Luggage Size Chart

Aegean Airlines Sizes: Luggage, Seats…

The Aegean Airline offers their customers both domestic and international services with highly competent services. They have a well-stipulated policy regarding baggage restrictions and sizes to ensure passenger protection. The Aegean Airline sizes also cover the spacing and sizes of the seats to ensure a comfortable journey. Here is a comprehensive Aegean airlines sizes guide.


Air France Sizes: Luggage, Seats…

When boarding Air France planes, the first thing to keep in mind is Air France Sizes. here are strict rules guiding the dimension of baggage, carry-on bags, toiletries plastic bags and all. Exceeding the criteria would attract additional fees for any distance of air travel. Check the size charts below for detailed information.


British Airways Sizes: Luggage, Seats…

British Airways is a globally recognized airline and one of the leading airlines. It is well known for its standard services to its customers making the airline outstanding. If you’re traveling with British Airways on an upcoming flight, here’s everything you need to know about your British Airways baggage allowance and fees. All the best!