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Air Asia airline is one of the most recognized Air travel providers in Asia: South Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, international and rural air services, etc. With several subsidiaries across the world including AirAsia Japan, Thai AirAsia, and AirAsia Philippines, AirAsia positions itself as the fifth-largest Airline on the continent. Just like every other airline around the world, AirAsia has strict regulations guiding air travel baggage allowance. It is critical that passengers understand how these baggage allowance regulations work in order to enjoy a hitch-free journey.

Before going into the details of Air Asia airline sizes, it is essential to mention that AirAsia is also the largest among Malaysia Airlines, with over covering over 165 destinations. It may be difficult to travel to the region without boarding one of their flight. Therefore, arming yourself with the information shared below would help you make an informed decision about your luggage. Likewise, the information applies to most Malaysia airlines with slight differences in seat sizes, depending on the type of Aircraft.

Air Asia Airline Sizes: Luggage, Seats...
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Their service is not only limited to Asia, they have planes traversing the North American route and about 165 other locations. And the prices are competitive with those of Jetstar Pacific, Japan Airlines, Philippine Airlines, United Airlines, Hainan Airlines, American Airlines, blu-express flight, Avalon Airport, Zest air, Hawaiian Airlines, etc.

If you’re wondering what are the applicable weight, maximum dimensions, actual weight, and aircraft payload restrictions on AirAsia, this article provides you with all the information you need. All you need to know about excess baggage rate, oversized baggage fee, additional baggage pieces, etc. The size charts below capture all the information regarding size allowance on all AirAsia fleets.

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Air Asia Airline Sizes Table of Contents

Air Asia Airbus A320 Family Seat Sizes

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SeatPitch (inches)Pitch (cm)Width (inches)Width (cm)
Hot Seats29 in73.7 cm16 – 17 in41 – 43 cm
Standard Seats28 in71.1 cm16 – 17 in41 – 43 cm

Air Asia Airline A320-CEO: Type A Seat Sizes

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SeatPitch (inches)Pitch (cm)Width (inches)Width (cm)
Hot Seats29 in73.7 cm16 – 17 in41 – 43 cm
Standard Seats28 in71.1 cm16 – 17 in41 – 43 cm

Air Asia Airline A320-CEO: Type B Seat Sizes

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SeatPitch (inches)Pitch (cm)Width (inches)Width (cm)
Hot Seats29 in73.7 cm17 – 18 in43 – 46cm
Standard Seats28 in71.1 cm17 – 18 in43 – 46 cm

Air Asia Airline A320-NEO: Type C Seat Sizes

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SeatPitch (inches)Pitch (cm)Width (inches)Width (cm)
Hot Seats29 in73.7 cm17 – 18 in43 – 46cm
Standard Seats28 in71.1 cm17 – 18 in43 – 46 cm

Air Asia Airline A321-NEO: Type D Seat Sizes

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SeatPitch (inches)Pitch (cm)Width (inches)Width (cm)
Hot Seats29 in73.7 cm16 – 17 in41 – 43 cm
Standard Seats28 in71.1 cm16 – 17 in41 – 43 cm

Air Asia Airline A330 Seat Sizes

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SeatPitch (inches)Pitch (cm)Width (inches)Width (cm)
Hot Seats7.516 – 1716 – 1716-17” width
Standard Seats3016 – 1716 – 17width of 16-17”
Premium Flatbed591919 
Twin Seats3016 – 1716 – 17 

Air Asia Airline A330: Type A Seat Sizes

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SeatPitch (inches)Pitch (cm)Width (inches)Width (cm)
Hot Seats30 in76 cm16 – 1741 – 43 cm
Standard Seats30 in76 cm16 – 1741 – 43 cm
Premium Flatbed59 in150 cm1948 cm
Twin Seats31 in79 cm16 – 1741 – 43 cm

