NFT File size guide

There’s no limit in size when making an NFT file. However, many NFT platforms limit the size of the NFTs, so it’s best to do some homework about it so you know you can mint your NFT successfully. In the NFT File size guide we’ll explore the limits of some of the biggest NFT platforms and share sizes of the most popular NFTs.

NFT File Size Restriction on popular NFT Marketplaces

NFT MarketplaceFile Minting Size/ Accepted File Types
OpenSea.ioMaximum file size of 100MB
(Image, video, audio, and 3D model file types are supported)
Rarible.comMaximum file size of 30MB
(PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP4, or MP3.) Maximum file size of 16MB
(PNG, gif, jpeg, pdf, ogg, mp3, mp4)
Mintable.appMaximum file size of 200MB
(All image formats, mp4 videos, and GLB 3D files.)
Foundation.appMaximum file size of 50MB
(JPG or MP4 format)
SuperRare.coMaximum file size of 50MB (Thumbnail: 10MB)
(Image, video, audio, and 3D model file types are supported)
KnownOrigin.ioMaximum file size of 75MB (Cover Image: 25MB)
(Image, video, audio, and 3D model file types are supported)

What are the pixel dimensions of a generative NFT art project?

NFT nameNFT File size NFT marketplace
CryptoPunks336 px
Axie Infinty512px x
Bored Ape Yacht Club631px
VeeFriends640px x
Monas745px x
World of Women800px
Zed Run1024 px
Meebits1024px x 1536
Cool Cats1080px
Galactic Secret Agency1200px
Bored Ape Kennel Club1262 px
Pudgy Penguins2700px
Gutter Cat Gang4000px
Everydays: The First 5000 Days21069px square
cryptopunk nft file size
Cryptopunk NFT file size 336 px squared shape

Implementing NFT file sizing in your NFT art project

NFT File and sizing explained by 3D Gladiator

What happens if my NFT file is too big?

An NFT which is too large might cause a few things to happen:

  1. Your NFT may be rejected
  2. Your NFT may upload corrupted
  3. Your NFT may not upload at all

What File Formats Can Be Used in NFT? 

There are many file types that can be used when crafting an NFT. If your NFTR art is a video file (WEBM), GIF, GLB, or an image file (JPG, PNG), it will be possible to upload your NFT to a marketplace as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum file size. 

Picture in this post by Bjorn Pierre on Unsplash

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