Greenhouse Size and dimensions (the perfect size for your needs)

What is the ideal greenhouse Size? Do you have some garden space that you would like to utilize for some crops or do you have some backyard space that appears to be too small for the greenhouses you are used to seeing in commercial farms?

Worry no more because no matter the size of your crop space, whether it is limited space or you have many acres of greenhouse space, greenhouses come in all sizes and shapes all with one functional aim; to provide additional climate control to enable the gardener to attain the ideal climate for growing any variety of tender plants, winter crops, tropical plants, or any greenhouse crop since there is no limit to the plant diversity one can grow in a greenhouse.

From the mini-greenhouses called cold frames to the medium greenhouses for domestic gardening and even the largest greenhouses for commercial farming; there is all the selection of greenhouses in the market, it all depends on the money set aside for the project and the land available to set up the greenhouse.

Small Production Green House Size and Designs

PropertyA-Frame StyleArch – Roof StyleQuonset Style
Length30 meters 98.425 feet30 meters 98.425 feet30 meters 98.425 feet
Width10 meters 32.808 feet10 meters 32.808 feet8 meters 26.2467 feet
Gutter High4 meters 13.123 feet4 meters 13.123 feet
Volume1546 meters squared 1664.01 squared feet1677  meters squared 18051.08 squared feet745 meters squared 8019.11 squared feet
Ridge High6.3 meters 20.669 feet6.3 meters 20.669 feet4 meters 13.123 feet
W ratio (A(gl / An)
A(n)300 meters squared 3229.17 squared feet300 meters squared 3229.17 squared feet240 meters squared 2583.34 squared feet
A(gl)674 meters squared 7254.88 squared feet 692 meters squared 7448 squared feet427 meters squared 4596.19 squared feet

Greenhouse Sizes and Types (Small Scale)

A guide for medium and small-scale gardeners with all the measurements is shown in the table below.

Greenhouse TypeLengthWidthHeight
Rhino Classic8.3 feet 252.98 cm6.4 feet 195.07 cm7.7 feet 234.696 cm
Alton Evolution Octagonal6.6 feet 201.17 cm6.6 feet 201.17 cm7 feet – minimum 213.36 cm
Robinsons Repton Victorian6.5 feet 198.12 cm7 feet 213.36 cm7 feet – minimum 213.36 cm
Ida 7800 Learn To6 feet 182.88 cm12 feet 365.76 cm7.2 feet 219.456 cm
Silver Aluminium Twin-walled 6 feet 182.88 cm8 feet 243.84 cm7 feet 213.36 cm
Rob McAlister GP4U-2569 Mini 1804.9 feet 149.35 cm3.6 feet 109.73 cm2.5 feet 76.2 cm
Palram Essence Silver8 feet 243.84 cm12 feet 365.76 cm12 feet 365.76 cm
Walton Shiplap Combi8 feet 243.84 cm8 feet 243.84 cm7 feet 213.36 cm
Forest Garden Styrene Pent5 feet 152.4 cm12 feet 365.76 cm6.4 feet 195.07 cm
Forest Garden Vale Toughened Glass Apex8 feet 243.84 cm6 feet 182.88 cm7.8 feet 237.74 cm

GreenHouse Size for a Family of 4

Looking for a family of 6, multiply below dimension by 1.5. A green house for a family of 8 should be 2 times the below greenhouse dimensions.

Plant TypeNumber of PlantsSize of Row in (feet and meters)
Beets    –20 to 30 feet long 6 to 9 meters
Bell Pepper10 to 15 plants    –
Broccoli12 to 15 plants    –
Carrots    –12 to 16 feet long 3.6 to 4.87 meters
Corn40 to 50 plants    –
Cucumbers2 to 4 vines    –
Eggplant6 to 8 plants    –
Kale    –15 to 20 feet long 4.57 to 6 meters
Lettuce    –20 to 30 feet long 6 to 9 meters
Melon4 to 6 plants    –
Potatoes40 to 50 plants    –
Spinach      –30 to 40 feet long 9 to 12 meters
Tomatoes5 to 8 plants    –
Zucchini4 to 8 plants    –

Green House Size Polythene Chart

Before erecting the frame of your greenhouse it is good to have an idea of the size of polythene you will need to adequately fit the walls and roof of your greenhouse. Here is a guide that will help the reader to match the dimensions of the greenhouse you want and the size of polythene needed.