Air Asia Airline A330-NEO Seat Sizes

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SeatPitch (inches)Pitch (cm)Width (inches)Width (cm)
Hot Seats30 in76 cm17 – 18 in43 – 46 cm
Standard Seats30 in76 cm16 – 17 in41 – 43 cm
Premium Flatbed59 in150 cm19 in48 cm
Twin Seats30 in76 cm16 – 17 in41 – 43 cm

Air Asia Airbus A330: Type D Seat Sizes

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SeatPitch (inches)Pitch (cm)Width (inches)Width (cm)
Hot Seats31 in79 cm17 – 18 in43 – 46 cm
Standard Seats30 in76 cm16 – 17 in41 – 43 cm
Premium Flatbed59 in150 cm19 in48 cm
Twin Seats30 in76 cm16 – 17 in41 – 43 cm

AirAsia Airbus A330-NEO Seat Sizes

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SeatPitch (inches)Pitch (cm)Width (inches)Width (cm)
Hot Seats31 in79 cm17 – 18 in43 – 46 cm
Standard Seats30 in76 cm16 – 17 in41 – 43 cm
Premium Flatbed59 in150 cm19 in48 cm
Twin Seats30 in76 cm16 – 17 in41 – 43 cm

Air Asia Carry-on Baggage And Toiletry Seat Sizes

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ItemDept (cm)Length (inches)width (cm)width (inches)height (cm)height (inches)Weight (kg)Weight (lb)
Cary-on/ Cabin baggage56 cm22.0 in23 cm9.1 in36 cm14.1 in7 kg  15.4 lb
Personal item bag  10 cm3.9 in30 cm11.8 in40 cm15.7 in7 kg15.4 lb
Checked baggage  119 cm46.9 in119 cm46.9 in81 cm31.9 in15 – 40 kg5.9 – 15.7 lb
Toletory sizes100 ml (3.4 oz)–––––––
Plastic bag1 lt (34 oz)–––––––

AirAsia Fleet And Airplane Size Chart

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Aircraft TypeIn ServiceParkedTotalFuture 2HistoricAvg. AgeTotalFuture 2
Airbus A319–
Airbus A3201261002267349.7 Years2677
Airbus A3214–4––2.8 Years4–
Airbus A33071421–2111.9 Years42–
Airbus A340––––2–2–
Boeing 737–11–3821.7 Years39–
Boeing 747––––3–3–
McDonnell Douglas MD-11––––1–1–
Total13711525271009.8 Years3597

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fleet size of AirAsia?

According to its 2021 records, AirAsia boasts a fleet of 213 airplanes, with varying airplane sizes. This number is down from the 247 planes that it had as of 2020. The decrease in the fleet is due to the retirement of some of their planes. However, it is believed that there are currently 252 planes in its fleet as of 2022. 

The number of planes in its fleet is spread across its subsidiaries, which traverse several routes for domestic flights, international flights, rural air services, and US and Non-US routes. The type of aircraft on the Airasia fleet include AirAsia (102 aircraft), AirAsia India (28 aircraft), AirAsia Japan, AirAsia Philippines, AirAsia X (12 aircraft), AirAsia Zest, Asia, Aviation Capital (AAC), Indonesia AirAsia (25 aircraft), Indonesia AirAsia X, Philippines, Air Asia (23 aircraft), AirAsia Japan, Teleport (1 aircraft), Thai AirAsia (53 aircraft), Thai AirAsia X (8 aircraft).

The fleet includes Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Airbus A321, Airbus A330, Airbus A340, Boeing 737, Boeing 747, and McDonnell Douglas MD-11. Some of the planes are no longer in active service and some are as old as 9 – 10 years. Check the charts above for more details on the type of aircraft in the AirAsia fleet.

Can I carry 2 cabin baggage in AirAsia?

Yes. All passenger boarding Air Asia planes are entitled to two cabin bags one for personal items and the other for other belongings. The personal item bags are carried with the passengers in their seats and must fit into the bag space provided in the seat in front of you. Also, your luggage bags must fit in the overhead compartment provided in the cabin. However, neither bag should have a weight that exceeds 7 kg.

