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Kids Size Charts

Growing up means Sizing up. From new-borns, babies, toddlers, little kids, big kids, or teens… they all have one thing in common: they grow, they evolve from size to size. Dedicated and expert kids size charts help you along the way in finding the right product.


Kids Shoe Size Chart

A good pair of shoes for your children is essential for healthy evolution. Shoes come in many colors and materials, but also in many sizes. There’s a need for specialized Kids shoe size chart.

The size chart for kids’ shoes can be found on the Kids Shoe size charts page. It gives a pretty complete overview of measurements and the most common international sizes for newborns until teenagers.
Sizes differ between brands and between types of footwear. That’s why we always recommend measuring both feet of your son or daughter. Here’s a simple how-to post about it.

A quick overview: How Kids Shoe Sizes Work

This easy chart shows the shoe size for your kids by age group. A quick conversion overview between age, foot length, US Sizes, UK sizes, and European Sizes for kids’ shoes. Note: Kids’ shoe sizes are unisex, there’s no difference between girls’ and boys’ shoe sizes.

AgeFoot lengthFoot lengthUS SizeUK SizeEU Size
Little KidNewborn0 – 3 Months9.5 – 10 cm3.7″ – 3.9″0 – 2C0 – 1.515 – 17
Little KidInfant3 – 12 Months10 – 11.5 cm3.9″ – 4.6″2 – 4C1.5 – 3.518 – 20
Little KidToddler1 – 3 Years12 – 16 cm4.7″ – 6.5″4.5 – 9C4 – 8.520 – 26
Little KidPre-school4 – 6 Years16 – 19.5 cm6.7″-7.5″10-13.59.5-1327-30.5
Big KidGrade School6 – 10 Years19.6-22.6 cm7.6″-8.9″13.5-4.5Y13 – 430.5-35.5
Youth/TeenGrade School10 – 14 Years22.6-27.2 cm8.9″-10.7″4.5 – 6Y4 -5.535.5-39

Kids Clothes Size Guide

The kids Size charts for Clothes will provide easy to use guides to help you get great fitting clothes for your kids at every stage of their young lives.

As in many products sold globally in clothing there are many sizing systems and clothes size charts.

The Sizing guides on provide US Size Guide Kids Clothes Size Chart,

Kids Belt Size Chart

Kids Grow and so do their clothes sizes. The finishing touch is a nice good fitting belt. With the Belt Size Charts you can easily buy the correct sized belt for your loved ones. 

The correct belt size is important for many reasons. From aesthetical point of view, the belt and pants can’t be too long. In addition, a belt must be comfortable and easy to strap, it should not be too short.

A tight belt or waistband is like a tourniquet around your waist, disrupting the flow of your digestive system. We’re no doctors, however, some study learns us that a too-tight belt can cause Health problems or physical harm like Heart Burn (Acid Reflux), Abdominal Pain, Lower Back and Spinal Pain, Leg tingling,… and so on. With Belts, Size does matter.

AgeClothes Size
Clothes Size
US Belt Size
European Belt Size
0-6 Months0-6M50-6820 “50
6-12 Months6-12M68-8021″50
12-18 Months12M/1T80-8622″55
18-24 Months18M/2T86-9222″55
2 yrs2T92-9822″55
3 yrs3T98-10424″60
4 yrs4T104-11024″60
5 yrs5T110-11624″60
6 yrs6T116-12226″65
7 yrs7122-12826″65
8 yrs8128-13426″65
9 yrs9134-14026″65
10 yrs10140-14628″70
11 yrs11146-15228″70
12 yrs12152-15828″70
Belt Sizeguide for toddlers, infants, boys & girls

Kids Mattress Size Chart

Kids grow, so do the beds they sleep in or the room they need to have a healthy night’s rest. Find below the Kids Mattress Size Chart

SizeDimensionsBest for
Inches (US)CentimetersUsers
Crib or Cot27.5″ × 52″70 × 132 cmNew borns and babies
0 – 2 years
Junior27.5″ × 63″70 × 160 cmToddlers younger then 3 years
Cot or
Small Single
30″ × 75″76 × 191 cmBabies and toddlers
4 years and up
Twin XXL37.5″ × 83.5″95 × 212 cmGrowing teens or tall adults
Using an adjustable bed frame
When required, a lot of legroom (e.g., with a pet)