One of the most significant factors to consider is the types of bar sinks.

  • The most common are the top and under mount (or drop-in bar sinks) designs. The most typical type is the top mount bar sink or self-rimming sink. The countertop has a cutout hole to make room for the sink bowl, the sink has a rim that hangs off the countertop, and the rims’ edges are sealed. This type of sink has the easiest installation method.
  • Like the standard under-the-mount kitchen sink, the under-mount bar sink is hidden beneath the countertop and sealed at the borders where the countertop is cut. This is a more modern style, and its modern design gives the kitchen or bars a more refined appearance. This is often an ideal choice for many people with stylish bar models but it often requires professional installation.

The appropriate dimensions are another important consideration when installing a bar sink. Choosing the proper wet sink dimensions is critical so that the sink doesn’t overcrowd your bar or kitchen island but blends in with the rest of the decor. It also guarantees that your size is appropriate for your cabinet space.

This article discusses several types of wet bar sinks as well as the best cabinet sizes for them. It also includes solutions to some common inquiries about wet bar sinks.

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Bar Sink Dimensions (Size Bar Sink)

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Depth of Wet Bar Sink (in, cm)Ideal Height of Base Cabinet (in, cm)Length of wet bar sink (in, cm)Ideal Length of Counter space (in, cm)Width of Wet Bar Sink (in, cm)Ideal Width of Counter Space (in, cm)
5’’ 12.7cm8’’ 20.3cm9’’ 20.3cm11’’ 27.9cm9’’ 20.3cm12’’ 30.5cm
6’’ 15.2cm9’’ 22.9cm10’’ 25.4cm12’’ 30.5cm10’’ 25.4cm12’’ 30.5cm
7’’ 17.7cm10’’ 25.4cm11’’ 27.9cm13’’ 33.02cm11’’ 27.9cm13’’ 33.02cm
8’’ 20.3cm11’’ 27.9cm12’’ 30.5cm14’’ 35.6cm12’’ 30.5cm14’’ 35.6cm
9’’ 22.9cm12’’ 30.5cm13’’ 33.02cm15’’ 38.19cm13’’ 33.02cm15’’ 38.19cm
10’’ 25.4cm13’’ 33.02cm14’’ 35.6cm16’’ 40.6cm14’’ 35.6cm16’’ 40.6cm
12’’ 30.5cm15’’ 38.1cm16’’ 40.6cm18’’ 45.7cm16’’ 40.6cm18’’ 45.7cm
14’’ 35.6cm17’’ 43.2cm18’’ 45.7cm20’’ 50.8cm18’’ 45.7cm20’’ 50.8cm
16’’ 40.6cm19’’ 48.2cm20’’ 50.8cm22’’ 55.9cm20’’ 50.8cm22’’ 55.9cm
20’’ 50.8cm23’’ 58.2cm22’’ 55.9cm24’’ 61cm22’’ 55.9cm24’’ 61cm
22’’ 55.9cm25’’ 63.5cm30’’ 76.2cm32’’ 81.3cm30’’ 76.2cm32’’ 81.3cm
24’’ 61cm27’’ 68.6cm33’’ 83.8cm35’’ 88.9cm33’’ 83.8cm35’’ 88.9cm

How to Choose the Right Bar Sink for You

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The counter size, the space between the top of the pipes and the bottom of the sink, storage space beneath the sink, countertop space, and the purpose of the sink are all important things to consider before deciding on the size of the bar sink you need.

Base cabinet size

Because wet bar sinks are mounted on the cabinet, it’s no surprise that the size of the area defines the type of wet bar sink you purchase, and vice versa. Measure the length and width of the base cabinet with a long tape measure to determine the exact measurement of the space in the base cabinet. Always allow three inches between the cabinet space for the wet sink and the size of the wet sink, as a general rule of thumb.

As an example, you will require a minimum cabinet size of 22 by 18 inches if you want to purchase a sink of 19 by 16 inches.

Plumbing Space Beneath the Bar Sink

When purchasing any type of average kitchen sink or bathroom sink, you must consider plumbing space; the same is true for a wet bar sink. There must be sufficient room between the pipes and the sink’s bottom as a sink with a deep basin will take up most of the space beneath the counter. Measure the depth of the sink and the height of the pipes beneath it.

When there isn’t enough space for the pipe, it’s a good idea to buy a top mount sink rather than an undermount sink. Another choice is to purchase flexible pipes.

Storage Space Beneath the Sink

It’s critical to determine how much storage space you’ll need beneath the sink before deciding on a sink depth that will accommodate your needs. Measure the height from the bottom to the top of the cabinet, subtract the height of storage space you want, and subtract the depth of a bar sink that would fit in the empty area. Always leave roughly a 5-inch gap between the storage space and the depth of the sink.

Countertop Size

The size of your counter will determine the size of your sink. A large bar sink will be out of the question if you have a small counter. Decide how much counter space you are ready to give up for the counter sink before making space on your counter for it. Measure and set makings along the space where you want your bar sink to fit in with the long tape measure, always leaving around 1 inch of allowance on each side.

How to determine the right Kitchen bar sink dimensions explained (video)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard bar sink dimension?

Bar sinks are often smaller than standard kitchen sinks, which range in size from 22 to 33 inches in width. On the other hand, bar sinks are 9.5 to 18 inches wide and 6 to 10 inches deep. Circular bar sinks typically have a diameter of 9 to 18 inches and a depth of 7 to 10 inches.

What is the measurement for 2 bar sinks?

The advantage of having prep sinks with double basins over single basin sink is that you will have more working space. Double bar sinks will take up more room than single bar sinks. The length of a normal double bar sink is often around 18 inches or higher to accommodate the secondary sink.

Is there a 3-compartment sink?

Yes, three-compartment model sinks are available on the market, however, they are most commonly the perfect choice in commercial situations where multiple workers may be executing different tasks simultaneously. for instance, a compartment can be used to hold dirty dishes, another can be used to fetch water for mixing drinks, and the third can be equipped with a cutting board for chopping ingredients.


I hope you found this post on bar sink dimensions to be informative. It’s important to keep in mind that choosing the correct bar sink size is critical. A bar sink is a tiny sink, usually made of copper or stainless steel, that helps with kitchen workflow by offering a convenient spot for hand washing or rinsing while preparing food.

Bar sinks can be used for rinsing and prepping food for cooking and rinsing hands, utensils, or cups. They can also be equipped with a tap for providing drinking or cooking water in the kitchen. The top mount and under mount designs are the two most common.

Choosing the proper wet sink dimensions is critical so that the sink doesn’t overcrowd your bar or kitchen island but blends in with the rest of the decor. It also guarantees that your size is appropriate for your cabinet space. To get the perfect bar sink, you’ll need to take precise measurements of your top cabinet and the size of the cabinet’s base to verify that the bar sink you buy will fit properly into the cabinet.

Depending on the size and purpose of the bar sink in your bar or kitchen, you can choose a single bowl sink, a double bowl sink, or a triple sink basin. This article discusses several types of wet bar sinks as well as the best cabinet sizes for them. It also includes answers to some frequently asked about wet bar sinks.

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