Tree Skirt Size Chart And Buying Guide

The holiday season is known for high spirits, good moods, and memorable moments. This is the time many desire to decorate their homes with exciting decorations such as Christmas trees and why not!

If you are the type that loves to go with the moment and fill your home with decorations, then most likely you already know that a tree skirt is essential whenever a Christmas tree is concerned, being one of the most common decorations that all of us love to have. The tree sizing must be correct and this is where a tree skirt size chart comes in.  

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What is a Tree Skirt?

A tree skirt is a both functional and decorative cover up for a Christmas tree stand. If you are putting up a Christmas tree inside your home or house during this holiday season, a tree skirt will make your tree look more colorful and presentable. 

A typical tree skirt has an opening part that allows watering of the fresh cut trees although some prefer to close it up with a velcro tape. A tree skirt is one of the best tree decorations to hide the unsightly ‘legs’ of the tree stand and any wires used to supply current to the tree lights. The tree skirt also aids in packing up the tree after festivities depending on the tree’s body mass.

Did you know that the tree skirts originated in Germany? The Germans apparently were the first innovative people when it came to Christmas trees. They began by attaching candle lit bowls to the trees which eventually gave birth to tree skirts.

Tree Skirt Size Chart and Buying Guide

You require a tree skirt size chart and buying guide to help you shop for the perfect tree skirt. 

Tree skirt size chart: Why is it necessary? 

We will all agree that deciding and settling for a tree size skirt can prove to be quite a task. This immense difficulty is exactly is why a tree skirt size chart comes in handy!

Here is an easy tree skirt size chart, demonstrating how sizes vary in terms of height and width based on different shapes.

Tree Skirt Diameter

Best for
72″182 cmGreat for trees 8′ and up and for spacious rooms
56″142 cmLarger artificial trees, 9′ and higher
Live trees 7.5′ and higher can use a 56″ tree skirt
48″122 cmGreat for 7.5′ Christmas trees
42″ – 48″107 – 122 cmIdeal for 4.5′ – 6.5′ trees
20″- 30″50 – 76 cmMini tree skirts are for tabletop 2-3′ trees

A tree skirt size guide will help you select the right material, quality, size, and style of a tree skirt that suits your tree. You will also be able to match the color scheme of your house with a perfect style of tree skirt.

For instance, a small Christmas tree placed on a table will need a skirt with tassels or pleated material due to its small size as compared to a large 72 inch tree skirt or a larger size tree placed at a corner. A tree skirt buying guide will also aid you in choosing the right tree theme and size depending on your floor space.

Determining the right size

To determine the right size of the tree skirt to buy, start by measuring the diameter of the tree from the tips of the outer branches.

The tree skirt ramp angle should be wider than the diameter of the tree stand but narrower than the diameter of the largest individual branches all around unless you are using tree collars to close the gap in between.

Use a slightly larger size than the diameter of the tree branches for trees with spaces between branches. Make sure the skirt is not too large to avoid people tripping over when they are placing or picking the gifts. This equally helps to minimize the storage space.

How big should your tree skirt be?

A tree skirt is at its best when it extends 4-6” beyond the widest branches of your tree so you can see it without being hidden with gifts or low-hanging branches.

What is the most common tree skirt size?

7.5-9′ feet trees are the most common Christmas trees and by consequence, the most popular tree skirt size is between 48″ and 56″

How do I choose where to place the tree skirt? 

First, you need to identify the most suitable place to set the tree before purchase. Consider the factors below to help you settle on the right place to place the tree.

1. Convenience

The most practical place for convenience would be near electric sockets to avoid the ugly sight of lots of wires and cables around.

2. Visibility

Consider the most visible place for attraction purposes and also ease when placing gifts. If the size does not matter, or for tight spaces, consider a table-top tree. You can also add colored lights and tree ornaments to create a glittery look for the entire tree.

3. Location

Do you want to place the tree inside the house or outside? This depends on the weather in your area. If it’s chilly or rainy, you might want to consider having the tree inside the house. If you prefer outside, then you can consider using a real tree in place of artificial trees. An electric tree is better placed inside the house.

4. Tree skirt alternatives

The tree skirts come in a wide range of options depending on the material used and the style. There are several alternatives of tree skirts to choose from, including:

5. Gray Wicker tree skirt

The Gray Wicker tree skirt has more of a rustic look. It is more suitable for country homes as compared to modern townhouses. This is best accompanied by metal tree collars although it all narrows down to personal preference.

6. White wicker tree skirt

This is woven from the natural willow to give rustic vibes. From its name, it is usually white in color. It is most suitable for pre-lit artificial trees as the bright white color reflects light hence creating a cheerful look.

7. The reindeer tree skirt

This is adorned with reindeers all around and is usually gray in color. It is the perfect pick for a winter wonderland home and gives the tree realism especially if it’s artificial.

8. Faux fur tree skirt

This particular tree skirt has a soft feel compared to the others as it is made of synthetic fur. It is quite attractive to the eyes and gives the room a warm touch.

9. Velvet tree skirt

This tree skirt is purely made of velvet material. It goes well with a rattan tree ring due to its vintage nature. A velvet tree skirt works well with natural trees such as fraser fir.

10. Gold tree skirt

Gold tree skirts are the most common due to their shiny nature which gives the room an exciting mood. The central color(gold) works better on dull rooms this bringing that lit effect and making them the most trending trees during festive seasons.

What Items Make up a Tree Skirt?

A tree skirt basically consists of the fabric that drips over the tree base. Most often it is secured with ties, velcro, or left open. Sometimes tree skirts are accompanied by tree collars (also known as tree rings), that look like bands.

Tree collars are placed at the neck of tree skirts and are part of the tree display. They mostly suit trees with spaces and a stiffer flex for maximum grip. A magnetic tree collar spices up the decor as small magnetic stickers can be placed on it. 

Before You Buy

If you are a fan of Chirmass trees, then you want to ensure that you not only buy the very best of Christmas trees but also accompany them with a fitting tree skirt.

Always remember the following key items before setting out to the market to purchase a tree skirt;

  • The nature of the house determines the tree skirt style. e.g a modern town house will not look great on a rustic tree skirt.
  • Accompanying your tree skirt with a tree collar gives the best look to your tree skirt.
  • Look for a material that is not slippery to avoid skids and possible injuries during the placing and picking of gifts on the tree skirt.
  • For outdoor trees, please get a fabric that does not cringe in the cold or when rained at. It should be all weather fabric type for artificial tree size. Artificial tree tops will come in handy as well.
  • The tree collar should not be too large to cover the tree skirt. For houses with a high ceiling height, use tall lifelike trees with a tree topper to give the real tree illusion.
  • Consult your retailer for tree decoration ideas or check online for a color tree pallet for a perfect match if undecided on the hue.


Once again, be sure to a tree skirt size guide just before you purchase a tree skirt for best results.  You want a tree that will complement the happy holiday moods, help you forget all the happenings of the year, and just let you focus on the moment with family and friends as you so wish. 

Did you enjoy reading the article? Kindly like, share, and leave a comment or indeed ask any questions you might have through the comments section below.  May this holiday season be a special one where you will find happiness and create memories you will always live to remember!

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