Deodorant and Antiperspirant Sizes

There are several shapes and sizes of deodorant containers on the market today. Each one with its unique touch. The kind of container that houses your deodorant is determined by the state of the deodorant itself. Not all deodorant or antiperspirants comes as solid or liquid. Some are made of jell, and others are contained in aerosol cans (skip straight to the deodorant and antiperspirant sizes charts).

Whichever state your deodorant comes in, the size and type of the container matter a lot. Sometimes it influences the price and at other times it determines how long it lasts.

Deodorant and Antiperspirant Sizes
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How do you determine deodorant or antiperspirant sizes?

The easiest way is to look at the body of the can. Ideally, the sizes and how it interacts with body odor should be indicated. However, in situations where you need more information than the weight or the volume of the can, your option is to use a deodorant-size guide. Each deodorant container has its specific capacity and metrics.

There are thousands of antiperspirants and classes of deodorant deodorants for women and men. One of the things to always keep in mind is that the sizes of each would determine the value you’ll derive from its use.

Check the size charts below to determine the standard sizes of the most popular deodorant containers.

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Deodorant and Antiperspirant Table of Contents

Stick Deodorant Size Chart

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DescriptionHeightHeight (inches)Base diameter (inches)Base diameterCover diameterCover diameter (inches)
Mini Oval stick76 mm3 in21 mm0.8 in38 mm1.5 in
Round stick101 mm4 in48.2 mm1.9 in48.2 mm1.9 in
Standard Oval stick`115 mm4.5 in32 mm1.3 in56 mm2.2 in
Wide oval stick136 mm5.4 in31.2 mm1.2 in68.8 mm2.7 in

Pushup Paper Deodorant Size Chart

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SizeVolumeHeight diameter Weight
0.3 oz8.5 ml70 mm2.8 in21 mm0.8 in7 g
0.5 oz14 ml76 mm3.0 in24 mm0.9 in14 g
1 oz28 ml86 mm3.4 in27 mm1.1 in25 g
1.5 oz42 ml95 mm3.7 in32 mm1.3 in40 g
2 oz56 ml95 mm3.7 in38 mm1.5 in60 g
2.5 0z98 ml110mm4.3 in40 mm1.6 in75 g

Frosted Bottle Deodorant Size Chart

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VolumeHeightHeight (inches)diameterDiameter (inches)
30 ml88 mm3.5 in49 mm1.9 in
50 ml98 mm3.9 in54 mm2.13 in
100 ml120 mm4.7 in66 mm2.6 in
120 ml132 mm5.2 in74 mm2.9 in

Twist Bottle Deodorant Size Chart

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DescriptionSizeBase diameterBase Diameter (inches)HeightHeight (inches)
MIDE-0115 ml29 mm1.1 in70 mm2.8 in
MIDEO-0230 ml36 mm1.4 in78 mm3.1 in
MIDE-0350 ml48 mm1.9 in84 mm3.3 in
MIDE-0475 ml48 mm1.9 in103mm4.1 in

Refillable Deodorant Size Chart

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Cannister WeightSizeBase diameterBase diameter (Inches)HeightHeight (Inches)
50 g15 ml29 mm1.2 in70 mm2.8 in
50 g30 ml36 mm1.4 in78 mm3.1 in
30 g50 ml48 mm1.9 in84 mm3.3 in
30 g75 ml48 mm1.9 in103mm4.1 in

Aerosol Can Deodorant Size Chart

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DescriptionDiameterDiameter (inches)HeightHeight (inches)
Necked-in45 mm1.8 in80 – 220 mm3.2 – 8.7 in
Necked-in52 mm2.1 in80 – 300 mm3.2 – 11.8 in
Straignt52 mm2.1 in76 – 200 mm3.0 – 7.9 in
Necked-in57 mm2.3 in90 – 240 mm3.5 – 9.5 in
Necked-in60 mm2.4 in90 – 240 mm3.5 – 9.5 in
Straight60 mm2.4 in90 – 240 mm3.5 – 9.5 in
Necked-in65 mm2.6 in80 – 300 mm3.2 – 11.8 in
Straight65 mm2.6 in80 – 240 mm3.2 – 9.5 in
Necked-in70 mm2.7 in90 – 240 mm3.5 – 9.5 in
Straight84 mm3.3 in100 – 240 mm3.9 – 9.5 in

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard size of deodorant and antiperspirant?

