Staple Gun Size Chart by Model and Staple Gauge

A large bit of staple history and development started in the 18th century when an unknown artisan gifted King Louise XV of France a stapler with each staple bearing a royal seal so that he could use it to hold his document and decrees together (jump straight to the staple gun size chart).

Staple Gun Size Chart by Model and Staple Gauge

In the 19th Century, the paper was available everywhere, therefore, staplers were needed to hold small amounts of paper together, but the type of stapler made was of heavy materials, until the 20th century the first desk stapler was made.

In recent years with advancements made in technology, a staple gun was created that could be used plastic, masonry, or wood which has different materials and a variety of applications such as roofing, wiring, upholstery, house wrap, and insulation.

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Types of Staple Guns

Three main types of staple guns differ in functionality they include pneumatic, electronic, and manual staple guns. 

Power source staple guns either pneumatic or electric are fit for heavy-duty work due to their ability to fire multiple staples and stapling thicker materials. An electric staple gun is plugged into an outlet and is not as powerful as a pneumatic staple gun whose staples sink deeply into tough materials.

In the following section, we will discover the stapler gun size charts.

Learn How to Choose and Use a Staple Gun (video)

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Staple Gun Size and Staple Gauge

The thickness of a staple is measured in gauge which signifies the thicker the staple the lower the gauge for example 15 – 16 gauge thickness is higher compared to 18 – 19 gauge thickness. Popular gauge sizes for multi-purpose staple guns are 16 gauge staple, 18 gauge staple, and 20 gauge staple while upholstery guns fire 22 gauge staples. But which are the standard size staples? 

Different types of staple gun models are used for different types of materials they include; Dewalt DWHTTR350 Heavy Duty Aluminium stapler, Arrow T50 Heavy-Duty Staple gun, Dewalt 5-in-1 multi tacker, Brad Nail, Bostitch 18 gauge crown stapler, Senco 3LOOO3N SNS4116- Gauge construction sample

The table below indicates staple guides and staple sizes with the leg length and staple size in inches and millimeters:

Leg length in millimeters and inchesStaple size in inches and millimetersSheets
6 millimeters 0.236 inches23/6 (¼ inches)         (6.35 millimeters)30
8 millimeters 0.314 inches23/8 (5/16 inches)          (7.94 millimeters)50
10 millimeters 0.394 inches23/10 (⅜ inches)           (9.53 millimeters)70
13 millimeters 0.512 inches23/13 (½ inches)           (12.7 millimeters)100
16 millimeters 0.629 inches23/15 (9/16 inches)           (14.29 millimeters140
17 millimeters 0.669 inches23/17 (⅝ inches)           (15.88 millimeters)160
20 millimeters 0.787 inches23/20 (¾ inches)            (19.05 millimeters)200
24 millimeters 0.945 inches
23/24 (15/16 inches)           (23.81 millimeters)240

Staple Gun Size Model Chart

The table below shows the staple gun size model chart with the gauge staple wire size, crown in inches and millimeters, and leg in inches and millimeters. 

Item numberWire gaugeCrown in (inches and millimeters)Leg in (inches and millimeters)Finish Quantity 
SX50351/2G187/32 inches 5.56 millimeters½ inches 12.7 millimetersCoated 5000
SX50355/8G187/32 inches 5.56 millimeters⅝ inches 15.9 millimetersCoated 5000
SX50353/4-1M187/32 inches 5.56 millimeters¾ inches 19.05 millimetersCoated 1000
SX50353/4G187/32 inches 5.56 millimeters¾ inches 19.05 millimetersCoated 5000
SX50357/8G187/32 inches 5.56 millimeters⅞ inches 22.22 millimetersCoated 5000
SX50351-1M187/32 inches 5.56 millimeters1 inch 25.4 millimetersCoated 1000
SX50351G187/32 inches 5.56 millimeters1 inch 25.4 millimetersCoated 5000
SX50351-⅜-1M187/32 inches 5.56 millimeters1-⅜ inches 25.4 – 9.52 millimetersCoated 1000
SX50351-1/8G187/32 inches 5.56 millimeters1-⅛ inches 25.4 – 3.17 millimetersCoated 3000
SX50351-3/16G187/32 inches 5.56 millimeters1-3/16 inches 25.4 – 4.76 millimetersCoated 3000
SX50351-1/4G187/32 inches 5.56 millimeters1-¼ inches 25.4 – 6.35 millimetersCoated 3000
SX50351-3/8G 187/32 inches 5.56 millimeters1-⅜ inches 25.4 – 9.52 millimetersCoated 3000
SX50351-1/2G187/32 inches 5.56 millimeters1-½ inches 25.4 – 12.7 millimetersCoated 3000

