Plant Pot size Guide and dimensions

Ideally, there are different types of plant pots with a variety of shapes and sizes. The plant pot size will determine the soil level, level of saturation, and the type of plant to be planted in the container based on the plant root system. Using the correct size of a container will ensure plant health. What is the ideal Plant Pot size? The size doesn’t refer to the plant, but refers to the diameter of the pot that it is planted in. When choosing a pot for your plant, choose a pot that is 1-2” (2.5-5 cm) larger than the current size if the plant is currently in a 10” (25cm) pot or smaller. If your current pot size is larger than 10” (25cm) , choose a pot that is 2-3” (5-7.5cm) larger in diameter.

To ensure your indoor or outdoor plants look attractive read through this plant pot sizing guide

Plant Pot Size Guide 

In this table, we have the size pot dimensions outlined to ensure you purchase the perfect fit plant container for your plants without having to struggle to manage the excess water. 

We have the pot size, pot diameter top in inches and cm, pot diameter base in inches and cm, and pot height in inches and cm. 

Pot SizePot Diameter (Top) in (Inches and CM)Pot Diameter (Base) in (Inches and CM)Pot Height in (Inches and CM)
9 cm9 cm        (3.5 inches)6 cm        (2.5 inches)8.5 cm     (3 inches)
1 Liter13 cm      (5 inches)10 cm      (4 inches)11 cm      (4 inches)
2 Liter 17 cm      (6.5 inches)12 cm      (4.5 inches)13 cm      (5 inches
3 Liter19 cm      (7.5 inches)13 cm      (5 inches)15 cm      (6 inches)
4 Liter20 cm      (8 inches)15.5 cm   (6 inches)16.5 cm   (6.5 inches)
5 Liter22.5 cm   (9 inches)16.5 cm   (6.5 inches)18 cm       (7 inches)
7 Liter25 cm      (10 inches)19 cm      (7.5 inches)20 cm       (8 inches)
10 Liter28 cm      (11 inches)24 cm      (9.5 cm)22.5 cm    (9 inches)
15 Liter33 cm      (13 inches)25.5 cm   (10 inches)30 cm       (12 inches)
20 Liter35.5 cm   (14 inches)27.5 cm   (11 inches)32.5 cm    (13 inches)
25 Liter38.5 cm   (15 inches)30 cm      (12 inches)35 cm       (14 inches)
30 Liter41 cm      (16 inches33 cm      (13 inches)36 cm       (14 inches)
40 Liter50 cm      (20 inches)35.5 cm    (14 inches)45 cm       (18 inches)
Plant Pot Size Guide ⋆ Perfect For Plants...
Common Nursery Pot – plant pot sizes

Best Size Pot for Plants

As a matter of fact, the container sizes you use depend on the plant size. To avoid root rot we have outlined the recommended soil depth, soil volume in cubic feet and cm, and soil weight in lbs and grams. For custom plant pot sizes that the container plant thrives well we have outlined the estimated pot sizes in inches and cm and estimated pot sizes in inches and cm to ensure excellent drainage. 

Estimated Pot Sizes in (Inches and CM)Estimated Pot Size in (Liters and US Gallons)Suitable Plant TypesSoil Volume Needed in (Cubic Feet and CM)Soil Weight in (Lbs and Grams)
4 Inches pot 10.16 cm0.125 gallons 0.5 litersSeedlings, Nursery Containers Plants0.01 ft3 0.304 cm30.137 lbs 62.14 grams
5 to 6 inches pot (12.7 to 15.24) cm0.25 gallons 0.95 litersSmall Succulents / Annual Flowers / Beautiful Plants0.03 ft3 0.914 cm30.27 lbs 122.46 grams
7 to 8 inches pot (17.78 to 20.32) cm1 gallon 3.8 litersLarge Succulents0.13 ft3 3.96 cm31.1 lbs 498.95 grams
10 inches pot 25.4 cm3 gallons 11.36 litersSmall Herbs0.40 ft3 12.19 cm33.3 lbs 1496.85 grams
12 inches pot 30.48 cm5 gallons 18.9 litersSpinach, Strawberry, Leaf Lettuce, Chili Plant0.66 ft3 20.11 cm35.5 lbs 2494.76 grams
14 inches pot 35.56 cm7 gallons 26.5 litersRosemary, Large Herbs0.94 ft3 28.65 cm37.7 lbs 3492.66 grams
16 inches pot 40.64 cm10 gallons 37.85 litersRaspberry, Small Shrubs1.33 ft3 40.53 cm311 lbs 4989.52 grams
18 inches pot 45.72 cm15 gallons 56.78 litersTomato plant2.0 ft3 60.96 cm316.5 lbs 7484.27 grams
24 inches pot25 gallons 94.6 litersDwarf Citrus Trees, Evergreen Shrubs3.34 ft3 101.8 cm327.5 lbs 12473.79 grams
30 inches pot 76.2 cm30 gallons 113.56 litersApple, Sweet Corn4.01 ft3 122.22 cm330 lbs 13607.8 grams

European Square Fiberglass Planters

The European square fiberglass planters are ideal for indoor plants. The fiberglass potted plant planters are modern and attractive. 

In the table below we have the different models and the planter sizes. 

ModelInside Top (Length and Width)Outside Top (Length and WidthOutside Base (Length and Width)Outside (Height)Weight in (Pounds and Grams)Grow Pot in (Inches and CM)
EUSQ-3231 Inches 78.74 cm36 Inches 91.44 cm26 Inches 66.04 cm30 Inches 76.2 cm72 lbs 32658.7 grams34 Inches 86.36 cm
EUSQ-2525 Inches 63.5 cm30 Inches 76.2 cm22 Inches 55.88 cm26 Inches 66.04 cm41 lbs 18597 grams28 Inches 71.12 cm
EUSQ-2020 Inches 50.8 cm25 Inches 63.5 cm18 Inches 45.72 cm23 Inches 58.42 cm30 lbs 13607 grams21 Inches 53.34 cm
EUSQ-1818 Inches 45.72 cm22 Inches 55.88 cm16 Inches 40.64 cm20 Inches 50.8 cm20.5 lbs 9298 grams17 Inches 43.18 cm
EUSQ-1515 Inches 38.1 cm18 Inches 45.72 cm13 Inches 33.02 cm16 Inches 40.64 cm15.4 lbs 6985 grams14 Inches 35.56 cm
EUSQ-1211.5 Inches 29.21 cm13 Inches 33.02 cm9.3 Inches 23.62 cm11.5 Inches 29.21 cm8 lbs 3628 grams10 Inches 25.4 cm
EUSQ-99 Inches 22.86 cm10 Inches 25.4 cm7.3 Inches 18.54 cm9 Inches 22.86 cm3 lbs 1360 grams8 Inches 20.32 cm
EUSQ-77 Inches 17.78 cm8 Inches 30.32 cm5.7 Inches 14.49 cm7 Inches 17.78 cm2 lbs 907 grams6 Inches 15.24 cm

Nursery Plant Pot sizing explained

Which size pot for your plant explained by PLANTERINA


In reality, plant lovers will be enticed by plant pots with beautiful colors for both indoor and outdoor plants. It is worth noting that the plant pots come in different shapes and sizes as we have discussed in the plant pot size guide. A good-sized Nursery pot for your plants will make it grow the best possible.

There are different types of materials used to make the plant containers and it is upon you to decide which suits you perfectly. 

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