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Velux Skylights by Velux Group are undoubtedly one of the most effective methods of introducing natural daylight into your house, and a velux skylight size chart will help you pick a suitable one. Natural light is known for qualities that enhance the ambiance, indoor climate and atmosphere of your house in various ways.

You can use a variety of skylight flashing to flood your home’s interiors with natural light. This will have the good effect of lightening the atmosphere while adding depth to the aesthetics. Additionally, day lighting may also help you save money on energy and manage the temperature in your house.  Just be sure to get a weathertight fit skylight device. 

Velux Skylight Size Chart

The dynamics of options, wide variety of skylight sizes and different home settings make it vital to use the Velux skylight size chart while shopping. There is a very easy way to do this. Simply find the window or skylight model number that best matches your space, then use it to compare VELUX window sizes and pricing. The only not so good news is that there’s much information to comprehend regarding VELUX roof window sizes and model numbers. Fortunately, the VELUX sizing guide solves this headache and quickly helps you to determine the exact model number by measuring the height and breadth of your window area.

Please check the sample Veluxsize chart (deck mounted) below to get you started. Don’t forget to check out the more comprehensive size charts by Velux.

Rough Openings/Outside Frame


22.9423.44 FS; .DL.
2.78 Fixed
VSE;VSS .DL. 3.56 Fixed
2.27 Vented
VSE;VSS .DL. 6.92 Fixed
5.57 Vented
3030.5  FS;VS;VSS .DL. 5.15 Fixed
4.11 Vented
37.8838.4 FS;VS VSE;VSS .DL.
4.43 Fixed 3.50 Vented
 FS;VS;VSS   .DL. 6.64 Fixed 5.48 Fixed

45.7546.25FS .DL.
3.56 Fixed

4.43 Fixed 3.50 Vented
Fs; .DL.
5.94 Fixed

8.23 Fixed 6.86 Vented

12.36 Fixed 10.73 Vented

54.454.94 FS;VS;VSE;VSS .DL.
6.52 Fixed 5.34 Vented

9.77 Fixed 8.36 Vented
70.2570.75 FS .DL.
8.52 Fixed

Fits on center inches

.DL. Daylight on square ft

W x H (Outside Frame)15.3 x 46.338.9 x 117.621.5 x 27.454.6 x 69.621.5 x 38.454.6 x 97.5
W x H  (Finished frame/Rough opening)14.5 x 45.836.8 x 116.321 x 26.953.3 x 66.321 x 37.953.3 x 96.3

Other important factors to consider include air costs, roof types, monthly heating, window accessories, skylight shades, installation process (depending on stage of installation), building materials, building sites, types of buildings (building type), slate tile type (e.g Spanish slate tiles), thermal stability, roof window code, external window frame,  maintenance access, etc.  

How to Find Sizes on VELUX skylights

Did you know that VELUX roof windows manufactured after 1968 come with a data plate that contains detailed information on the model? VELUX has developed its unique stamp, and a catalog for inspiration including codes that identify the type of window or skylight you have. It is such professional product guides that help to simplify our shopping experiences even as we seek a healthy environment.

You may discover the VELUX brand window codes on the top right-hand edge when you open the roof window. The data plate shows the kind of window and the window size shown by the code. 

The type, size, variation, and manufacturing code are all shown on the plate. If you’ve ever looked at VELUX roof windows, you’ll recognize the kind, size, and variety. 

Common Types of Skylights

There are quite a number of options to choose for various areas including commercial buildings, flat roof windows, sloped roof window combination,  including;

VELUX fixed skylights

The VELUX fixed skylights are intended for deck mounting. They are ideal for visually enlarging places like corridors, stairwells, and other dark, closed-in spaces that may be transformed with light and views of the sky. VELUX fixed skylights are a cost-effective way to create a big house with plenty of natural light.

Skylight curb mounted 

This type of skylight is installed on a wooden curb that the contractor builds around the aperture in your roof. Flat roofs with a roof pitch of zero to 60 degrees are perfect for curb-mounted skylights. If course you will need to follow the installation application method as per your contractor.  

Deck mounted skylight 

A deck mounted skylight is suitable for roof pitches ranging from 14 degrees to 60 degrees. VELUX only uses the cleanest, quietest, and safest glass available with your skylights. Velux Skylights with standard laminated Lo3 glass incorporate state-of-the-art Neat glass features. The glass is treated to keep your skylight cleaner for longer, thus resulting in an almost pristine surface. 

This skylight minimizes undesired outside noise by up to 25 percent more than regular double pane glass and up to 50 percent more than a plastic skylight, keeping houses warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. For skylights placed in ceiling heights of 8 feet or greater, only laminated and impact glass skylights fulfill current building requirements. 

Impact glass

Customers living near the coast who live in places where wind gusts may reach or surpass 155 miles per hour should consider upgrading to impact glass. Another layer of laminated loe3 glass is included in the impact glass. The Velux 10 Year Hail Warranty applies to both laminated and impact glass skylights. 

Remember that the difference between deck-mounted skylights and curb-mounted skylights is that curb-mounted skylights are installed on top of a framed aperture in the roof, whereas deck-mounted skylights are installed directly to the roof sheathing, eliminating the need for a constructed curb. Please, always perform necessary replacements especially where window replacement is needed.


People frequently associate the skylight concept with long-ago concerns, although modern skylights are light years ahead of the past. VELUX, a forerunner in the manufacture of skylights and roof windows, radically reinvented the skylight to restore the skylight as a fantastic product family. The end effect is a beautiful, problem-free solution to add natural light to your home’s interiors. With proper maintenance, the Velux skylight is indeed a bright solution to natural lighting. Their complete selection offers a wide range of comfort – skylights to deliver natural light into homes as well as light to spaces.  

VELUX offers a variety of products plus a complete system of complementing items and accessories for each skylight solution from installation to finishing touches.

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