High Waist size Chart Pants fitting Guide

High-waisted pants are coming back in style. They were popular during the 1920s, and now they’re on trend again! High waist pants have a slimming effect on your hips or thighs. They come in different styles and if you’re worried about pulling them off, you’ll be happy to know that this style is more versatile than you might initially think. This High Waist size Chart Pants Sizing Guide will help you find the perfect pair of high-waisted pants or jeans for you!

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High waist Size Chart for Women’s Pants

Label SizeUSAUKEUcminch
S483263 – 6424.8 – 25.2
M6103467 – 6826.4 – 26.8
L8123671 – 7228.0 – 28.4
XL10143875 – 7629.6 – 29.9
2XL12164079 – 8031.1 – 31.5
3XL14184283 – 8432.7 – 33.1

How to Pick the Perfect High Waisted Pants for You?

The best way to find your correct high-waisted pants size is getting your waist measurement, make sure that you take the measurement in inches (if you like, you may take it in cm) and if possible have someone else do it for an accurate measurement. You need to use a reliable tape measure to get the actual measurement.

When taking the measurement, measure around your natural waistline, or the smallest part of your torso. This is usually just above your belly button. 

Now that you have your waist measurement, compare them with the size chart (S-XXXL waist sizes) below to find your high-waisted pants size. Choose the closest measurements to your actual waist measurement (make sure to use the measuring tape correctly to get the exact measurement).

The best place to measure your waist is based on the rise of the jeans you’d like to buy.

High waist size for Woman pants Size Chart
High waist size for Woman pants Size Chart

Measuring Your Waist for high waist pants

Here’s the skinny.

  • For high-rise, you’ll want to measure 11 – 12 inches above your crotch point.
  • For mid-rise, you’ll want to measure 9 – 10 inches above your crotch point.
  • For low-rise, you’ll want to measure 7 – 8 inches above your crotch point.

Crotch Point

How do i find crotch point?

Take out a pair of jeans. Turn them upside down and spread the legs. You’ll find a vertical seam, a continuation of the zipper. You’ll also see a horizontal seam, the two inner seams of your jean legs.

Where the horizontal seam and the vertical seam intersect is your crotch point.


How to measure your jean rise?

The distance from your crotch point to your the band of your waist is your rise.

You’ll want to mimic the same when measuring your waist for a pair of jeans you’d like to buy.

With just a pair of drawers on, start with a measuring tape at your imaginary crotch point. Anchoring one end of the measuring tape at your crotch point, pull the other end toward your waist. Think of it as pulling the tape measure over an imaginary zipper.

  • If you’d like a low-rise jean, take note of where the tape measure ends after 7 – 8 inches.
  • If you’d like a mid-rise jean, take note of where the tape measure ends after 9 – 10 inches.
  • If you’d like a high-rise jean, take note of where the tape measure ends after 11 – 12 inches.

Once you’ve noted where the tape measure ends, use that point to measure the circumference of your waist. Just to leave no denim unturned, the circumference is a circle around the your waist.

What are the Best Fabrics for High Waisted Pants?

High-waisted pants are considered to be less casual pants than jeans or joggers. They can be dressed up or down, but some people prefer to wear high-waisted pants in a workplace or business setting. No matter your preference for wearing high-waisted pants, you want fabrics that are made to last and will continue to look nice over time. Clothing brands like Calvin Klein consider using different types of fabric and offer different color in stock. Go for eco-friendly brand and high-quality brands as they offer you choices that will match your taste.

Jeans High waist Pants


Cotton is the most commonly used fabric for high waisted pants. Cotton makes high waisted pants feel softer and more comfortable. It is versatile and can be worn year-round. The downside to using cotton for high waisted pants is that cotton will shrink if not cared for properly.


Like cotton, linen is another good choice for high waisted pants because it is comfortable. It is a great choice for summer because it is very breathable and will keep you cool. The downside to linen is that it can sometimes look too casual, making it a better choice for more loose-fitting, informal high waisted pants.


Wool is an extremely durable fabric and can be used for high waisted pants. It is soft, absorbs moisture well, and will keep you warm in the winter. The downside to wool is that it is more expensive and doesn’t give an amazing stretch as much as cotton because it is a heavier fabric.


Silk is luxurious fabric and is commonly used for making very formal high waisted pants and not high waisted pants that you would want to wear to work regularly. Silk doesn’t shrink and is very figure-flattering. The downside is that it is expensive and can be difficult to clean.

High Waist Size for pants explained (video)

High waist size for jeans pants explained by THE MILK CLUB

Conclusion on high waist size charts for pants

One of the clothing items that has come back into fashion is the high-waisted pants and is now a wardrobe staple. This style helps to accentuate the silhouette and lengthen the legs. But we must take into account its cut and height when combining it with other pieces of clothing.

Choosing the perfect high waisted pants for your outfit is essential to achieve the style you want so you can go out to look chic and fashionable.

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