Lanzom Hat Size for Adult and Kids

Famous for its impeccable designs, Lanzom offers you top-quality hats to ensure you enjoy an immersive experience, whether at the beach playing or on outdoor travel. They also come with a packable design, allowing you to fold them without damaging them (skip straight to the Lanzom Hat Size Charts).

Lanzom Hat Size for Adult and Kids
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So, why do you need the right Lanzom hat size for your beach vacation?

Beach vacation involves many activities, such as volleyball, sand hopscotch, and sand art. Moreover, the hot summer weather can be challenging to put up with if you don’t have a perfect size straw sun hat to protect you from direct sunshine.

Is it your first time purchasing a Lanzom hat for your partner? Don’t panic; our size guide can help you with every hat product detail, including the head size. We ensure you find the ideal hat size for you and your loved one!

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Lanzom Hat Size Table of Contents

Lanzom Hat Size Chart

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Infant Size Chart

Age SizeHat SizeDimensions
0 – 6 months17.5 in 44 cm
6 – 12 months XS18.5 in 47 cm
6 – 12 months S618.8 in 48 cm
12 – 18 months M6 ⅛19.5 in 49 cm
12 – 18 months M 12 – 24 months M6 ¼19.6 in 50 cm
2 – 4 years L 4 – 6 years S6 ⅜20 in 51 cm
2 – 4 years L 4 – 6 years S6 ½20.3 in 52 cm
7 – 8 years M6 ⅝20.9 in 53 cm
7 – 8 years M6 ¾21.25 in 54 cm
7 – 8 years L6 ⅞21.6 in 55 cm
10+ years L722 in 56 cm
XL child7 ⅛22.3 in 59 cm

Adult Hat Size Chart

International SizingUS Hat SizeMeasurements
Small6 ¾21.1 in 54 cm
6 ⅞21.5 in 55 cm
Medium721.8 in 56 cm
7 ⅛22.1 in 57 cm
Large7 ¼22.6 in 58 cm
7 ⅜23 in 59 cm
XL7 ½23.5 in 60 cm
7 ⅝23.8 in 61 cm
XXL7 ¾24.1 in 62 cm
7 ⅞24.6 in 63 cm
XXXL825 in 64 cm
8 ⅛25.5 in 65 cm

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Lanzom Hats Comparison Size Chart

Product NameHat CircumferenceFit
Lanzom Women’s Brim Floppy Panama Hat22.6 in 57.4 cm22 – 22.8 in
Lanzom Cowboy Cowgirl Hat22.4 – 23.2 in 57 – 59 cm
Lady Retro Wide Brim Hat22.5 in 57.1 cm22 – 22.8 in 56 – 58 cm
Lanzom Women Men Two Tone Hat22.6 in 57.4 cm22 – 22.8 in 56 – 58 cm
Lanzom Women Wide Brim Straw Panama Sun Hat22.5 in 57.1 cm22 – 22.8 in 56 – 58 cm
Lanzom Straw Boater Foldable Packable Beach Hat22.5 in 57.1 cm22 – 22.8 in 56 – 58 cm

How to Choose the Right Lanzom Hat Size

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Whether you need a race day event or summer vacation Lanzom hat, finding the perfect size will ensure you have an exhilarating experience. So, how can you confirm you’ve selected the right Lanzom hat size?

1. Measure Your Head

Are you finding it difficult to point out your usual size Lanzom hat? Getting your head measurements can help you identify the ideal hat size. Reason? Sizing differences can leave you in a dilemma, picking a smaller or larger hat.

To get an accurate measurement:

  • Step 1. Take your tape measure and wrap it around your head.
  • Step 2. When wrapping the tape measure, make sure you place it where the hat will rest
  • Step 3. Suppose you have an old hat, you can fit it to feel where it rests. Measuring on this spot will ensure you get an accurate size head. Again, place the tape measure above your ears to avoid getting a larger hat size.
  • Step 4. After you’ve found the ideal spot, measure to the nearest 1/8 inch. Then take the measurements three to five times. Suppose you get different figures all through; don’t panic this happens to most people. All you need to do is pay more attention when wrapping the tape measure around your head.
  • Step 5. Once you settle on a specific measurement, use it to make an order online. This way, you will be assured of a fitting hat without leaving lots of space.

2. Durability

Do you need a paper straw material sun hat for your summer vacation? Lanzom hats are usually made with durable straw material to ensure you enjoy long-term service. Moreover, they are flexible enough to maintain their shapes.

You can explore the wide selection that Lanzom offers online or visit a nearby store. Whether you need a Lanzom Women Wide Brim Straw Panama Roll or the Lanzom Sun Hats for Women Wide Brim Straw Boater Hat Foldable Packable Beach Hat.

3. Price

One of the main factors to consider when purchasing a Lanzom hat is the price. Lanzom offers top-quality hats at pocket-friendly prices. However, this is not all, as you may have to part with more cash for shipping charges or the fastest delivery services. 

Again, the return policy may demand more payments if the online store charges exchange requests and return shipping fees anytime a client purchases a smaller or larger hat. Once you find an affordable Lanzom hat, you can make your order or visit a nearby store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Lanzom hat sizes?

Lanzom hat sizes vary depending on the design; that’s why you find some to be longer or wider. Nevertheless, the most common measurement for the Lanzom hats is 22.5 inches or 58 cm head circumference. 

How do I know my Lanzom size?

The most accurate way to identify the perfect straw sun hat for your summer vacation is by measuring your head size. Once you find the measurement, order a Lanzom hat with matching measurements. 

How much does a Lanzom hat cost?

Every Lanzom product description displays the specified price tag. You can find the perfect summer accessory from as low as $7 to as high as $53. These figures may vary depending on the delivery location.

Can I exchange a Lanzom hat online?

Before purchasing a Lanzom hat, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the product information and the store’s return policy. This way, you will know what is expected of you in case the hat does not fit you. 

Some stores will allow you to exchange the hat if it’s in unused condition. Still, not all online stores accept exchange requests. You can always clarify these conditions on the customer questions section of the retailer’s site. 

What’s the best travel Lanzom hat?

The best travel hat should be convenient to carry in your backpack or suitcase. It should also maintain its original condition for prolonged service. Lanzom offers you excellent quality paper straw hats to choose from, including Wool Fedora-style hat and Panama hats.


Searching for the ideal sun straw hat for your summertime vacation? Lanzom provides a wide range of hats to choose from depending on your fashion taste or requirements. You don’t have to withstand the hot sun all day. 

You can enjoy your beach games without worrying about the scorching sun. And suppose you get stuck choosing the perfect travel-ready accessory, our professionals will take you step-by-step to ensure you obtain a fitting hat. All you need to do is ask for help in the comments below!

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