Woodwork Staple gun size chart

The below shows the leg length of the Arrow T50 heavy-duty manual staple gun. A staple gun used for light woodwork:

Length of leg in millimetersLength of leg in inchesNumber of sheets
4 millimeters5/32 inches10
6 millimeters¼ inches20
7 millimeters9/32 inches30
8 millimeters5/16 inches50
10 millimeters⅜  inches70
12 millimeters½ inches90
14 millimeters9/16 inches110
15 millimeters19/32 inches120
16 millimeters⅝ inches130
17 millimeters21/32 inches140
18 millimeters11/16 inches
20 millimeters¾ inches170
22 millimeters⅞ inches
24 millimeters15/16 inches210
25 millimeters1 inches

Frequently Asked Questions About Staple Guns

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How Do I Know What Size Staples My Staple Gun Takes

The type of stapler one has and what is needed for binding depends on the several staples available. Staples are categorized into various factors for a particular stapler gun to match with the type of staple needed they include staple width, wire gauge staple point and staple length. 

Distinct types of staples half strip staples- contains 100 or more staple while full-string staple contains 200 or more staple, the staple cartridge is mainly used by heavy-duty staplers or electric staplers and contains 5000 staples.

The standard size staple are 1/4 inch or 6 millimeters. Furthermore, there are different types of staplers for example; long reach stapler, standard stapler, heavy duty stapler, mini stapler and an electric stapler.

How Do I Choose a Staple Gun and What Staple Do I Need

Choosing the right staple gun for your activity/task can be nerve-wrecking. You must first identify the stapling options available to work productively and successfully.

The following are staple guns matched with the staple type and size depending on the project allocated.

For upholstery- the normal staple sizes range from 1/2, 5/16 and 3/8 inch staples and uses fineware staples. One can either go for pneumatic or electric staple gun.

For manufacturing and construction- the staple sizes here vary depending on the type of material used. Here heavy-duty construction guns are employed for sheathing and cabinet framing.

For household tasks- it only requires a light duty staple gun and a standard staple size of 1/4 inches, using a cable staple.

For carpentry, a narrow pneumatic staple gun is the perfect fit with narrow crown staples.

How to Choose the Right Stapler Gun Size

Due to a large variety of staple guns both in local stores and online shops, it’s important for one to have a clue on what to look for when choosing a staple gun depending on the work and material they are going to work on. Moreover, there are various styles to choose from: electric, manual, and pneumatic versions.

When selecting staples a correct staple size for your staple gun is necessary to prevent injuries, in case common staples used are not the right match make sure to understand which type of stapler is correct for the materials you are using for instant hobbies and crafting the manual model because it is a light-duty staple gun and for tough, heavier tasks and dense materials that involve plenty amount of staples and repeated motion like roof felting, furniture building or upholstery, flooring and carpeting the pneumatic model and electric model since they are for heavy-duty construction.

The best stapler gun size for you

Major complaints on the manual staple guns are discomfort because some of the people have smaller hands or their grips are weak therefore a larger lever style and a comfortable rubber grip enables the user the machinery quite easily by exerting their whole body weight to push the lever. Some staple gun models have a cushioned handle or cushioned rubber handle for comfortability and to prevent accidents or injuries with their non-slip grip.

The manual model Arrow T50 Heavy Duty Staple Gun Kit is an all-purpose option especially for light-duty works like household repairs, screen repair, furniture frames, and many others but the best choice for finish work is the Bostitch 18 gauge crown stapler’s Power for its user-friendliness and executing excellent results.

A test was done on construction staplers to construction lumber and plywood to prove if it’s a durable staple gun was a success since they are the most powerful.

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In reality, Safety precautions are a major necessity when handling staple guns. Eye gear and ear protection clothing are important when in contact with pneumatic staple guns. Gloves that resist piercing and allow free movement of your hands to squeeze the trigger on the staple gun.

It’s imperative to use clamps instead of hands to hold the materials. Select staples that are water-resistant and cannot be corroded and the cleanliness of the staple gun is key to avoid build-up dirt and oil. Lastly, inspect the gun before every use to ensure things run smoothly.

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