There is no specific recommendation or stipulation that guides the manufacturing and sizes of deodorant containers. Manufacturers usually produce antiperspirant deodorants based on the demands in the market.

The sizes of classic stick deodorants are different from the spray. The refillable sizes are different from the pushup paper. Therefore it is difficult to recommend an ideal or standard size for deodorants.

However, when it comes to air travel, the standard size for deodorants and cosmetics is 3.40 oz. In every other situation, antiperspirant deodorant sizes could be anywhere from 0.05 oz to 7 oz or even 10 oz in some cases. Check the size charts above to see details of antiperspirant container sizes.

Check out this video to learn more about the different sizes of deodorant bottles

Sunscreen / deodorant stick containers in different shapes and sizes by Cecilia Guangzhou YELLO Packaging

How many Oz is spray deodorant?

Spray deodorants come in various sizes. The capacity of each varies from one size to another. Generally, spray deodorant sizes ranges from 0.5 oz to 5 or 6 oz.

However, it is best to know that there is spray deodorant that comes in aerosol cans which are much different from the common spray bottle or mini spray bottle. You can see the size chart above for details of spray bottle sizing.

How long is a stick of deodorant and antiperspirant in inches?

There are different sizes of stick deodorants. Generally, deodorants are measured in millimeters (mm) Due to their often small sizes compared to inches.

You are likely to find Stick deodorants that are 3 inches up to 5.4 inches long. You can check the stick deodorant size charts above for more details on deodorant sizes in inches.

Do deodorant and antiperspirant have to be travel size?

No. Travel-size deodorant is only necessary if you are going by plane. There are several deodorant sizes that exceed the recommended travel size deodorant. Ideally, a travel-size deodorant should be maximum of 3.40 oz.

Anything above that size is not allowed on the plane, except for people who use the checked bag. There are deodorants of 5 oz and above. Deodorant contained in aerosol cans could have sizes of up to 6 oz

How do you make travel-size deodorant?

If your deodorant size exceeds the stipulated 3.40 oz size, you can make use of the refillable containers. These containers work for deodorants that are in a liquid state.

You simply buy the refillable of the size you want and fill it with your favorite deodorants for your journey. And if it’s solid, use the stick deodorant container.

How long will 3.4 oz of deodorant and antiperspirant last?

A 3.4 oz deodorant has a capacity to hold 100 ml quantity of content if it’s liquid. 100 ml would hold for an average of 1000 to 1250 spray. It should last for 500 days or more. But it’s difficult to aggregate the days that a solid deodorant would last because the duration depends on use and exposure to air.

In most cases, solid deodorants last longer than liquid deodorants. The duration of your deodorant also depends on the active component used. Hydrogenated Castor Oil and some popular deodorants for women last longer than mild ones.

How long does Crystal deodorant Last?

Crystal or solid deodorants last much longer than fluid and gel. It works with air and vapourization. Just like the working of lotion on the body, solid deodorant robs off the body and projects a fresh scent.

Even though body lotion helps a bit, the odor protection it provides can’t be compared with what you’ll get from a good deodorant. In some cases, you can expect up to 48-hour protection and a crisp scent if you use Crystal Deodorant Stone or deodorant wipes, which also offer effective and comfortable underarms protection.

Although the result you get depends on the quality of the deodorant used. Crystals and wipes are gentle deodorants that work well for the delicate underarm skin


Everyone deserves Effective protection against foul odor that comes from a sweaty body, dry skin, broken skin, or a long day of stressful work. Wearing a high-quality deodorant or antiperspirant is a guaranteed means of providing hours of odor protection for your skin.

Several deodorants on the market provide a constant clean scent, fresh scent, and body fragrance that projects your best self to the world out there. And they come in various sizes that meet your needs.

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