Greenhouse WidthGreenhouse LengthPlastic WidthPlastic Length
10 meters 32.808 feet20 meters 65.62 feet28 meters 91.86 feet40 meters 131.23 feet
10 meters 32.808 feet40 meters 131.23 feet28 meters 91.86 feet60 meters 196.85 feet
10 meters 32.808 feet60 meters 196.85 feet28 meters 91.86 feet80 meters 262.47 feet
10 meters 32.808 feet80 meters 262.47 feet28 meters 91.86 feet100 meters 328.08 feet
10 meters 32.808 feet100 meters 328.08 feet28 meters 91.86 feet120 meters 393.7 feet
12 meters 39.37 feet20 meters 65.62 feet28 meters 91.86 feet40 meters 131.23 feet
12 meters 39.37 feet40 meters 131.23 feet28 meters 91.86 feet60 meters 196.85 feet
12 meters 39.37 feet60 meters 196.85 feet28 meters 91.86 feet80 meters 262.47 feet
12 meters 39.37 feet80 meters 262.47 feet28 meters 91.86 feet100 meters 328.08 feet
12 meters 39.37 feet100 meters 328.08 feet28 meters 91.86 feet120 meters 393.7 feet
14 meters 45.93 feet20 meters 65.62 feet32 meters 104.99 feet40 meters 131.23 feet
14 meters 45.93 feet40 meters 131.23 feet32 meters 104.99 feet60 meters 196.85 feet
14 meters 45.93 feet60 meters 196.85 feet32 meters 104.99 feet80 meters 262.47 feet
14 meters 45.93 feet80 meters 262.47 feet32 meters 104.99 feet100 meters 328.08 feet
14 meters 45.93 feet100 meters 328.08 feet32 meters 104.99 feet120 meters 393.7 feet
20 meters 65.62 feet20 meters 65.62 feet40 meters 131.23 feet50 meters 164.04 feet
20 meters 65.62 feet40 meters 131.23 feet40 meters 131.23 feet70 meters 229.66 feet
20 meters 65.62 feet60 meters 196.85 feet40 meters 131.23 feet90 meters 295.28 feet
20 meters 65.62 feet80 meters 262.47 feet40 meters 131.23 feet100 meters 328.08 feet
20 meters 65.62 feet100 meters 328.08 feet40 meters 131.23 feet130 meters 426.51 feet

Commercial Green House Size Chart

Greenhouse NumberGM32504GM32506GM32508GM32510
Size (L*W*H)406 by 506 by 302 cm
13.32 by 16.6 by 9.9 feet
607 by 506 by 302 cm
19.9 by 16.6 by 9.9 feet
807 by 506 by 302 cm
26.47 by 16.6 by 9.9 feet
1007 by 506 by 302 cm
33.03 by 16.6 by 9.9 feet
Door Size (H*W)182 by 197 cm
5.97 by 6.46 feet
182 by 197
5.97 by 6.46 feet
182 by 197
5.97 by 6.46 feet
182 by 197
5.97 by 6.46 feet
Number of Window Vents4 pieces6 pieces8 pieces10 pieces

How to Choose the Right GreenHouse Size

To avoid the need to expand your greenhouse space by a small margin and utilize the small space that you left behind as it happens to most gardeners, buy the largest that you can manage to buy.

There may not be an average greenhouse size that can be recommended to all gardeners and commercial farmers but on the lower side of it is good to consider some additional headspace, shelf space or bench space, internal partitions if that may be required, and greenhouse kits like water trough, water supply pipes, space heater for heated greenhouse and lastly the availability of the building materials you want to use.

If you want to budget for larger greenhouses i.e the commercial size greenhouse, it is advisable to factor in the additional cost that may arise due to differences in construction costs depending on which country you are in, the climatic condition of your region whether it is in the dry climate with maximum sun exposure or you are in the colder climate with negative temperature levels and limited hours of natural light where you might need solar panels to provide supplemental heat and lighting.

The greenhouse walls may provide the natural insulation needed or you may need additional insulation to achieve the ideal climate that you want for your crops. The above-mentioned considerations should all be discussed when deciding on the size of the greenhouse to ensure that once the project begins there won’t be any impeding or unexpected costs emerging in the middle of progress. 

The Best Green House Size for you

You may decide to start small with a few potted plants in your garden space then keep going big until you have your dream greenhouse but in any case, the best greenhouse size for you will always be the size that occupies the maximum space you have available for a greenhouse and that your budget will accommodate.

Greenhouse sizes explained

The best greenhouse size for you by Fraser Valley Rose Farm

Conclusion on greenhouse size charts

Greenhouses have been very useful agricultural installations to mankind for their ability to optimize crop yield through their controlled climate that can be adjusted to suit any type of plant throughout the year.

With the global need to tackle the unpredictable weather due to climate change, the usefulness of greenhouses can only grow by the day. Alongside climate change is the need to feed the ever-growing human population that feeds on crops grown on soils that degrade through time from the effects of the elements which can only be controlled inside a greenhouse.

Thanks to the availability of all sizes of greenhouses for everyone from the small-scale kitchen gardener to commercial growers. Anyone can start growing crops without worrying about the rains or the weather in general.

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