If the belongings you intend to travel with exceed the maximum dimensions and weight allowance for flights, you may opt for an extra bag which would attract an extra weight fee and additional charges. it is best to purchase and check in your extra bag do so before the day of departure, or hours before departure If you intend to purchase and check-in in an extra bag with different Baggage dimensions. It would allow you to avoid unnecessary delays etc.

AirAsia Airline staff at the airport would handle your baggage check-in.

What is the hand-carry luggage size for AirAsia?

AirAsia’s recommended size for The hand carry-on bag is 40cm in height, 30cm in width, and 10 cm deep. It must fit in the compartment provided in the seat in front of you. Also, it could be any kind of bag, provided it fits the recommended dimension, to avoid paying the excess baggage rate.

Also, if you’re carrying any fluid or item that contains liquid content in this bag, the size of the item must not exceed 3.4 oz, which is the maximum weight restriction on all Aircraft types and Airlines, including Zest Air, Japan Airlines, Hainan Airlines, United Airlines, Hawaiian Airline, Jetstar Airways.

All liquid items must be put in a plastic bag of about 20 cm in length and breadth. Before carrying it in your personal items bag. In case you have personal items you wish to carry with you on your trip, it’s best to opt for an additional baggage piece, which would give room for all baggage items. Check the size charts provided above for more details.

Is AirAsia strict with carry-on luggage?

Yes. There are clearly stated and strict rules guiding what bags you can bring on board an Air Asia plane. You can bring your laptop bags, your handbags, and your personal belongings bags, provided they don’t exceed the maximum weight restriction. But each bag must meet the standard dimension outlined on their websites. All belongings and pieces of baggage you are carrying along would be checked at the airport and if they exceed the recommended sizes, you’ll be charged excess baggage fees.

Also, It must meet the prescribed dimension: 56cm height, 36 cm width, and 23 cm depth for the bigger bags that contain your baggage items. The bag containing your personal belongings should not be more than 40cm in height, 30cm in width, and a depth of 10 cm.

According to the airline, any belongings or baggage that exceed these dimensions would be left behind at the airport, unless the owner pays the extra baggage charge to check it in. And The airline does not take responsibility for the bags left behind. Check the size charts above for more information about AirAsia bag sizes. Remember that these rules apply to domestic and international flights.

Can you bring a backpack and handbag on board AirAsia?

Yes. AirAsia allows you to come with your personal items bags or a personal carry-on bag of any kind, design, or brand on your domestic flights, international flights, or intercontinental flights, including the US and non-us routes. However, the sizes of the bags must adhere to the stipulated dimension.

AirAsia’s recommended dimension for personal items bags is XYZ. Bags exceeding that size would not be allowed by the airline staff at the airport, due to the restrictions surrounding air travel. You would be required to pay additional charges to take bags with larger sizes on board. It’s best to note that each passenger is only allowed to bring one personal items bag along with one language (larger bag) on board.

The combined weight of the two bags must not exceed 24kg with each bag limited to a total weight of 12kg. Failure to adhere to actual weight specifications would incur an excess weight fee. Every bag would be verified before flight departure to ensure that the plane is not overloaded.

How big are regular economy seats in AirAsia?

AirAsia regular economy seats are called Standard seats. The seat sizes are not all the same for all the planes in the fleet and the sizes a minimal. It however has enough room to provide convenience and comfort for the transit time, from flight departure to arrival, no matter how long your journey takes. The seats are often 16 inches to 17 inches wide. It also has a pitch size of about 28 inches.

But pitch and seat sizes may vary from one aircraft type to another. For example, AirAsia’s Airbus 320 has a pitch size of 28 inches, while Airbus 330 has a 30 inches pitch size for regular economy. It’s best to check the size charts outlined in the article above for details of the standard seat sizes across all planes in AirAsia’s fleet.

Is AirAsia strict with Carrying a Surfing board along?

