Shuffleboard Table Size and Dimensions

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A shuffleboard table is a long, flat surface upon which players push metal or plastic discs (called weights or pucks) with their fingers. The object of the game is to score points by shooting the weights into a scoring area at the end of the table, or by causing the weights of an opponent to go into that area (skip straight to the shuffleboard table size charts).

A player scores one point for each weight that goes into the scoring area and three points for each weight that gets knocked off of the playing surface entirely. The first player to reach the predetermined score wins the game. Shuffleboard is often played in bars and other public places, as it is a relatively simple game that people of all ages and skill levels can enjoy.

Shuffleboard Table Size and Dimensions
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You never know the importance of size when it comes to shuffleboards until you get one that’s off-sized. Besides getting tired fast, you’d easily lose interest in a game that doesn’t allow some good room space for fun. What most people know when they’re off for a shuffleboard table is the exact position it’s going to stay the moment it lands home. But purists will tell you that there’s so much more to that including the foot length and the shuffleboard regulation size.

Being that these items come in a variety of sizes, having a clear picture of what you need would help you narrow down to a great option. These are just among the basic factors that you’d have to focus on.

Here are your most personal questions about shuffleboard sizes answered.

Jump right into the Frequently Asked Questions

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Shuffleboard Table Size Table of Contents

Shuffleboard table size charts

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 Box/Cradle  Playing surface  Puck
INCHESHeight (in)Length (ft)Width (in)Height (in)Length (ft)Width (in)Diameter (in)
9 foot31931308162 2/8
12 foot3112313010.5-11162 2/8
14 foot3114313012.8-13202 5/16
16 foot3116313014.8-15202 5/16
18 foot3118313016.7-17202 5/16
20 foot3120313018.7-19202 5/16
22 foot3122313020.5-21202 5/16

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 Box/Cradle  Playing surface  Puck
CMHeight (cm)Length (metres)Width (cm)Height (m)Length (metres)Width (cm)Diameter (cm)
9 foot78.742.778.7476.22.440.645.7
12 foot78.743.678.7476.23.15 – 3.340.645.7
14 foot78.744.278.7476.23.8 – 3.950.85.8
16 foot78.744.878.7476.24.44 – 4.550.85.8
18 foot78.745.478.7476.25 –
20 foot78.74678.7476.25.6 – 5.750.85.8
22 foot78.746.678.7476.26.15 – 6.350.85.8

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes do shuffleboard tables come in?

You’ll find a variety of shuffleboard table lengths, the most common ones being 8-foot, 9-foot, 12-foot, 14-foot, 16-foot, 18-foot, 20-foot, and 22-foot table lengths. While the regulation shuffleboard length is 22 feet and 20 inches wide, your option will be greatly subjective to the amount of space you’re looking at.

The only time you want to go down in size is when you don’t have enough space to fix the table. Otherwise, you’re better off with a 22-foot table that duplicates a tournament experience in your home.

Even with a 20-foot table that allows some extra space for the game and a little cheering, you’re good enough for well-spent weekends. However, the 22 feet, being the official length of a shuffleboard table, can do you better if you’re generous with space.

How wide is a 14-foot shuffleboard table?

A 14-foot table comes 16 inches wide with a 1 ¾ inch thickness. The table goes between small and medium sizes, thrilling the less-experienced players. The table does not require much space, compared to a full-size shuffleboard table but allows you to unleash your potential on your way to the top.

The table wouldn’t be a great option for freaky tournament players who love to go full throttle but would be a go-to for casual players who have limited space in their homes.

Nevertheless, the table would give you a perfect platform to exploit different styles of the game without much difficulty. Even so, beginners will always fall in love with this size before they set their game up.

How much does a 22 ft shuffleboard weigh?

This is an official shuffleboard size that weighs 1210 pounds. If getting the table from abroad, the whole shipping weight would be 1430 pounds. Such weight doesn’t dig so much into your account when buying the table. Moreover, the weight is just as friendly regardless of the position it’s going to end up in.

The weight of the table could be more, depending on its thickness and the type of material that it’s made of. Hence, be sure to consult before making a purchase. You also want to be conscious of how much weight the surface you’re going to place the table can entertain.

You’re safest placing the table on your ground floor because you never know when life happens.

Is a 9 shuffleboard table fun?

Yes, especially to children, beginners, or casual players. This is a small shuffleboard table that is only taken out when space is limited or when you’re yet to build your skills on the game.

You’ll notice that the more competent a player gets the bigger the table they will require. Such a small table would only allow you to have everything within your reach. This explains why most children would find this size friendly.

Additionally, when speaking of maintenance, size becomes a big concern. However, such a size is very easy to maintain as compared to a full-size table.

What kind of wood do you use for a shuffleboard table?

The majority of shuffleboard tables are either made of hard maple wood or soft maple wood. The type of wood comes in handy when durability comes to question.

While soft maple tables are a great option because they can be coated with polymer to give a smooth playing surface, hard maple ones are even better. The latter material has been used through the years to make high-quality and the best shuffleboard tables.

A hard maple wood table is thicker than the lower quality tables that are made of rubber wood or poplar. The table features a 3-inch thickness which can go for years without warping.

How big is the biggest shuffleboard table?

The 22-foot table is the biggest shuffleboard in the market. With a 20-inch shuffleboard table width, 22 feet long, and at least 3 inches of thickness, the table is used in both tournaments involving highly competent players and at home.

Such shuffleboard measurements would require a much bigger space than any other table size. If looking for a room, be sure to add two more feet of length as well as width so that the spectators can have their share of the fun.

What’s the smallest shuffle table?

The 8-feet shuffleboard table. This site is mostly taken out for kids. It could provide some good training ground for anyone who just started showing some interest in the game. Being slightly smaller than the 9-feet shuffleboard table, this size is ideal for a controlled style of game.


When it comes to choosing a shuffleboard table, size is an important consideration. You want to make sure that the table will fit comfortably in the space you have available. You need to decide how many people you want to be able to play at once. If you are looking for a table that will accommodate large parties, you will need a bigger table. But if you just want a table for a few friends or family members, a smaller table will suffice.

Next, you need to consider the dimensions of the room where the table will be located. You want to make sure that there is enough space around the table so that players can move freely without bumping into furniture or walls. The last thing you want is for your game to be interrupted by someone having to leave the room because they are cramped up.

Finally, you need to think about your budget. Shuffleboard tables can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you can find a table that is the perfect size for your needs.

We hope that with this shuffleboard table size guide, your purchase is going to be a lot easier than before. Got questions regarding shuffleboard table sizing and dimensions? Don’t be shy. Please ask and we’ll be glad to assist. Thanks for reading!

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