Size Charts and Brands For Wide Women’s shoes

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Size Charts for Wide Women’s Shoes

Around 70 percent of all people are walking daily with shoes that aren’t wide enough. For women, this figure is even higher. Time to work out a post on Size Charts and Brands For Wide Women’s shoes!
On, you find hundreds of size charts and sizing guides about specific brands, models, and footwear types. All these tables and dimensions are perfectly usable in this post. Finding the right fit isn’t just about the length.
In fact, the correct width of your shoes is crucial: For comfort but even more important for your health!

Pro Tip:
A shoe that feels too snug at toes or heel, you can easily size up or down. Especially, shoes that fit well but feel too tight on the ball of your feet is a bigger challenge.
In fact, sizing up or down will not help. The model you chose is just uncomfortably tight. Deeply in love with your shoes? Read the 7 tips on how to stretch your shoes that are too tight.

Since this is quite a large guide, find a clickable index to help you navigate:

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Why a guide about Wide Women’s Shoes?

A great pair of new shoes is the final touch of your new outfit, no doubt about that. These days you can literally find all shoes that fit your garderobe in 2 clicks.
Finding stylish shoes that have the perfect fit can be a real challenge, for example, when you’re a woman and you have wide feet.
This size-charts guide, based on experts and well-studied size charts, will make the search for wide women’s shoes easier. We’re determined to help women find great looking shoes that fit wide feet.

Getting the Perfect Fit

Many people don’t know there are different widths in shoes because many brands don’t offer wide fitting.
Since many online retailers don’t focus on this important feature of well-fitting shoes you receive shoes that look nice, but fit poorly.
You need to consider both the length and width for a comfortable fitting of your shoes.
The length of your feet is shown by a number in your shoe size. The width is indicated with a letter or a word. , with medium being the default size sold in most stores.

Summary of Shoe Width Size indication:
Women’s shoes come in 4 different widths:
– AA or Narrow
– B or M – Medium (the standard most brands and retailers use)
– D or Wide (W)
– EE or Extra Wide (XW)

Size Charts Shoe Width Sizing Measurement PRO TIP: 
Width Sizes can be different by brand.
There is a .38″ or 1 cm difference in width indication.
A wide shoe is 1cm or 0.38″ (inch) more wide than a D or Wide shoe
An EE or Extra Wide width shoe is approximately .38″ or 1cm wider
than Wide width shoes / D.
how to measure your feet for wide feet
How to measure the width of your feet

How to measure your feet width

An easy to follow step by step article to get your feet measured correctly!.Check it in this post. Measure your feet at least once a year. People change, feet as well 😉

Best brands taking care of Wide Women’s feet

Casual Wide Width Shoes for Women

Brands that are making casual everyday shoes and sneakers. Wide width casual shoes for women:

Athletic Wide Width Shoes for Women

Women who are in need of wide athletic shoes can switch to men’s styles to accommodate wider feet, since men’s shoes run wider to begin with. However, if you’d prefer styles made specifically for women, consider the following:

  • Nike: The selection of styles and colors is a little more limited when you need wide or extra wide widths, but Nike remains a popular option for women’s athletic shoes.
  • Puma: Puma athletic shoes come in wide styles that you’ll love to wear even on the days you’re not exercising.
  • Asics: In addition to offering wide width shoes, Asics has models specifically designed to accommodate underpronation or overpronation.
  • Brooks: Brooks running shoes are lightweight but supportive and come in a number of widths.
  • New Balance: Often recommended by podiatrists, New Balance athletic shoes are stylish and comfortable.

Formal Wide Width Shoes for Women

Wide, yet stylish, high heels, loafers, and other formal shoe styles are available from the following brands:

  • Michael Kors: Designer shoes aren’t out of reach just because you have wide feet. This brand has several formal styles in wide widths.
  • Stuart Weitzman: For the shoe-obsessed, this brand has everything from everyday pumps to sexy stilettos and over-the-knee boots. Look for suede or soft leather styles to mold to your feet.
  • Sam Edelman: This brand offers both classic and fashion forward formal shoes.
  • Steve Madden: Steve Madden has affordable sandals, pumps, boots, and loafers in wide widths. Look for wider, stacked heels to offer comfortable support.
  • Torrid: Plus size retailer Torrid offers affordable yet trendy heels, boots, and flats that are perfect for date night or a night on the town with friends.