Yes. AirAsia has strict regulations guiding the bringing of all types of boards including surfboards, board equipment, windsurfing boards, etc on the plane. Surfing boards must be packed in a recognized surfboard bag and the height of the surfing board should not exceed 277 cm or 109 inches. You can only come with one surfboard or any other type of board for free. the size should not exceed 15kg.

However, if your surfboards exceed the stipulated weight, you are allowed to pay a fee and check in your well-packed surfboards, up to 32kg. Most surfboard bags cost btw $75 to $150 for an oversized baggage fee, depending on the size of the additional baggage piece. However, for AirAsia For the flights operating to/from north America, surfboards are considered part of the standard baggage allowance.

However, the surfboard length onboard the north American flight route must not exceed 2.05m. The rules are slightly different for the Philippines AirAsia, Thai AirAsia, AirAsia Japan, etc. Other airlines such as Hawaiian Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Japan Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Hainan Airlines, blu-express flight, and Jetstar Pacific.

Does AirAsia allow sports equipment on the plane?

AirAsia allows passengers to come along with any sports equipment of their choice: Surfing boards, Skis boards, Surfing boards, Snowboards, Cricket, soccer boots, Diving gear, etc. The only condition is that it must adhere to the airline size specifications. The ski, surfboards, and snowboards, for example, must be packed in the recommended bags. Other types of boards must be packed in their ideal bags also.

You may consider doing this before the day of departure or hours before departure. The actual weight of the equipment must not exceed 15 kg if you want to take it in for free, or 60kg if you’re paying an excess weight fee. AirAsia also allows you to pack your boots and your boards in the same bag. However, it is critical to note that AirAsia does not consider all sports equipment as complementary.

Minimal, Longboard, Fish surfing board, Soft board, Stand-up Paddleboard, and Bodyboard/Boogie board are the only type of board considered complementaries. Boards like Kite surfing boards and windsurfing boards are not regarded as complementaries according to the AirAsia website. Whatever type of board you are bringing on board, remember to put it in the appropriate bag.

Do Air Asia airline sizes apply to Kuala Lumpur?

Kuala Lumpur, like Darul Ehsan, is one of the fastest-growing cities in Asia owing to the growth in the popularity of Malaysia, which has made the city one of the most coveted for Asian Airlines. Malaysia Airlines are some of the most booked in the world. AirAsia size restrictions and rules applied in Kuala Lumpur as in other cities across Asia.

Your language will be checked right there at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport before your plane departs the city. If it fails to meet the required standard, you’ll not be allowed to take them on board. It’s best to interact with Air Asia Airline staff at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport to understand how to navigate the problem. The size restrictions apply to both to and return flights. However, you can cut your costs by booking and returning flights ahead.

What are AirAsia Aircraft payload restrictions?

AirAsia Aircraft payload restrictions are the same as the general baggage rules as well as the rules guiding board equipment, surfboards, or any board. It borders around the baggage dimensions, excess baggage rates, oversized baggage fees, and all extra baggage charges already discussed above. This rule covers AirAsia operations across US and Non-US routes, domestic routes, intercontinental flights, etc.

The payload is limited to 7kg per bag if the baggage is not checked-in. However, in some cases, AirAsia payload may vary with airplane size because the actual weight of language that a plane can carry would determine the payload limit for domestic flights and intercontinental flights


All airlines worldwide (Zest Air, Philippine Airlines, Philippines AirAsia, Japan Airlines, Hainan Airlines, blu-express flight, United Airlines, American Airlines, Jetstar Pacific, etc.) have their own oversized baggage fee. It applies to Short-haul and medium-haul flights and intercontinental flights. If you intend to fly AirAsia, it’s best to equip yourself with adequate information about the maximum size, Baggage dimensions, excess baggage rate, airport excess weight, and allowances.

Having the information at the time of booking gives you enough time to plan and adjust your baggage items to fit the required sizes. If you are in doubt about what to do, you can hire a travel agency to help out. Check the size charts above for more information. Keep in mind that all sizes apply on both domestic routes and international routes. Leave your questions in the comment section below and remember to share the content.

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