Jar Size Guide: How to Choose the Right Size?

Jars are tins or cans made from different materials, including glass, ceramic, plastic, and stainless steel. While most serve as storage elements, they offer other usefulness, for instance, canning (skip straight to the Jar Size Charts).

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So, why do you need the right jar size?

The right jar size ensures your ingredients, drinks, or fruits fit in with ease. Otherwise, you may have to squeeze in the constituents. For example, you can use glass jars to store your beans or pasta.

Suppose you want to store sticky products such as honey or fruit syrups; you can get plastic jars for a regular wash. And if you need to store cereals, stainless steel jars are the best for sugar, rice, and flour.

Below are a variety of sizes to help you purchase the most suitable ones!

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Jar Size Table of Contents

Jar Size Chart

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Jar Size Chart(in qt and ml)

Jar SizeCapacityUS Cup Measurements
4 oz / Quater pint0.125 qt 118 ml0.5 US cup
8 oz / Half pint0.25 qt 237 ml1 US cup
12 oz / Three-quarter pint0.375 qt 335 ml1.5 US cup
16 oz0.1875 qt 473 ml2 US cups
24 oz jars /pint-and-a-half0.125 qt 710 ml3 US cups
28 oz. / pint-and-three-quarters0.875 qt 828 ml3.5 US cups
32 oz. / quart1 qt 946 ml4 US cups
40 oz Two-and-a-half pints1.25 qt 1183 ml5 US Cups
48 oz. Three pints1.5 qt 1420 ml6 US cups
64 oz.-Four pints2 qt 1893 ml8 US cups
128 Oz. Eights Pints (One Gallon)4qt 3785 ml16 US cups

Regular and Wide Mouth Jar Size Chart

Regular Mouth Jar SizeOuncesMeasurements in US CupsHeightWidth @ MidpointStraw Size
Jelly Jar4 oz 113.4 g½2 ¼ in 5.7 cm2 ¾ in 7.0 cmN/A
Half Pint8 oz 226.8 g13 ¾ in 9.5 cm2 ⅜ in 6.0 cmShort
Three Quarters Pint12 oz 340.2 g5 ¼ in 13.3 cm2 ⅜ in 6.0 cmMedium
Pint16 oz 453.6 g25 in 12.7 cm2 ¾ in 7.0 cmMedium
Quart32 oz 907.2 g46 ¾ in 17.1 cm3 ⅜ in 9.1 cmLong
Wide Mouth Mason Jar SizeOuncesCupsHeightWidth @ MidpointStraw Size
Half Pint8 oz 226.8 g12 ½ in 6.4 cm2 ⅞ in 7.3 cmN/A
Pint16 oz 453.6 g24 ⅝ in 11.7 cm3 in 7.6 cmMedium
Pint and a Half24 oz 680.4 g2 ½6 ⅝ in 16.8 cm3 in 7.6 cmLong
Quart32 oz 907.2 g46 ½ in 16.5 cm3 ¼ in 8.3 cmLong
Half Gallon64 oz 1814.4 g89 ⅛ in 23.2 cm4 in 10.2 cmExtra Long

How To Choose the Right Jar Size

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When buying storage or canning jars, here are some of the considerations you need to make ;

1. The Material

Whether you want to store green beans or rice, you need a can material that will preserve your products while allowing regular cleaning for optimum hygiene.

Without observing this, you may waste a lot of your food products.

Worried that your kids will overturn jars while looking for sugar? Glass jars are the ideal type to buy as they display their constituents. Your kids don’t have to open and check every jar on your cabinetry; they just identify the constituents and pick.

2. Durability

Purchasing jars regularly can be frustrating, but thanks to top-quality brands in the market, they ensure you get long-term service. Otherwise, you may have a number of these broken with young loved ones playing around the kitchen.

To avoid this, you need to get a pint-size jar and lid size that can offer you long-term service. This factor is especially vital to consider if you are looking for commercial glass jars as they go through many steps within the processing time.

3. Style

  • Do the glass mason jars compliment the look of your house?
  • Does the color give your kitchen a stylish appearance or not?

These are things you need to evaluate when choosing a jar size. Get a can that will blend with your home’s theme color. If you are in a modern kitchen, sleek stainless steel jars work best.

If you need cans that complement a country theme, go for old-fashioned ceramic cans with canister knobs. Clear glass jars are suitable for any home as you can easily customize them with ribbons or leave them plain.

4. Function

Are you looking for home storage or canning jar size? Are they for home or commercial purposes?

You should get suitable jar versions depending on the purpose or function you want to accomplish. For instance, commercial jars must have ample width or height for small, medium, or large label sizes.

You should also get cans with the ideal hole size that can fit medium size straws if you are processing drinks. Moreover, coffee experts need sturdy jars to store their favorite coffee beans.

Check out this video to learn more about different jars sizes and types

Different Size Canning Jars and their Uses! by Kerschner FarmStead

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are jars?

Jars come in different sizes, depending on your preferences. You can choose between 4 oz or 113.4 g, 6 oz or 170.1 g, 8 oz or 226.6 g, 16 oz or 453.6 g, etcetera.

What size jars do I need?

The right size jars should accommodate all the amount of food, so if you are storing larger foods, purchase large or extra large jars like 128 Oz or 3628.7 g/ Eights Pints (One Gallon).

It should also keep the food fresh to avoid food wastage; for instance, a glass of milk is highly perishable and therefore requires jar versions (plastic) that won’t contaminate it.

What size is a 12 oz jar?

Size 12 oz (340.2 g) jar has a capacity of 0.375 qt or 335 ml. This is equal to 1.5 US cups which is a popular version for your kitchen storage needs.

What size is a regular jam jar?

8 oz is the most popular jar for jam and jellies. Although you may find jam in a 390 ml jar or 410 ml when it’s filled to the brim.

Usually with a height of 12.5 cm and a diameter of 7.51 cm; you can purchase such jars in Amazon or bits of craft supplies.

How big is a 14 oz jar?

14 oz jar usually carries 340 grams and has an outer diameter of 3.0 in and a circumference of 9.5 in, and a panel label length of 2.56 in.

How big is an 8 oz jar?

An 8 oz jar is similar to half-pint Mason jars, and usually carries 226.8 grams. Depending on your needs, you can get a regular or wide-mouth can with sleek lids for style.

How many ml is a standard jam jar?

A standard jam is usually 500 ml, 400 ml, or 250 ml. This difference depends on the packaging needs of a manufacturer.


Whether you need a regular mouth jar or a wide-mouth jar, a canning jar size chart can help you find the ideal storage unit. Some of the common Mason jar sizes you can use include 4 oz or 113.4 g, 8 oz or 226.8 g, 16 oz or 453.6 g, and 24 oz or 680.4 g.

Our jar size guide offers you multiple pint-sized jars for different purposes. You can store Pizza sauces, fruits, cereals, or Pasta sauces in matching ounce jars. And suppose you get stuck choosing the right oz size, don’t hesitate to ask for help in the comments below!

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