Puma MB.01 size chart and fitting guide

LaMelo Ball and Puma teamed up to create a line of Puma shoes called MB.01. Discover the Puma MB.01 size chart for men and women’s shoes. Due to their knitwear upper the MB.01 fits very well and true to size. Stick to your own size

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Puma MB.01 Size Chart for Men

The mens Puma Size Chart with Puma Shoe Size Conversion in UK sizes, US Sizes, and European Puma Sizes. The start of the PUMA MB.01 size chart cm or PUMA Size chart inches Size chart which converts in the Shoe size of your region.

PUMA MB.01 US SizeHeel – Toe
in Inches
Heel – Toe
in cm
UK SizeEU Size
69.2″23.4 cm538
6.59.5″24.2 cm5.538.5
79.7″24.6 cm639
7.59.8″25.0 cm6.540
810.0″25.5 cm740.5
8.510.2″25.9 cm7.541
910.4″26.3 cm842
9.510.5″26.7 cm8.542.5
1010.7″27.1 cm943
10.510.9″27.6 cm9.544
1111″28.0 cm1044.5
11.511.2″28.4 cm10.545
1211.3″28.8 cm1146
12.511.5″29.3 cm11.546.5
1311.7″29.7 cm1247
1412″30.5 cm1348.5
1512.4″31.4 cm1449.5
1612.7″31.8 cm1551
Puma MB.01 Size Chart for Men, by size-charts.com

Puma Size Chart for Women

The women’s Puma Size Chart with Puma Shoe Size Conversion in UK sizes, US Sizes and European Puma Sizes

US SizeHeel – Toe
in Inches
Heel – Toe
in cm
UK SizeEU Size
5.58.922.5 cm335.5
69″22.9 cm3.536
6.59.2″23.3 cm437
79.4″23.8 cm4.537.5
7.59.5″24.2 cm538
89.7″24.6 cm5.538.5
8.59.8″25.0 cm639
910.0″25.5 cm6.540
9.510.2″25.9 cm740.5
1010.4″26.3 cm7.541
10.510.5″26.7 cm842
1110.7″27.1 cm8.542.5
Puma MB.01 Size Chart for Women, by size-charts.com

How to Measure your feet for the perfect Puma MB.01 Size

Find a full detailed post about How to measure your shoe size correctly here.

How do I know my Puma MB.01 Size?

It only takes 2 minutes 2 minutes.

You’ll need A measuring tape, some paper, your socks.
10 easy steps to measure your feet correctly:

  1. Measure your feet in the afternoon.
    Human feet tend to swell during the day. It’s best to measure them in the late afternoon
  2. Stand When Measuring
    When in a wheelchair there’s no pressure on the feet, so it’s unnecessary to stand up to take your Balmain shoes Size
  3. Wear socks
    you will most probably be playing basketball with these shoes. Wear your favorite socks when measuring your feet.
  4. Be precise
  5. Measure both feet
    Your left and right foot are different in length. Measure both and use the largest foot as reference.
  6. Stand on your piece of paper
    Shoe sizing for Wheelchair users, you can go immediately to step 8 and measure the length of the feet with measuring tape
  7. Start drawing
  8. Measure the length of your feet
  9. Find your width fitting by drawing or with measuring tape
  10. Determine your MB.01 size in the conversion charts

Puma MB.01 sizing explained (video)

MB.01 size explained by Weartesters

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