Professional Wide Width Work shoes for Women

Shopping Online: Find your Wide Width Shoes

If you are shopping online for wide width shoes, consider the following retailers:

  • 6PM: Perfect for bargain savvy shoppers, this site makes it easy to search for both wide and extra-wide women’s shoes. Shipping is free when you order two or more pairs or spend a minimum of $50.
  • Wide Shoes: Hitchcock Wide Shoe Closet for Women, is an online collection of wide shoes for women in widths EE and wider since 2014. Featuring wide shoes developed by themselves and others carefully selected from leading manufacturers. A real specialist with a large selection of women’s wide shoes for all occasions.
  • Zappos: Designed to streamline your shoe shopping experience, Zappos lets you search for wide and extra-wide women’s shoes by size and preferred style. Filter your choices even further by searching for specific colors, heel heights, or accents.
  • Overstock: Find brand names like Skechers, Clarks, New Balance, and Asics at deeply discounted prices by browsing the wide width section of this popular website. An option to search for extra wide width shoes is also available.
  • Famous Footwear: Browse an extensive selection of women’s wide width and extra wide shoes online, with free in-store pickup and free in-store returns to help you find the perfect fit.
  • Nordstrom: This department store’s website has a section of its website devoted to women’s wide and extra wide width shoes, with popular brands such as Birkenstock, Sam Edelman, and Nike.

Understanding wide feet measurements?

How to measure your feet we handle here

In a reading mode?
Our posts dedicated to work shoes and boots
Our posts dedicated to safety shoes and boots
The size charts post on the importance of width in shoes
7 tips on how to stretch your shoes that are too tight

In this article, we will explain the multiple types of footwear available and how the measurements work. 
Eager to buy wide fit safety shoes and boots on amazon? Check them here.

You may have noticed alongside the standard measurements which determine the length and general size of the item, a measurement in the form of a number of “e”. These measurements are usually either “eee” or “eeee”, but what do these mean? 

Both of these are a standard measurement of width, meaning that with each length size the width measurement also increases. The direct use of the amount of e’s determines how wide the item is, with more meaning larger. These measurements are always taken from the circumference of the widest part of the foot. 

Width Size conversion tables in mm, cm, UK, US, and EU sizes

This UK – US – EU foot width chart should give you a good idea of the shoe width you require.
These sizes are measured with your foot on the ground, measured from left to right on the widest part of your foot.

Pro Tip:
1 Centimeter (cm) = 0,4 Inches
Divide the millimeters by 2,5 and you have the inches measurement

UK SizeUS SizeEU SizeAA
B or M
D or W
EE or XW
X Wide
35367.2 cm8.1 cm9 cm10 cm
46377.5 cm8.5 cm9.4 cm10.3 cm
57387.9 cm8.8 cm9.7 cm10.6 cm
68398.3 cm9 cm10 cm11 cm
79408.6 cm9.4 cm10.3 cm11.3 cm
810418.8 cm9.7 cm10.6 cm11.6 cm
911429.1 cm10 cm11 cm11.9 cm
1012439.6 cm10.3 cm11.2 cm12.3 cm
1113449.7 cm10.6 cm11.6 cm12.7 cm
1214459.9 cm10.9 cm12 cm13.1 cm
13154610.2 cm11.2 cm12.4 cm13.5 cm

Extra wide sizes measured with circumference in mm to UK, US and EU Sizes

You may not be familiar with the E (Extra Wide) measurement scheme in which case here are some conversions which may make more sense. 

Pro Tip:
1 Millimeter (mm) = 0,04 Inches
Divide the millimeters by 25 and you have the inches measurement

UK SizeUS SizeEU SizeEEE / F / +1EEE / G / +2EEEE / H / +3

Wide Women’s Shoes Fitting Guide and FAQ

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