Scrubs Size: Find your Perfect Fit

Scrubs size guides are usually overlooked by most people. As long as they can fit inside their outfits, they jump right in (skip straight to the scrubs size charts). 

Scrubs or theatre blues are like uniforms for healthcare professionals. Depending on the employer, there might be a variance between medical scrubs and nursing scrubs. 

Scrubs Size: Find your Perfect Fit
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Scrubs of the wrong size will definitely impede movement and be uncomfortable for the wearer. This discomfort is further multiplied if we consider the number of hours per week in which a person needs to wear them.

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Scrubs Size Chart For Women

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The hip measurement of scrub pants are close to one another and this has led to a noticeable complaint among women with curvy waists.

The actual measurements of scrubs make it look like all the women to ever wear one will be slim ladies.

Ironically though, petite-size scrubs also have their downside, their height (inseam measurement).

USInternationalChest (In)Chest (Cm)Waist (In)Waist (Cm)Hip (In)Hip (Cm)
16-18XL43-45110-11534-3686-91 45-47114-119

Scrubs Size Chart For Plus Size Women

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Scrub sizes after 3XL are considered a fit for women who need a larger size, but due to the variety of body types, some scrub companies consider 3XL to also be a plus size.

The body measurements of the 3X are such that the natural waist corresponds to an equally large hip.

24-263X49-52In 124-132Cm41-44 In 104-112 Cm51-53 In
129-135 Cm
26-284X53-56In 135-45-48 In
54-57 In
137-145 Cm
30-325X57-60In 145-153Cm49-52In 124-132Cm 58-61 In

Scrubs Size Chart For Men

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Unisex scrubs are just regular men’s sizes with an extended inseam measurement and an adjustable measurement for hips.

The extended measurement is meant to be the right size for tall people, while shorter people can trim off the extra length

Global SizeChest (In)Chest (Cm)Waist (In)Waist (Cm)
XS32 – 3381 – 8426 – 2766 – 69
S34 – 3686 – 9128 – 3071 – 76
M38 – 4096 – 10230 – 3276 – 82
L42 – 44106 – 11234 – 3686 – 91
XL46 – 48117 – 12238 – 4097 – 102
2X50 – 52127 – 13240 – 42 102 – 107

Scrubs Size Chart For Plus Size Men

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Scrub sizes for plus-sized men usually have a flaw in scrub bottoms. The pant waist is always larger than the crutch spacing. It might feel tight in the groin region.

Global SizeChest (In)Chest (Cm)Waist (In)Waist (Cm)
3X54 – 56137 – 14244 – 46112 – 117
4X58 – 60147 – 15248 – 50122 – 127
5X62 – 64157 – 16352 – 54132 – 137

Learn more about Scrubs Size and Fitting Guide (video)

Scrubs Fitting Video by Alexandra

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know what size scrubs to get?

Scrub measurements are based on the basic body types. If you have one of the typical body shapes, then you just have to take your measurements and buy the size that is closest to your measurement.

Are scrubs true to size?

Yes, they are. They were designed to maximize personal comfort while being easy to clean for hygienic purposes.

Are scrubs fit to size?

Form-fitting scrubs can be purchased and several outlets actually can make a pair of scrubs based on measurements.

What size is a medium in scrubs?

Scrubs labeled as a medium is made for a waist length of 29-32 inches (74-84 Cm). The largest measurement of the chest is always 38-40 inches (86-102 Cm)

Should scrubs be fitted or loose?

Comfortable performance scrubs always have a pair of loose-fitting scrub pants. This enhances easy and agile movement.

Do scrubs have to be baggy?

Baggy scrubs are sometimes mistaken for loose-fitting. Scrubs must NOT be baggy. This is because the flaps of baggy clothing might get caught on equipment or furniture and are more likely to sweep splashes of fluids if there are any.

What do I do if my scrubs are too big?

Modern-fitted scrubs might have an adjustable option. Maybe buttons or zippers or velcro or anything else. If they are just a size larger, these options can help keep them tighter.

But if they are too large for even the fasteners, then you may have to reconsider getting a new pair.


Scrubs have been around for a while and while they may not necessarily be gender specific, they are always guideline specific. As you try to get the right size, also try to learn about all the guidelines surrounding the particular scrub that you must wear.

The guidelines go as far down as color and any other emblems or badges.

A thousand cheers to whoever wears scrubs as they go on a lifesaving activity, please share this article to encourage our health professionals and leave a comment to share any thoughts.

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